Ray Flower Key Color Trends for Spring Summer 2025

The Key Color Trends of 2025 have been revealed by coloro and wgsn. The colors of this season signify a substantial move towards strategic creativity, where inventive ideas will be critical in addressing the problems posed by a prolonged time of disruption, volatility, and uncertainty.

Introduction to Ray Flower Key Color Trends of 2025

Ray Flower (Coloro 037-82-32), a dazzling #yellow with a warm and inviting aspect, is our final Key Colour.

It is inspired by regenerative practices that protect biodiversity, such as the work of Jess Redgrave, a multidisciplinary designer based in the United Kingdom.

Whose ClimaFibre project proposes using sunflowers as a single source of material, providing everything from cellulose for textiles to pigments for dyes.

This color has an innately positive and wholesome aspect that corresponds to an increasing emphasis on more radically thoughtful behavior.

This color has an intrinsically optimistic and wholesome aspect that corresponds with an increasing emphasis on more radically thoughtful methods of sustainability.

In which the environment is considered a co-client in design and manufacturing, and nature is treated as a board member in the business.

Its brilliance is also linked to the lunar eclipses that will occur in 2025, tying this golden hue to all aspects of nature, from Earth to space.

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