What Is the Pantone Color of the Year and Why Is It Important? 

The use of Pantone colors has grown in the latest few years in Fashion Industry, being one of the core fashion forecasting agencies around the world. Pantone Colors are referred to as colors introduced by the Pantone Matching System.

Also known as PMS, Pantone Matching System is a standardized color organization most industries take reference for fashion, products, accessories, and graphic design used in fields of design and production in both physical and digital media.

Every year, the organization introduces new Pantone color called the Color of the Year and points it to a number that differentiates it from other colors, which the industry accepts for friends.

Pantone announces Viva Magenta Pantone Color of the Year 2023, while Very Peri for 2022.

What is Pantone Colors?

Pantone colors were named after the Brand “Pantone” as they developed the first set of colors in 1963. Before this, “Yellow Color” was printed digitally, and the rest were printed individually by the brands. To the benefit, graphic designers can now pick exact colors and had an idea of how colors will look on paper! 

Pantone (meaning “all colors”, combining (pan and tone) helped to main color consistency and there was a major issue with designers and printers was solved.

The Pantone Guides are one of the company’s key products. They are made up of numerous little cardboard sheets that are about 6 inches by 2 inches (15 cm by 5 cm) in size, are printed on one side with a range of related color swatches, and are then bound into a tiny “fan deck.” For instance, a certain “page” can have several yellows with different shades.

As a result, Pantone is now accepted worldwide as an authority for Colors. 

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How Does Pantone Work?

Pantone standardizes 1,114 colors and each color is assigned by a name. Using Pantone systems, people refer to the same color using the color code and name, which is defined globally keeping a similarity in colors altogether.

By it, there are fewer chances of manufacturers producing a different color than asked, hence it’s easy for the manufacturers and print publications to produce colors with accuracy.

They have two Color Systems, the Pantone Matching Systems, and the Pantone Fashion, Home, and Interior Color Systems, designed for different needs. Designers look for neutral tones while print manufacturers look for a pop of color.

Why Are Color Standards Important?

The right color helps to increase brand recognition, creating associations and expectations hence playing a critical role in building brand presence. Studies have shown that color increases 87% of more brand recognization.

When a product development process is done, it is said that the right color attracts more than 55% of customers’ attention. The Pantone Matching Systems solves the following:

  • Color Interpretation sets different color languages around the world.
  • Multiple Suppliers sent the same color codes with a different consistency. The physical, digital, and cloud-based color tools ensure the right color production.
  • The final product varies on different materials as it provides different consistency. Digital references preview the application of the right colors.
  • Color measurement and evaluation tools run multiple test runs before achieving consistent color from run to run, no matter how many tests run you need.

The Concept of the Color of the Year

The Pantone Color of the Year introduced itself as a trendsetting concept in 2000 when it was first started. Named after Pantone LLC based in New Jersey, Pantone Color Institute presented the Pantone color of the year for artists and creative professionals as they got the color trends that are recognized worldwide.

A specific color has been named “Color of the Year” by the Pantone Color Institute every year since 2000. A covert gathering of representatives from several nations’ color standards committees is hosted by the corporation twice a year in the capital city of Europe.

They decide on a hue for the upcoming year after two days of presentations and discussion.

Fashion Designers, illustrators, stylists, and other creative professionals wait for the announcement of the Color Of The Year, and the ritual has been followed ever since, announced every December.

Pantone Colors of the Year: 2000 to 2022  

This is the list of all the colors released, for the first time it was introduced in 2000. Going on for 20 years straight, these colors were presented:

2000: Cerulean

2001: Fuchsia Rose

2002: True Red

2003: Aqua Sky

2004: Tigerlily

2005: Blue Turquoise

2006: Sand Dollar

2007: Chili Pepper

2008: Blue Iris

2009: Mimosa

2010: Turquoise

2011: Honeysuckle

2012: Tangerine Tango

2013: Emerald

2014: Radiant Orchid

2015: Marsala

2016: Rose Quartz

2016: Serenity

2017: Greenery

2018: Ultra Violet

2019: Living Coral

2020: Classic Blue

2021: Illuminating 

2021: Ultimate Gray 

2022: Very Peri

2023: Viva Magenta

As the world continues to adopt new colors every year, these colors are well thought of considering human and color psychology, read the Color Theories of every Pantone color that has evolved over the years since it started.

How Does the Color of the Year Influence Trends?

Pantone Color of the year announced every year works as a color forecasting activity that helps designs to bring new colors to the runway shows, is as useful for any other fashion and graphic design industry.

Back in the 2000s when the first color was released, it wasn’t anticipated that color trends will be so huge. Only after 2007, did color trends become a huge trend, beyond imagination.

They help in predicting colors that will rule the markets in the future while introducing new hues as well. Creative professionals use this color palette to create art, the designers strongly put these colors in their design collection.

Fashion Designers also look out for Spring Summer and Autumn Winter Color Inspirations that help them curate the best and most trendy design colors.

Pantone color experts have already released the Autumn Winter Color Trends for 2022 embracing yet again, the new lifestyle and getting us to various hues of self-expression.

In apparel, accessory, furniture, and textile, there is no industry that doesn’t rely on the color trends done by Pantone. From creating designs to using these colors to market and play with color psychology, Bloggers have written articles on ways of using these colors and getting more sales.

How Can You use the Color of the Year In Your Business?

You can use these Pantone colors in the following ways:

  • To create a Design Collection
  • Marketing trends
  • Packaging and Ads

To create a Design Collection

Designers can easily design colors incorporating these colors and introduce these colors physically to the mass. Most of these colors pick up easily to the mass when used in daily casual products and garments.

Marketing trends

Different digital marketers use these colors to enhance the quality of the colors they use to attract more customers resulting in more sales.

Packaging and Ads

Use it in packages, discounted ad templates, tvc, and sponsored Instagram, and Pinterest posts to engage more audiences.

Consider the iPhone as an example to see how other businesses are affected by Pantone’s Color of the Year.

As we entered a new decade, Pantone named Classic Blue the color of 2020 in December 2019. They described it as a classic and enduring shade of blue.

In October of that same year, Apple launched a plethora of iPhones in the exact same shade of Classic Blue.

Haven’t we already witnessed the Lavender hues for iPhone 12 which is now speculated to be the Color of the Year, Pantone is yet to take the call!

Pantone Colors: Features and Benefits

These are some of the crucial features Pantone colors offer to audiences:

  • Pantone Colors Act as Color Inspiration, which adds to your creativity. 
  • Color-printed materials have become a necessity.
  • The Color production is identical which makes it easier for designers and print manufacturers.
  • Color forecasts global color trends which predicts the ruling colors based on customer psychology.
  • It’s easy for brands to get global customer recognition.

How to Use Pantone Colors?

Developed to bring accuracy in color printing, Pantone is highly used in manufacturing, design, and textile production. Pantone provides a set of Color Guides and additional Color Selection Tools to browse colors according to tp the need of your industry.

Designers, illustrators, graphic designers, accessories, footwear, textile, furniture, and home decor uses these color guides to bring new color combinations and palettes.

Pantone Matching System uses standardized systems that periodically adjust the swatches for accuracy. Design Software like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator also has access to such color guides and swatches for accessibility purposes to artists.

Where to discover more Color Inspirations?

These are some resources where you can find enough Color Inspirations:

Can I use Pantone Colors for my Website?

Yes, you can use Pantone colors for your Online Brand. If you’re planning to go online and create a website to provide content and services.

Check out our latest post on Very Peri, Pantone Color for 2022 which can help you incorporate such colors in your business.

Pantone can play a major role in deciding to customize the layout, creating a logo, making fascinating web content and Brand colors, and other digitals. Pantone Color Guides will help you pick the best combinations that will be user-friendly and interactive to use.

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