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What Influences Modern Fashion Journalism in 2022

Modern Fashion Journalism is a major aspect of the rapid-growing fashion industry. With opening new designations and wide career opportunities in digital media and communication, social media is the new booming industry.

Fashion Journalism seems to be an apt fashion education that would have a promising career scope. 

The power of fashion journalism could easily be synonymized by Anna Wintour, who’s served British Vogue since 1988, and changed the game of fashion journalism and how fashion is perceived whatsoever.

Can you name some of the well-known Fashion Journalists in the industry?

What is Fashion Journalism?

Fashion Journalism is a component of the fashion industry that consists of Fashion media, writing, and photojournalism.

It consists of in-depth knowledge of fashion history, fashion evolution as a lot of fashion journalists cover day-to-day fashion events, runway shows, news, and critics.

Developed in the 18th century, fashion magazines replaced Fashion dolls and Cabinet des Modes was ultimately the first fashion magazine in the history of fashion journalism. 

What Does a Fashion Journalist Do?

A fashion Journalist’s typical job profile consists of writing, editing, and photo journaling in various fashion magazines.

It also includes conducting photoshoots, writing stories about runways trends, designers, and fashion entrepreneurs.

Fashion Journalism involves immense research and numerous interviews, so it comes with the benefit of being able to network with various designers, stylists photographers, and other influential people.

They are hired full-time by media houses and publications or they freelance with different brands.

What Influences Modern Fashion Journalism?

The definition of fashion journalism took a new shape when Anna Wintour stepped into the world of magazines in 1988 at British Vogue.

Being one of the longest-running editors in chief at American Vogue, she’s been known for revolutionizing how fashion and media publications work.

Did you know Anna Wintour was the first editor to allow celebrity covers in Vogue issues?

Even if she initiated to put celebrity pictures on covers, she made sure that Vogue covers were fashionable yet relatable while fashion magazines followed stereotypical glamorized model faces forever!

Modern Fashion Journalism consists of the following aspects:

  • Fashion Magazines
  • Digital Magazines and websites
  • Fashion Blogging
  • Fashion Vlogging 

1.Fashion Magazines

Fashion Magazines are a crucial aspect of the Fashion Industry. It’s a medium through which stories are said, involving designers, photographers, stylists, editors, Journalists, influencers who can inspire aspiring fashion enthusiasts to pursue Fashion studies.

All exclusive news and trending discussions can be found on top fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Mode, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Glamour, Vanity Fair, etc.

2.Digital Magazines and websites 

Digital Fashion Magazines are the sources that are only available on the internet. The rise of digital media and communication had a sudden shift from print publications to digital magazines.

They’re more approachable and accessible. Net-e-porter, fashionista, WWD, BoF, are a few digital fashion magazines you must know.

3.Fashion Blogging

Digital media and content creation have led to many new opportunities that were not in the picture earlier.

Personal style blogging is a thing now! It consists of putting photojournals and fashion personal stories for readers to get inspired and is noticeably an emerging business idea for many fashion enthusiasts.

There are many fashion bloggers you can follow on their website and on other social media platforms to get ootd inspiration.

4.Fashion Vlogging 

Youtube has changed the game of how content was created. Video production and storytelling is the key to fashion vlogging.

There are various fashion vloggers on youtube and Instagram whose business is solely based on self-made video production.

Can you name some of your favorite fashion bloggers?

Educating ourselves about the fashion industry has never been this easy. Not only fashion journalism has shown a tremendous shift in how fashion media works but fashion education has also been a part of this change.

Online classes, Fashion Blogging, Vlogging, and Digital Magazines have made self-education easy and accessible.

As we move towards fashion technology and innovation, Fashion Journalism is here to stay and will have a huge scope of career in coming years.

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