Top 13 New York Fashion Styling Agencies in 2023

A Fashion styling agency is a company that hires freelance artists who deal directly with companies and music bands and bring projects for freelance photographers, fashion stylists, models, etc.

While there are personal fashion stylists who work solely on their own, there are fashion agencies that help freelance stylists, fashion photographers and other artists pave them through their careers by getting them, clients.

We’ve also listed top New York Fashion Influencers for you to have plenty of options, so do check it out!

New York Fashion Styling Agencies in 2023

If you’re looking for Fashion modeling agencies in NYC, we’ve compiled the best 13 NYC modeling agencies for you to check out!


2DM management New York Fashion Styling Agencies

Instagram: @2dmmanagement

2DM management is a new york modeling agency represents fashion photographers, directors, and illustrators to bring a new era of distinctive image-makers. We represent photographers, directors, and illustrators with the aim of creating a new era of distinctive image-makers.


Instagram: @adbagency

ADB Categories is one of the top modeling agencies nyc has fashion creatives like fashion models, fashion photographers, and creative stylists for image design and brand campaigns. The categories include Advertising, fashion, beauty, babies, body painting, BTS, fashion covers, etc.

3. Altered Agency

Altered Agency

Instagram: @alteredagency

Altered Agency is New York’s best modeling agency in nyc representing fashion creatives around the world. Some of these specializations include fashion styling and photography, directing, customized clothing, and seamless artistry as all they promote is mindful art.

4. Art + Commerce

Instagram: @artandcommerce

Art and Commerce will provide you with one of the best top modeling agencies in new york, and sets of artists like photographers, hair and makeup artists, stylists, directors, set designers, illustrators, etc. Founded in 1981, the company is engaged with the long-term aspirations and practical needs of its artists and brands.

5. Art Partner

Instagram: @artpartner

Art Partner is being in the industry for 30 years now. They have agencies with offices in New York, London, and Paris, Art Partner offers services like photography, film, social media, digital entertainment, image licensing, experience development, product consulting, and bespoke strategy.

6. Artlist

Instagram: @artlistparisnewyork

Artlist Paris is a New York-based creative agency that includes artists around the world who give services like photography, styling, set design, manicure, illustration, and makeup.

7. Atelier Management

Instagram: @ateliermgmt

Atelier Management is a New York-based styling agency that hires a set of freelance photographers, hair, makeup, and fashion stylists, set designers, producers, and directors. Collaborate with them to get the best creative projects in the city.

8. BRIDGE Artists

Instagram: @bridgeartists

A New York-based creative styling agency that provides you with freelance projects related to motion photography, styling and consulting, hair, grooming, and makeup, while they also provide special bookings of artists like Will Lemon 3, Madeline Poole, etc.

9. Bryan Bantry

Instagram: @bryanbantryagency

One of the oldest fashion styling agencies in New York was founded in 1973. It represents one of the best photographers, stylists, and beauty artists. Our clients work in every niche of the fashion, advertising, publishing, and entertainment industries. They’ve cultivated a long-lasting relationship with their clients and artists.

10. Bryant Artists

Instagram: @bryantartists

Bryant Artists is one of the independent creative fashion stylist groups with the industry’s best stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and set directors. Their offices are located in London, Paris, and New York, and their clients are based in all sectors ad campaigns, editorials, runway, red carpets, etc.

11. Cadence Image

Instagram: @cadenceimage

Cadence Image is a photo-based creative agency that works in Fashion editorials and campaigns as they work with some influential photographers like Quentin De Briey, Barnaby Roper, Claudia Knowpfel, James Brodribb, etc.

12. CLM

Instagram: @clmagency

Founded by Camilla Lowther in 1984 is one of the top fashion creative agencies that work with talented Lindsey Baxter, Anna Vaccard, and Heather Robbins, which are London and New York-based agencies that provide services like Photography, styling, makeup, and hair, set design, art department, etc.

13. Exposure NY

Instagram: @exposureny

Exposure New York is founded by Stacy Fischer with a thought of Out of the box has a team of photographers, set designers, hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, and nail technicians with a team of agents and in-house producers providing the best work in the industry focusing on personal growth and lost lasting client relationships.

These were a few Best New York Fashion Styling Agencies that work with the most influential types of fashion stylists, fashion photographers, and creative professionals who are based in New York.

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