Lazuli Blue Key Color Trends for Autumn Winter 2023

The Coloro and Wgsn collaboration resulted in the release of the Lazuli Blue Key Color Trends of 2023. It’s a protracted time of constraint and uncertainty, given the idea that the world is just now waking up and is still adjusting to the post-covid era that we are in.

We have already covered the various key colors that make up a huge part of 2023. Check out the other Key color trends of 2023, the list is mentioned here.

In exchange, these hues will bring a touch of positivity, serenity, and enthusiasm to anticipate what’s new, regardless of how dull or ambiguous it may be.

Introduction Lazuli Blue Key Color Trends of 2023

We present to you Lazuli Blue today. This season, the yearning for little indulgences is driving the use of rich, dark blues. This color is directly influenced by the resurgence of curiosity about ancient pigments and the roots of color.

The priceless pigment Ultramarine served as an inspiration for the natural mineral aspect of lapis lazuli. The genuine blue clarity of this widely recognized color was treasured and prized. Additionally, immersive installations and the digital world frequently use deep, saturated blues.

Lazuli Blue Key Color Trends for Autumn Winter 2023

Applying Lazuli Blue to soft materials, shiny surfaces, glass, and metallic finishes brings the color to life. It will be crucial for special-occasion clothing and accessories, and it is a trending pigment for color cosmetics. This color is ideal due to its pure blue hue and saturation.

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