Mermaidcore Aesthetic 2023: Fashion & Beauty Trends

The fantasy creatures of half fish fishes and half humans have been more than just characters in fantasy tales and dramas. Be it “The Little Mermaid” or “Legend of the Blue Sea” mermaids are widely represented in mythology and popular culture around the world, with the most well-known contemporary representation being a stunning woman with a fishtail.

Having that said, would you trust me if I told you that the trendy girls are currently attempting mermaid attire?

As I tried to explain this tendency to several of my friends, they would laugh aloud, but it is a true phenomenon. 

Mermaidcore Aesthetic 2023 thanks to the endorsements of Alaa and Bottega Veneta, especially with spring and summer just around the corner, and here’s everything we know about Mermaid Fashion and Beauty Aesthetic 2023!

What is Mermaidcore Aesthetic 2023?

The color palette of the mermaid aesthetic is typically blue, green, purple, or pearl. The textures will be like fish scales: smooth, bright, and iridescent.

The tail is the primary feature of the mermaid aesthetic, and the fins frequently resemble those of a whale rather than a fish.

A specific fish, such as a koi or a shark, or even another aquatic animal, such as a seal, may be chosen in mermaid art as the model for the tail.

  • Fish-scales
  • Shells
  • Pearls
  • Coral
  • Waves
  • Underwater photography
  • Women dressed like mermaids
  • Fish-scale-like makeup

The trendy aesthetic comes to us in surprising ways. I sought to find a method to style mermaid core during New York Fashion Week without making it seem like that was my objective.

This choice resulted in me donning a maxi skirt with billowing cutouts that received numerous attention.

Allow me to show you the runway that supports this trend now that it has been reviewed by editors and authorized.

What defines Mermaidcore Fashion and Beauty Aesthetic

In addition to the unicorn aesthetic, mermaid-themed apparel and accessories were particularly fashionable in 2016. Chroma was synonymous with branding, where products including drinks, foods, cosmetic products, and accessories used a blue, green, and purple color scheme.

Moreover, brightly colored hair that was frequently fashioned in “beachy waves” employed this color palette.

Leggings decorated with scales to resemble a mermaid’s tail and occasionally featuring flared legs to resemble fins are examples of further mermaid apparel.

Conch shell-inspired or designed to resemble conch shells, as tops, headdresses made of elaborate shells, and crystals.

When applying mermaid makeup for festivals or costumes, makeup professionals created a technique that entailed utilizing fishnet tights as a stencil. 

Mermaidcore is your chance to realize your Ariel-like fantasies. It is partially influenced by all the Euphoria-inspired hairstyles, partly by the wet-look beauty craze, and partly by the just-released film The Little Mermaid. Embracing the aesthetic of legendary creatures as a whole is the current trend and we’re loving it.

Mermaidcore Fashion & Beauty Trends 2023

Let’s talk about key fashion & Beauty trends that will involve mermaid-core aesthetics in 2023. The mermaid-core spectrum can be anything from subtly nautical to overtly Aquamarine. 

Siboni’s list of essentials for the look includes crochet separates, pearl jewelry that can be worn all day, and more evening-focused column dresses covered in sequins.

1. Aqua Blue

The days of nauseating hot pink dominance are over. People are once again gravitating towards blues after becoming tired of sunset colors, according to Siboni. For the upcoming resort season, she predicts a flurry of aquas, cerulean, and cobalt; Self-Portrait and Galvan are just a couple of the designers who are already playing with that region of the color wheel.

2. Sea Green Sequins

The element that most closely resembles a “mermaid” is also the most suitable for parties. Go back to Altuzarra’s fall 2022 presentation, where Gigi Hadid glided down the runway in a gold column gown covered in scaly paillettes, to see that evoking sirens in fishtail gowns and all-over sequins is nothing new to the runway.

Siboni predicts that all-over sequins will remain popular throughout this fall and into the following year.

A layer of smaller sequins can also produce that shimmering appearance if you are unable to go for the most striking paillette minis.

3. Shore Accessories

Shells, sea glass, and pearls are still popular in jewelry and other accessories like box bags, but they are also making their way into ready-to-wear in the form of items that are manufactured from or inspired by objects that have washed up on the coast.

The up-and-coming label BAHA MARA is responsible for one of Siboni’s all-time favorite versions. They have a pretty literal shell top, and she adds that when traveling, it might be amusing to take things literally at times.

4. Crochet 

The resurgence of crochet will continue. Siboni informs us that designers are leveraging the handwork movement’s popularity by creating crochet-matching sets and accessories to get us through the next holiday season.

With fishnet knots and seaside-inspired colors in upcoming collections, the attitude is more nautical than boho; start emulating the look with the aforementioned products.

5. Halter Necks

Nobody wants to dress like Ariel to the hilt in a shell top. Siboni advises wearing halter tops and dresses as a more understated tribute to mermaid fashion. They naturally fit the season and adhere to a more general aesthetic thanks to their use of iridescent fabrics and green, blue, and blue hues.

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