20 Highest Paying Fashion Jobs to Apply in 2023

If you want to pursue fashion and you’re curious to know what are the different types of Fashion Jobs you can apply to in the future, You’ve visited the right place.

As a teen who wants to pursue a career in Fashion, I always had a misconception that Fashion Designer is the only designation we have in the Fashion industry and it was so not true!

There are several opportunities in the trillion-dollar global fashion industry to express your ideas in novel and interesting ways. You may focus your job search and land your ideal fashion job by being aware of the many positions available in the field.

In this post, I’m going to take you through the different types of Fashion jobs that exist, and what is their specialization.

20 Highest Paying Fashion Jobs to Apply

Here’s a list of the Highest Paying Fashion Jobs to Apply you didn’t know existed.

1. Fashion Designer

The term Fashion Designer is not new to us anymore. A designation responsible for all things design, they’re the mastermind behind trendy and creative collections. They specialize in Menswear, Womenswear, Kidswear, etc. Some of the famous Designers to draw inspiration are Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, etc.

To create cutting-edge, unique designs, high-end fashion designers use more inventiveness. The majority of fashion designers work in the street fashion industry, where apparel is mass-produced at a low cost. For their marketable styles, these fashion designers draw inspiration from runway events, seasonal trends, and the best-selling items from the previous season.

National average salary: $68,960

2. Design Assistant

Who is a Design assistant? Well, he/she works as an assistant to a head designer where the designer works on the design collections, and the assistant makes sure the other details are being taken care of.

National average salary: $31,000-$50,000

3. Pattern Maker

Patternmaker is a genius who brings 2D designs to life (3D). He works closely with Fashion designers to bring his ideas to a live garment. He specializes in Patternmaking while checking on minimum waste production of fabric which is considered to be one of the most challenging jobs in Fashion Design.

National average salary: $40-100k

4. Fashion Illustrator

A Fashion illustrator designs the required garment designs in 2D software like Illustrator, and CAD, and works closely with the Fashion Designer. Their job majorly consists of making conceptual illustrations, garment designs, etc.

National average salary: $73,200

5. Retail Buyer 

Being the Retail buyer, you’ll be looking into the business part of the brand. You decide to choose what product a retail brand is going to sell based on trends and consumer data. That is what the retail stores receive and sell.

While choosing which things to sell, they take into account factors such as consumer demand, fashion trends at the time, pricing, quality, and purchasing preferences. To keep the store’s inventory competitive and pertinent to the demands of its customers, the retail buyer is in charge.

National average salary: $53,203

6. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer does everything required to edit images, and create magazine designs, templates, posters, and social media templates using software like Photoshop, Indesign, etc.

In order to create visually appealing graphics, graphic designers use their keen sense of colour and design coherence. They can begin by hand drawing and then transferring it into the CAD software, but they typically build designs with CAD systems. A workable design is also produced by graphic designers using their imagination.

National average salary: $75,000

7. Fashion Journalist

A fashion Journalist also called a Fashion editor works with fashion magazines to bring trends and fashion blogs to the readers. They look into fashion from a critical point of view with their creative writing skills, they do inspire a lot of young talents to be a part of the fashion industry. Some of the famous Journalists to draw inspiration are Anna Wintour, Alexa Chung, etc.

National average salary: $60,000-$148,000

8. Fashion Forecaster

A fashion Forecaster is responsible for predicting trends and colors of what upcoming years would look like. This involves a lot of research on past and current trends to be able to predict upcoming fashion trends. They make reports that help retailers and designers stop their upcoming design collections.

National average salary: $50,000-$100,000

9. Fashion Photographer/Director

Most of the time a fashion photographer/filmmaker works as a freelance professional. He’s responsible for carrying out the best Images for photoshoots, bringing imaginative storytelling to life by making fashion films, doing catalog shoots with designers, etc.

You not only need to have amazing photography skills but fashion education will help you bring new concepts/stories and also visualize the ideal aesthetic for those looks.

National average salary: $77,550

10. Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylist is a creative and artsy form of Visual representation. They work with Magazines and Ecommerce sites to bring the designer and the editor’s vision bring into life in a visual format. Most of the time they’ve teamed up with professional photographers, and hair and makeup stylists to articulate the concepts.

National average salary: $68,000

11. Textile Designers

There’s a difference between Fashion and textile designers. While a fashion designer works on cuts and silhouettes of the fabric, a textile designer is responsible for creating prints and textures.

Textile designers might work alone or for organisations like garment brands or textile manufacturers. To create textile designs that complement clothing styles, seasons, and customers, they collaborate closely with fashion designers and merchandisers. For their products, textile designers often perform trend analysis and forecasts to make sure their designs are current.

National average salary: $50,500

12. Fashion Marketing and PR

A Fashion Marketing specialist works on the brand awareness part. They communicate about the latest campaigns, deal with influencers and celebrities, write press releases, design new campaigns, etc. To create activities that increase consumer interest in the brand and product, they collaborate with marketing experts. The public relations professional is also in charge of writing press releases and responding to media requests.

National average salary: $1,00,000

13. Model

A fashion model is a canvas the stylists, photographers, designers, and filmmakers need to bring their creative imagination to life. Most of the models are handled by big modeling agencies and this job is probably one of those where you have to have an ideal “model aesthetic” body.

There are different types of models that include Runway, photoshoots, editorials, commercials, etc. Haven’t you heard of Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner yet? Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about!

National average salary: $25k-200k

14. Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandiser works in a retail setting. He/she is responsible to bring the latest trends and styling to the fashion boutiques and stores by styling mannequins and designing the right ambiance for the best customer experience.

By creating store layouts that are as appealing as possible, from eye-catching window displays to envy-inspiring mannequins, employees of retailers are directly responsible for tempting customers to enter stores and part with their money.

National average salary: $55,500

15. Costume Designer

A costume designer mostly works on movie sets. They are responsible to bring all the creativity to their garments. You need to study scripts, do character analysis and then work on designing garments. They are artsier and avant-garde in their aesthetics.

National average salary: $100,000

16. Personal Stylist/Shopper

Also called a Retail stylist is responsible for guiding customers on the running trends and helping build their wardrobe according to their body type, skin tone, etc. They also work closely with Visual merchandisers to bring relatable and innovative styling techniques.

National average salary: $56k-73k

17. Studio Manager

The studio manager is the person who takes care of a boutique shop or a designer. Being the team leader he/she is responsible to keep visual merchanding, stock in & out, and consumer service in check so yes a fashion education helps to envision the overall aesthetic of the store hence bringing up more ideas to enhance it.

National average salary: $45,700

18. Fashion Copywriter

Although they’re confused with Social media managers quite a lot of times, A Fashion copywriter is responsible for writing the product descriptions and blog posts for press releases, promotional emails, and social media updates.

National average salary: $47k-$62k

19. Professor

Design institutes need professors to teach the design processes and different modules that require fashion education. In this case, you become the lecturer after you’ve gained enough experience in the industry you are required to help out the younger generation to make the right decisions when it comes to their fashion career choices. Yes, a teacher!

National average salary: $50,211

20. Fashion Blogger/Vlogger

Fashion Blogger is the most recent fashion designation of all. This particular fashion job can help you build a personal brand image, while fashion brands can contact you to promote trendy collections for them as a part of marketing.

You get to build your business out of it which is quite an ideal thing to do when the world is hit by a pandemic and everything is going digital!

National average salary: $37,000

If you want to pursue fashion in the coming years, you must be informed of different types of fashion jobs and their key responsibilities.

It will help you get a clear idea of the courses you want to pick and also figure out what your interests are. To build your knowledge about Fashion Industry.

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