Sustained Grey Key Color Trends Autumn Winter 2025

Sustained Grey is chosen to be one of the core key color trends for Autumn Winter 2025, announced WGSN in collaboration with Coloro. All in line with consumer influences such as a focus on well-being, creativity, the environment, and technology.

Sustained Grey will be our next Key Color Trends of 2025. Sustained Grey affirms the continued value of neutral colors and environmentally friendly color schemes, which encourage recycling and the goal of “just enough.”

The Sustained Grey color has a utilitarian edge and stands for dependability and practicality. It is anchoring and foundational. It speaks to encouraging balance and slowing down; it is a classic shade with year-round appeal.

Introduction to Sustained Grey Key Color Trends of 2025

Representing practicality and reliability, this color is foundational and grounding with a utilitarian edge, Sustained Grey talks about promoting balance and slowing down, it is a timeless shade with trans-seasonal and long-term appeal.

Utilize this desaturated color to support the value of neutral tones in recycled and circular color schemes and to support environmentally friendly design principles.

To appeal to everyone, use Sustained Grey as a standard color in various fashion sectors. It may be used to soften and instill a sense of tranquility in the home and is a terrific all-arounder for walls and furnishings.

The usefulness of this color will readily fit into cosmetic packaging and be compatible with consumer technology wellness items.

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