20 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands You Need to Shop From

Sustainable Fashion brands make sure that they follow the ethical and the environmental way of producing fashion.

Unlike fast fashion, Sustainable fashion refers to cruelty-free, poverty-free, uplifts and encourages women empowerment and taking steps to save guard our nature that emits least wastes possible.

Recent, few years have witnessed the rise of more sustainable fashion brands.

Credits to documentaries that talk about fast fashion, emphasizing conscious consumption, sustainable fashion bloggers, there’s more awareness about ethical consumption and other aspects like how products are made, their composition, how the workers and treated, and animal abuse are taken into concern.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable or Ethical Fashion is a concept where brands strictly design and manufacture clothes that concern and value social welfare and worker rights.

These include avoiding child labor, no animal testing of products, animal cruelty, using animal fibers and leather, and much more.

Since fashion is a billion-dollar industry but also one of the top pollutants of the environment, all thanks to Fast Fashion refers mostly to disposable and cheaper fashion.

They promote unethical behaviors like child labor, cheap labor, carbon emission in manufacturing units, and the production of plastic wastes. 

Top 20 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in 2022

The rise of ethical production practices has led to emerging best sustainable fashion brands. Some of them are listed below:

1. Bernardo Fashions
2. Intention Fashion
4. Thousand Fell
6. Able Made
7. Apiece Apart
8. Oneone swim
9. Pact
10. Kotn
11. Current Air
12. Maika
13. Quince
14. Sézane
15. Patagonia
16. Whimsy + Row’s
17. Reformation
18. Vetta
19. Hass

1.Bernardo Fashions

Bernardo Fashions  Sustainable Fashion Brands

Bernado Fashions is an outerwear sustainable fashion brand inspired by the aesthetic, creativity, and generosity of modern women, brings the most stylish and quality pieces that are made from recycled materials as looks for more ways to be valuable to customers.

2.Intention Fashion

Intention Fashion

Boasts of selling sustainable, eco-friendly, and guilt-free glamour, high-performance recycled essentials, workwear, intelligent fabrics, etc. Basically everything you’d ask for. With attributes like water resistance, machine washing, eco-certified, quick-drying techniques, and breathability, it’s everybody’s favorite!



Kokolu is a sustainable fashion brand “from Nature to the future” as it involves eco-friendly materials, you can find bamboo fiber, corn stalk fiber, beech tree, and many more renewables, recycled, and recyclable materials. KOKOLU designs and produces extremely sustainable footwear and clothing for people all around the world, with conscious buying decisions.

4.Thousand Fell

Thousand Fell

They call it “Full Circle sustainable footwear”, Thousand Fell introduces us to Circular Economy where their core materials with lower energy, water, and carbon footprints, designing out waste and pollution across the manufacturing process, everything made from recycled products.



Splits59 is a sustainable activewear brand that works and plays hard on modern woman’s wardrobes. Synonym for sustainable functional clothing, the designs are made such that they’re effortless, casual, and chic, something every woman would like.

6.Able Made

Able Made

Able Made is a sustainable value-driven athleisure brand solely for activists as the products are ethically made as eave circularity, sustainability, quality, and authenticity into purposeful collections, keeping transparency in how the products are made.

7.Apiece Apart

Apiece Apart

Apiece Apart is a sustainable fashion brand that supports, inspires, and brings women together who support ethical and conscious choices. The garments crafted are functional, versatile, intended to be worn on repeat for years, and never go out of style as they’re classic pieces.

8.Oneone swim

Oneone swim

Founded in 2016 by Olga and Santiago, Oneone swims is a sustainable swimwear brand that makes beautiful, well-fitting suits for everyone. Fully committed to sustainability, more fabrics developed from recycled raw materials, sustainable innovations such as on-demand production which drools their customers.



Wear Pact is a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on becoming Earth’s favorite fashion brand, as it uses organic cotton as the core product. They are also partners with Fair Trade Certified™ factories because they ensure care for both people and the planet, promising safe working conditions and uplifting local communities.



Kotn is an ethical clothing brand that focuses on the good quality and longevity of the garment. Celebrating the process of sustainability that starts with us creating considered, timeless designs that are built to last, are loved by its customers.

11.Current Air

Current Air

Current Air is a Clean, Chic, and Sophisticated woman’s first choice as it calls, sees the world with modern romance and feminity, their sole aim is to bring the magic of getting dressed amongst women. You’ll find tops, bottoms, dresses, sets, etc.



Maika is a sustainable brand for home goods and travel, the core product being tote bags of all shapes and sizes. Popular for sturdy recycled canvas with eco-friendly pigments and vegan leather. You’ll also find backpacks, pouches, duffle bags, etc.



Quince is a sustainable San Fransisco-based brand as it advocates sustainability “as the standard, not a luxury” with a mission to sell eco-friendly products to the masses at accessible price points, from Mulberry silk tops to cashmere cardigans to sustainably sourced leather bags.



Sézane is a Paris-based ethical fashion brand that believes in sustainable production and nature-friendly manufacturing. With products like leather goods, knitwear, denim, shoes, and jewelry, the collection has it all for those who love beauty and quality, Sezane has got it all.



Patagonia is a California-based ethical brand that has been the pioneer of sustainable fashion around the world. It uses Organic and recycled cotton as its raw material also works for commitment to labor ethics and works with US factories as often as it can, including in Texas and North Carolina.

16.Whimsy + Row’s

Whimsy + Row’s is a uber sustainable high-quality fashion brand for modern women. Explore their wide range of flirty dresses to classic workwear, they’ve something for everybody. Most of these garments are designed from deadstock fabrics, which means it’s making the most out of would-be waste material.



A USA-based ethical brand, Reformation provides trendy pieces made ethically, as it focuses on sustainable & regenerative fabrics, carbon- & water-neutral, safe & fair working conditions, living wages of workers. They’re known for the best sustainable jeans for women around the world.



Vetta is a California-based ethical brand that curates its garments from deadstock that goes into waste as their major process of recycling with added sustainable practices and recycled packaging. Check out their long-lasting capsule collection for an amazing set of classics that lasts longer.



Hass is Los Angeles-based sustainable fashion brand, certified by B Corp, as their fabrics are approved from GOTS with organic fabrics, biodegradable & renewable materials, nontoxic dyes, as core raw products. Check out their extensive variety of ultra-breathable modal pajama sets, and organic cotton tees, the collection is full of comfy basics and loungewear comfortable and super soft to wear.



TenTree is a Canadian sustainable brand that makes garments ethically manufactured globally, the brand offers a lifestyle with a variety of including cozy sweat sets, t-shirts, cardigans, dresses, and jackets made from sustainable core fabrics like Tencel, hemp, and organic cotton. In addition, they also follow ethical workplace practices.


Sustainable fashion brands have been a game-changer in how we perceive fashion. With more ethical brands emerging there’s a continuous awareness about the need to reduce fast fashion usage and focus on fashion consumption in a more thoughtful situation.

These were our favorite sustainable fashion brand recommendations, which ones are yours?

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