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Online Fashion Jobs You Can Do From Home in 2022

Post pandemic has seen a sudden rise in Online fashion jobs like never before. If you’re a fashion enthusiast who’s always wanted to pursue fashion, this is the time when you can learn and earn in the fashion industry.

Whether you want to be a fashion designer or a stylist, getting a remote job in any of these domains isn’t that hard!

15 Online Fashion Jobs You Can Do From Home in 2022

How to Become an Online Personal Stylist

1.Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Illustrator is a professional who creates garment designs on design software like Illustrator, InDesign, etc. These jobs can be easily taken remotely and you can work for any brand around the work.

Antonio Lopez, Megan Hess, Jason Brooks have been the most influential Fashion Illustrators around the world, you can get inspired by!

2.Fashion Specialist

A Fashion Specialist is a fashion professional who does a part of everything, styling, designing, managing data, and managing time between varying machine learning tasks and, short-term side projects, in alignment with business priorities and monthly allocation. 

3.Fashion Journalist/Writer

If you like writing about fashion stories for PRs and editorials, you can also choose fashion journalism as a course to study and work for magazines like Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, and other fashion websites like Who What Wear and Fashionista.

Here are the top fashion journalists you can get inspired by.

4.Fashion PR

Fashion PR relates to the Public relations of a brand where they strategize the communication and branding of a company.

They are responsible for providing communication strategies of how the brand should be perceived by the audience.

5.Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create art on software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.

As Software is required in all aspects of Fashion & Design, Graphic Designers not only have multiple brands to work under, but also can easily work remotely and earn a lot!

6.Fashion Affiliates

A Fashion Affiliate is a fashion marketer who promotes products of different fashion brands in different mediums.

The core skills have a lot to do with marketing techniques and sales generating.

These professionals earn commissions by selling fashion products by putting links in videos and sites.

7.Virtual Fashion Stylist

A virtual fashion stylist is a personal stylist who gives services online suggesting what to wear according to the given occasions, your body type, skin tones, and much more through social media or other online platforms.

An online stylist does everything that a personal stylist does online.

They’re mostly based on consultations on Facetime or Zoom apps, in return get paid for their services. Wonder how to become one?

8.Fashion Designer

A fashion designer is a design professional who creates and designs garments.

They work for boutiques, and fashion retail brands to bring new designs according to the trends.

However, they can also start their own businesses if they please. These are the different types of fashion designers you can check them!

9.Fashion Professor

If you think you are experienced enough in design and illustration, you can be a fashion faculty in the best fashion colleges around the world and educate young fashion enthusiasts about design and industry.

Tap here if you’re looking for the top fashion colleges to mentor students? 

10.Fashion Blogger

If you love wearing and writing about fashion but are not sure if you want to write for another brand /company (which is being a fashion journalist/ writer), you can always opt for Fashion Blogging.

Instagram is full of fashion bloggers who create daily #ootds, event-based looks, fashion series, style tips and hacks, and a lot more.

11.Trend Forecaster

The job of a Fashion forecaster involves researching and analyzing upcoming trends based on consumer data and buying trends.

Fashion and trends are a regular source of inspiration for millions of professionals and thousands of industries and forecasting what a customer will buy tomorrow holds have to be in responsible and analytical hands.

12.Beauty Copywriter

A Beauty Copywriter is a professional who writes beauty blogs and edits them for magazines, editorials, and websites.

Their content consists of makeup, beauty, skincare, and product descriptions.

They research to understand the market and collaborate with others to develop ideas about how to tell compelling stories about your products. 

13.Fashion Marketing Manager

A Fashion Marketer is a professional who decides the flow of merchandise, how to market products, from the initial selection of designs to be produced to the presentation of products to retail customers, it involves all.

14.Fashion Tech Designer

A Fashion Tech Designer is a detail-oriented professional who creates technical sketches on software, works on different details of the products.

They can be hired in any fashion design department and tech designers are required everywhere.

15.Textile Designer

Textile Designers curate 2D textures, prints, and patterns on any piece of fabric. Their major job is to create prints and patterns for upholstery, soft furnishings, fabrics, and curate fabrics for fashion or specialist areas like fireproof materials.

What Skills are Needed for an Online Fashion Job?

It’s always necessary to have an impressive Fashion Portfolio to get cleared in any remote fashion job.

These are some of the skills needed to ace any online fashion job:

Drawing and sketching skills, majorly Fashion Illustration.

  • Photography, graphic designing.
  • Creativity and eye of visualization.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Understanding of fashion businesses.

These were the best Fashion remote jobs you can try applying online and work from any part of the world. Which of these fashion professions does interest you more?

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