7 Way to Start a Sustainable Laundry Routine Eco-Friendly

A sustainable laundry routine is a process where we take an initiative to take eco-friendly steps while washing our clothes. The possibility of Sustainable living is everywhere not only in the fashion industry or the beauty, but we need steps towards sustainable living which involves Sustainable Laundry.

What is Sustainable Laundry?

Walking towards Sustainable fashion, you also need to take steps to maintain those garments to last them longer, hence the concept of Sustainable Laundry. A Sustainable laundry involves steps that save more energy, the detergents used are eco-friendly to avoid any harm to nature and also avoid micro-plastics dissolving in water.

7 ways to Start a Sustainable Laundry Routine

  1. Use Coldwater
  2. Use Eco-friendly detergents
  3. Run full loads
  4. Avoid Chlorine Bleach
  5. Micro-plastic catching bag
  6. Less frequent washing
  7. Hang to dry

1.Use Coldwater (Save Energy)

Using cold water refers to the water used in the washing machine. Although we tend to wash in warm water to be kept the garments sanitized it also weakens its fibers. Using cold water to wash is a more sustainable step as it saves energy and resources.

2.Use Eco-friendly detergents

You can get a lot of laundry trips to eco-friendly detergents that will do go for the environment’s health. You can also check out homemade recipes for refillable options. There are a few ingredients that you should absolutely avoid on your detergents, these include phosphates, formaldehyde, dyes, chlorine bleaches, and any kind of sulfate.

Instead, check for Going Zero Waste certification, drops, our home, tru earth, pure cult, Mamaearth, etc have eco-friendly detergents.

3.Run Full loads

Running full loads simply means only when the division of washing clothes in the washing machine is full, only then you start to wash as it leads to more wastage of water due to multiple loading and washing of clothes.

4.Avoid Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine has toxins that affect the health of nature causing direct pollution. Instead, use lemon juice and hang them in natural sunlight to get a natural bleach effect.

5.Micro-Plastic Catching Bag

The fast fashion that we buy consists of Polyester as the main ingredient that has micro-plastic fibers that pollute the sea or water, wherever it ends up resulting in harming water animals too. Excess of anything is bad! There are micro-plastic catching bags like a Guppyfriend bag that catches all the synthetic fibers in it.

6.Less Frequent Washing

Yes, we’re telling you to wash less, and only when it’s most required. And to do this, you can always keep a jute laundry bag to store all the used clothes, even if you want to reuse them you can until it gets full to a point where the washing section of your washing machine gets full. Save energy, save water.

7.Hang to Dry

Rather than using dryers or washing machines, you can hang them on a rope to dry under sunlight. Like this, it will not only energy but your garments will get enough heat from sunlight to keep them disinfected.

These were a few ways you can start your sustainable living with a sustainable laundry routine.