Future Dusk Pantone Color of the Year 2025

The Key Color Trends of 2025 are revealed, courtesy of coloro and wgsn. The colors of this season signify a substantial shift towards strategic creativity, where inventive ideas will be critical in addressing the difficulties posed by a period of ongoing change, volatility, and uncertainty.

Introducing Future Dusk Pantone Color of the Year 2025

Future Dusk Pantone Color of the Year 2025

First up, Future Dusk (Coloro 129-35-18), the Colour of the Year 2025. Future Dusk is a dark, melancholy, and interesting hue that sits between blue and purple.

It exudes mystery and escape, and is a step up from the intense dark purple of Midnight Plum, which is a Key Colour in our A/W 24/25 prediction.

Future The bizarre and otherworldly aspects of Dusk combine with the influence of the second space age to give it a celestial allure.

It also contributes to ideas of transition whether it’s transitioning from dark to light or twilight to dawn – making it ideal for a time of great transition.

It’s a unique take on trusty dark blue that manages to feel both familiar and futuristic.

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