7 Sustainable Fashion Brands in India

Carbon emissions, unethical work environments, and excessive waste productions have made the buyers rethink what brands they’re shopping from, what they are supporting and it’s all about the belief hoping to make the world a better place to live in. 

The need for comfort and garments that can be long-lasting without compromising on its luster is the priority, more than the cheaper garments that won’t guarantee quality and reusability. Here’s a list of 7 sustainable fashion brands in India, you can shop from, the next time!

List of Sustainable Fashion Brands in India

  1. B Label
  2. Maati
  3. Liva
  4. No Nasties
  5. Brown Boy
  6. Mio Borsa
  7. Upsana
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B Label

B label works on the concept of Plan B, which is a better, greener route to the production of garments as the core composition consists of Hemp which is soft, rebels UV rays but also is carbon negative. You get fashion pieces for men and women and also pretty portions of handloom and living accessories.


Inspired by the Hindi version of Soil, Maati reflects being true to nature as the brand boasts to be vegan and PETA certified. Keeping wearability and style in mind, the fabric is upcycled and the dues are natural, hence not harming nature at all. You’ll find a lot traditionally inspired by Indian handicrafts.


As the tagline says,” it time to be thoughtfully fashionable” Liva is brought to you by Aditya Birla Group. Liva uses naturally sourced cellulosic fibers that are 100% natural and without harming the ecosystem at all. The fabric is so soft and fluid that all you’ll feel it as a man’s second skin.

No Nasties

An organic fashion label that solely focuses on vegan garment production. They use 100% organic cotton and the styles and fits are beautiful. They have a minimal aesthetic style-wise, something you love to wear during summers.

Brown Boy

Brown Boy is a PETA verified sustainable clothing brand which focuses on vegan and organic fabrics with handprinted designs making it even more unique. The brand products have a really cool vibe from vests, tees to sweatshirts and boots that you’ll love.

Mio Borsa

Mio Borsa is based out of New Delhi, the brand focus on making vegan accessories, especially for the one which required the usage of animal skin or leather. It aims to reduce leather hence it makes bags, and other such accessories you will be mind-blown to see.


Upsana is a brand based out of Pondicherry where they put their major concerns into social welfare like cheap labor, farmer suicides, and unemployment. The fabrics are 100% natural and their dyes to causing no harm to the environment whatsoever.

These were a few sustainable brands in India that you must check out and consider to shop. The traditional prints and ultra-soft organic fabrics will make you buy more and more and that too without harming the environment.

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