Latex Red Key Color Trends for Spring Summer 2023

The global authority on consumer and design trends, WGSN and Coloro announce the key color trends for 2023 which involves Latex Red. While Digital Lavender becomes the color of the year for 2023, we list the other color that will rule the year 2023.

The S/S 23 palette expresses a more cheerful and hopeful outlook on the future. We see problems ahead, but we believe customers will seek out colors with which they can positively engage.

This concept resulted in a move toward more colorful colors that are energizing and happy.
Jenny Clark, WGSN’s Head of Color.

The consumers will focus more on healing tactics to face new challenges and recuperation rituals will place a new focus on colors, that are supportive of mental health.

The other colors include VerdigrisSundial, and Tranquil Blue, we’ve listed these colors in the key color trends list of 2023 that will be prominent for forecasting.

Introduction to Latex Red Color Trends 2023

The partnership of Coloro and WGSN, brings accurate and reliable color forecasting, with added intelligence from Coloro experts on achievability and sustainability with color.

The Latex Red is one of the core colors that will be prominent in 2023. The return of exciting and digitized brights is introduced by sticking reds called, Luscious or Latex Red.

Keep in mind Red is a powerful color that may increase pulse rate and evoke feelings of desire, passion, and empowerment, and this hue has a lightness and translucency that feels immersive and hyper-real, making it ideal for both physical and digital products and experiences.

Post pandemic years have witnessed emotive power to engage and connect with your customer, Red brings exaggerated emotions and embraces boldness, a trend that can help to inspire new experiences in luxury interior design projects in the future.

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