How to Become an Online Personal Stylist | Skills, Services & Promotion

An Online Personal Stylist, a term ‘not so common’ is receiving a lot of attention after the pandemic hit. With a culture of Work from home being so extensively accepted around the world, one of the biggest amendments the Fashion Industry has seen is the sudden shift of Fashion Styling/ Personal Styling to Virtual Fashion Styling. 

We all love shopping online don’t we? Scrolling through the latest styles, checking out what’s trending and what’s not, Fashion influencers around the world have also made buyers aware of the latest trends and styles.

As of November 2019, E-commerce sales raised to 4.4% a year while reaching up to 13.7% by 2021! The pandemic effect? of course!

Unfortunately, while you have the freedom to shop anything from any part of the globe without even being present physically, you can be indecisive of what looks good on you and what are styles you need to collect to create a certain style or aesthetic.

That’s when Online personal Stylists become the assistant you need. 

What Does an Online Personal Stylist do?

The demand for Online Personal Stylists has been all-time high in the past few years. With social media becoming one of the new income sources, the need for looking good is applicable for one and all.

What Does an online personal stylist do

A virtual fashion stylist is a personal stylist who gives services online suggesting what to wear according to the given occasions, your body type, skin tones, and much more through social media or other online platforms.

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Most of us have heard of the terms like Personal Stylist, Image consultant, wardrobe stylist, personal shopper, assuming them to be similar professions while there lies a vast difference.

Outfit curation is an art and Virtual Fashion Stylist is everything that a personal stylist does online. They’re mostly based on consultations on Facetime or Zoom apps, in return get paid for their services.

Here is a list of services Online personal Stylists offer:

  • Style assessment
  • Mood board creation
  • Evaluation of your wardrobe including accessories
  • Orientation for a closet cleaning – if that’s the case
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Set of the image goals
  • Silhouette proportions assessment
  • Orientation about color combination, contrast, prints, etc.
  • A suggestion of shopping – if necessary
  • Creation of different outfits including existing and new clothes & accessories.

What Skills Does an Online Personal Stylist Need?

Online Personal stylists or Virtual stylists have a set of skills that are required for you to be one. Here is a list of a few skillsets that you absolutely need.

  • A Good Listener
  • Better Communication skills
  • Proactive
  • Updated
  • Immense knowledge of Body types
  • Client Focused
  • A business mindset and Marketing skills

1. A Good Listener

A virtual fashion stylist must be open to listening to everything his/her client demands for. Patiently listening to your client will help you with a clearer vision of what they want and outfit curation becomes much easier.

In addition, the act of listening carefully makes the other person talk more, which helps you as a digital personal stylist as to the more you get to know them, the better you style!

2. Better Communication skills

One of the most important aspects of becoming a better personal stylist, offline or online has to be Good communication. While you set up a convenient environment for your client, you make sure it’s equally professional for a better experience on both ends.

Ask more, make questionnaires to not fall short of details that you want to know before you guys get styling.

3. Proactive

Being proactive helps you with better connections with your clients. Your excitement of styling new clients also gets them a bit more involved in the whole process of building better relationships. That’s when your client will come back to you again and again.

4. Updated

Staying updated with trends is one of the key requirements you must possess as a virtual fashion stylist. Based on body types and skin tone, it helps in better style and color suggestions and you can dress up your clients in the trendiest way possible to stay relevant.

5. Immense knowledge of Body types

Knowledge of body types is immensely important when it comes to becoming a digital stylist, in fact, this skill is something you must be well prepared by heart before even you start dealing with clients as it’s required in any styling profession you choose.

Keep reading and updating yourself on various body types, the concerns, and how to implement trends into their everyday basics is a skill you need to achieve.

6. Client Focused

The foremost, don’t sell products because you might earn commissions, be consumer-driven, keep their requirements a top priority, keeping their budgets intact. They’re paying you for convenient apparel sourcing, the best fashion advice, and better choices of clothes. Make sure you’re able to build that.

7. A Business mindset and Marketing skills

An Online Personal Styling is not less than a business/freelance job as most of the stylists work full-fledged based on their personal branding. You need to have a business mindset on the vision of your brand, what values you preach, how to get more clients, how to grow the business will be the crucial base of your work.

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How Much Money You Can Earn as a Virtual Personal Stylist?

The national average salary for a Personal Stylist is $34,914 in the United States. Splitting it off, virtual stylists earn $50 to $200 per hour as per their experience and the list of services they offer to their clients.

Some even charge by the project as well: from $500 to $2,000 per day or project. Although initially, you might need to work for free but keep it till the time you feel you’re learning and gradually start setting up packages to provide your clients to make it easier on both ends.

What services to offer as an Virtual Personal Stylist?

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Being an Online Personal Stylist needs to have a business and entrepreneurial mind to grow what you do, majorly, how to get clients and what to charge them.

There are a wide variety of services you can provide as a Virtual Stylist, here are a few of them:

  1. Closet Audit
  2. Fashion Consultation
  3. Closet Detox
  4. Event Styling
  5. Shopping

1. Closet Audit

A closet audit involves an analysis of the clients’ closets, finding pieces that they constantly wear and the ones they don’t. It also helps you understand a lot about your client’s personal style for the future.

2. Fashion Consultation

Providing a stylebook according to their personal style, help them create everyday looks from the garment pieces they already own. You advise them on the basis of body types, skin color, and the trends that suit them. 

3. Closet Detox

Removing the clothes that you don’t need makes styling and creating looks much easier. It helps to remove clothes that don’t fit in the wardrobe anymore.

4. Event Styling

Sometimes clients approach you to get styled in respective to a few events that they want to dress up. Depending on whether they choose to shop stuff or style something from their closet, online personal stylists can always help them curate outfits and look how they want to.

5. Shopping

Online personal styling sessions do contain shopping as well. Initially, people booked sessions for accompanying shopping which is now replaced by shopping through websites and carrying the whole process online.

How to Promote your work as a Virtual Stylist? 

You can promote your fashion styling business through a few steps:

  1. Create a Website with your Portfolio of work and a clear mention of services you provide.
  2. Create content around it on social media to let people know about your work, make free advisory videos to add value in people’s lives.
  3. Sponsor your posts in the targetted location.
  4. Keep testimonials of clients who’ve worked with you so that other potential clients can be confident in you.
  5. Being vocal about your job is to get more traffic, word of mouth plays a huge role so make sure you’re 110% dedicated to your clients 

Do Personal Stylists help with MUAH?

Celebrity Stylist

Online personal stylists, also called virtual stylists mostly specialize in their domain of styling where they do collaborate with makeup artists, hair and skin specialist and sell these additional services through packages only if the client requires them.

With everything shifting online so soon, the pandemic did teach us a lot about how an online presence can help you get projects even if sitting at home and having a bunch of online skills can actually change your life for good.

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