What is a Minimalistic Capsule Wardrobe and how to curate one?

A Minimalistic Capsule Wardrobe makes your closet less chaotic and easier to access. Since it adds more quality and fewer pieces, more people are investing in creating an ideal capsule wardrobe for themselves.

The future of post-pandemic fashion is a minimalistic Capsule Wardrobe. Keeping fewer garment pieces that align with your day-to-day routine defines a capsule wardrobe, which also sets an ideal situation, as we’re looking forward to more sustainable and pocket-friendly shopping habits.

A Capsule Wardrobe is a solution to the piles of clothes, shoes, and purses lying all over the place screaming to be worn, but going out was not an option!

What is a Minimalist Wardrobe?

A Minimalist Wardrobe consists of the core classics, fashion pieces, accessories, jewelry, and footwear that build the capsule wardrobe of your choice. Consisting of pieces that you only need and removing the excess, A minimalist wardrobe should maximum has 50-60 pieces that include the core pieces, classic accessories, and footwear, with minimum add ons.

How to curate a Minimal Capsule Wardrobe?

These steps will help you with curating the ideal Minimal Capsule Wardrobe in the easiest form possible:

  • Decide your goals on the requirements of your Minimal wardrobe.
  • Analyze your wardrobe and look for pieces that you want and the pieces you want to discard.
  • For the outfits that you don’t wear, you can either gift them to your friends and family or do charity to be more sustainable.
  • Make a checklist of styles, prints, and colors you like, and research thrift stores and sustainable brands where you can shop for the pieces that you need.
  • Stay true to your definition of minimalism and follow it by heart!

Points to remember while Styling a Minimal Wardrobe

These are some of the points you need to remember while styling Minimalist Wardrobe, you’ll be sorted for the longest time:

  • Always pick Classic pieces in neutral colors. These include Black, White, Beige, Charcoal, and Navy. Basic formal regular fit shirts with trousers that make ideal corporate looks must consist of these colors.
  • Add on pieces like pastels, polkas, and a little print help to break the monotony of neutrals, keep adding these pieces whenever you feel like it.
  • Keep statement accessories that go a long way. They can be a pendant set with a watch and bracelet or sleek belts, cuff links, and a watch!

Which Brands to pick to create a Minimalist Wardrobe?

Choose pieces that fit your lifestyle, your personal favorite colors, comfort level, and design aesthetic, and cater to your daily life activities. 

Best Womens’ Brands to curate your Minimal Wardrobe are Marks and Spencer, H&M, Arrow, Van-Heusen, Zara, Only, Burberry, Park Avenue Woman, and Allen Solly.

Best Mens’ Brands that are best for Minimal Wardrobes include Louis Vuitton, The North Face, Marks and Spencer, H&M, Arrow, Van-Heusen, Raymond, Louis Philippe, and Peter England.

Minimalist Wardrobes Will Be a Post-pandemic Fashion Trend

Capsule Wardrobes will now be a blessing for those who’re looking for an easy, hassle-free, time-saving, and budget-friendly solution to the mess we’ve created in our wardrobes.

A wardrobe that has minimum pieces that merge with our work-from-home, virtual dates, and running errands. 

Even if Capsule Closets were popular for ages, post-pandemic fashion is in demand for Capsule wardrobes due to multiple reasons.

1. Time-Saving

2. You’ll still not have “Nothing to wear” moments

3. Well-structured outfits for the current scenario

4. Sustainable shopping habits

5. Declutted, well-organized closet

1. Time-Saving

Capsule wardrobes save time. When you have 20-30 pieces that serve all your daily events means we’re not wasting more time figuring out what to wear and what to avoid.

Gone are the days when we used to go out splurging our money into random costumery (which was mostly a result of impulsive buying) and end up saving quite a lot of time and money. 

2. You’ll still not have “Nothing to wear” moments

“Nothing to wear” moments are an outcome of two scenarios. Either our closet is full of garments pieces that leave us confused or we literally have nothing to wear, which by the way, is a rare case!

A well-curated capsule wardrobe will fit into every occasion that you want to involve yourself in without having a stressful thought about what to wear!

3. Well-structured outfits for the current scenario

Post-pandemic scenarios are different from what we used to deal with earlier. Numerous options of footwear are now reduced to sneakers or crocs,

Glammed LBDs and makeups are incarcerated to Insta reels and Tiktoks videos, and Face Mask is a necessity. Did that make you realize how buying choices differ from what we picked earlier? 

4. Sustainable shopping habits

Sustainable shopping habits involve thrifting, promoting sustainable brands, and avoiding fast fashion as much as possible.

Post-Pandemic has led Millennials and gen z to opt for thrifting choices for two reasons:

1. They are budget-friendly

2. They reduce textile waste.

Did you know the Environmental protection agency reports 17 million of textile waste every year?

Credit to the rising popularity of fast-fashion brands, that $2.5 trillion fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters and the second-biggest consumer of water!

Now is the time to think ethically!

5. Declutted, well-organized closet

Unwanted clothes can only add up to the clutter. Capsule closets can help you get a clean, organized wardrobe that will stress you a bit less on re-organizing it again and again!

Say bye to OCD issues with a well-structured capsule closet!

Trends will come and go. What’s staying for a longer period is the pandemic we didn’t ask for.


2020 has been all about lying in bed, procrastinating, and cribbing about being at home but we’re lucky that we’re safe and in good health which is an absolute luxury! 

Moving ahead with the current state of the world, it is high time that we think sustainable and promotes repeating and upcycling the existing pieces in our closet, and make “Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe” the talk of the town.

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