Personal Stylist and Image Consultant, What’s the Difference?

While fashion professions like Personal Stylist, Image consultant, wardrobe stylist, a personal shopper might sound similar to some, some may not be aware of these terms too.

As a fashion enthusiast, assuming that Fashion Designing and styling is the only career option you can choose could be intimidating since there are various fashion professions that you can choose, even if you’re specializations are similar!

What Does a Personal Stylist Do?

A Personal Stylist, as the name suggests, is a personal fashion consultant who helps you stay updated with current trends, suggesting the best fits and providing you fresh outfit ideas for your day-to-day events.

Just like a Fashion Stylist is hired to give a similar service to the clients of their brand, Personal Styling is based on an individual who has “What to wear” issues.

The United Kingdom is one of the growing personal styling industries around the world as more personal stylists are entering this profession with increased corporate clients.

What Does an Image Consultant Do?

An Image Consultant, on the other hand, works on your image building and personality and styling come as an add-on. Personal stylists solely work on outfit solutions whereas Image consultants specialize in personal grooming, etiquettes, personality development.

The first impression needs to be the right impression, as customers, people face difficulties in expressing themselves through the way they look, hence they hire an Image consultant who helps them look their best versions.

Difference Between Personal Stylist And Image Consultant

Types of Fashion Stylist : Personal Stylist

Personal Stylists Definition

Personal stylists attend one on one clients rather than celebrities or commercials. The key responsibility of a personal stylist is to create outfits for daily /special events with respect to body shapes, skin tones, appearances.

Image Consultants Definition

Image Consultants is to help customers with appearance, behavior, and communication. Fashion Styling is an add-on. Deal with well-known personalities and corporate clients which helps them market their image better.

Personal Stylists Job

  • Suggest right clothes to potential clients, updated on color schemes, trends, fits, body shapes.
  • Online trend research and create lookbooks.
  • The assistance of Wardrobe organization.
  • Wardrobe detox and closet makeover.
  • Creating looks that involve air, make-up, and design choices by taking the client’s individual body, hair, and skin types into consideration.

Image Consultants Job

  • Specialization in improving the overall image of a person could be a well-known personality like a 
  • celebrity or a politician.
  • They work on appearance, behavior, and communication. Etiquette training and skincare regimes are also included.
  • Engage with corporate clients, organize webinars, etc.

Personal Stylists Salary

The national average salary for a Personal Stylist is $34,914 in the United States. In India, a Personal Stylist can earn Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month.

Image Consultants Salary

An Image Consultants average salary could be approx $76,234 a year in the United States while an Image consultant in India earns 5-8 lakh per annum.

Personal Stylists and Image Consultants play integral parts in individual lives in the context of styling for clients. The target audiences of both professions are different.

If you aspire to become a fashion stylist, you can apply for fashion styling courses in any Fashion institute while Image consulting can be done in different colleges.

Some of the fashion styling colleges include Parsons, FIT, London College of Fashion, etc. There are image consulting courses like ICBI, Blackford Centre for Image Consulting, Pearl Academy, etc. 

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