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10 Different Types of Fashion Stylists in the Fashion Industry

Fashion stylists have existed with us for centuries now but with increasing need to look bigger and better has made fashion styling an emerging profession and a lot more students aspire to be Fashion stylists.

A fashion stylist is not just a term, it delivers different meanings concerning different types of Fashion Stylists.

Coming from a long history in 1772, Roe Bertin being the first-ever fashion stylist in the decade helped style Queen Marie Antoinette, Fashion stylists have come a long way to the point where everybody sorts of needs one.

It was later that Fashion stylists worked with Fashion magazines and created new concepts and ideas for the world to follow.

It was only in the ’80s when freelance fashion stylists emerged as a profession. Before diving into the different types of fashion stylists we have today, let’s first get into what we, as Fashion Stylists do.

10 Types of Fashion Stylists in the Fashion Industry

Here’s the list of 10 types of fashion stylists in the industry and what they specialize in.

  1. Editorial Fashion Stylist
  2. Commercial Stylist
  3. Runway stylist
  4. Celebrity Stylist
  5. Product Stylist 
  6. Personal Stylist
  7. E-Commerce Stylist
  8. Retail Stylist/Fashion Consultants
  9. Wardrobe Stylist
  10. Image Consultants

1.Editorial Fashion Stylist 

Types of Fashion Stylist : Editorial-Fashion-Stylist

An Editorial Fashion stylist is a creative professional who excels in putting together looks for fashion magazines and editorials.

They are the ones showcasing different designers’ exclusive collections in their magazines as a part of advertisements.

They style big icons, celebrities, and fashion models. For that, you must have a keen eye for details and be high on Fashion, updated with trends to be able to flexibly work with different designers and their working aesthetics.

2.Commercial Fashion Stylist 

Types of Fashion Stylist : Commercial Fashion Stylist

Commercial Fashion stylists work for different ads commercials and agencies, putting together the right combinations for the cast sharing the screens.

They must know what colors work great in the camera and the requirements of the brand organizing the ad film.

Commercial stylists mostly work as freelancers working with designers, photographers, production houses for the same.

3.Runway Stylist

Types of Fashion Stylist : Runway Stylist

A lot of things happen behind the stage of a runway show, fashion weeks where big names and high-end designers unite to showcase their collections, it takes a lot to give the same brand a new application of outfits combinations keeping the brand identity in place but giving it a whole new look and aesthetics altogether.

There are celebrity designers who design for their different celebrity clients to hire stylists to keep the vibe of the collections maintained as well.

4.Celebrity Stylist  

Celebrity Stylist

Well yes, who do you think helps to dress our favorite celebrities for red carpets and award shows? The Celebrity stylist of course! Keeping intact the need of the celebrity, public appearances, red carpet looks, awards, promotional campaigns,

well it’s all the Celebrity stylist! Bryon Javar, Law Roach, Jason Rembert, Jason Bolden, Zerina Akers, Thomas Carter Phillips, Mimi Cuttrell are a few well-known Celebrity stylists around the world, you should definitely be checking out on Instagram!

5.Product Stylist

Types of Fashion Stylist : Product Stylist

While the commercial stylist works for different commercials and ad films, a set stylist is the one who creates the mood that matches the outfit, making the photoshoots even more relatable to the audiences.

They help get the props, accessories for different commercial and catalog shoots basically, and hence are freelancers.

Visual merchandising, interior styling, and fashion studies can be combined to get an ideal set of skills required for being a Product Stylist.

6.Personal Stylist

Types of Fashion Stylist : Personal Stylist

Personal stylists work for officials who don’t belong to anything that’s glamour. Not everybody we style is a celebrity. There are people like you and me who look for help for their day-to-day basics, building a capsule wardrobe for each occasion, workwear outfits, weddings, festive events and so much more.

We as humans are so insecure about the looks that we take extra care to look the best we can and personal stylists come in handy as they help people like you and me get their basics of outfits, making right by helping with their body types and outfit options to shop from.

7.E-commerce Stylist 

Types of Fashion Stylist : Ecommerce-photography

An E-commerce Stylist is the one responsible for creating looks for different brands and catalogs for e-com websites. Most of them are freelancers who work with different production houses, photographers, and designers.

More or less, they are quite similar to Commercial stylists. They might also have to collaborate with retailers, manufacturers, or buying houses for buying and merchandising projects.

8.Retail Stylist/Fashion Consultants

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Many retailers, luxury, and premium brands hire retail stylists as a part of their stores to help consumers guide through their collections and give them free consultations about trends and personal styling.

They help to communicate the design aesthetics to their requirements suggesting to them what they should buy.

9.Wardrobe Stylist

Types of Fashion Stylist : Wardrobe-stylist

Wardrobe stylists are the ones who take care and help to create a wardrobe for journalists and other known personalities. Rather than sourcing outfits for every event, why not keep a capsule wardrobe handy?.

Mostly stylists in TV sets and newsrooms create wardrobes that are updated regularly by the Wardrobe Stylists.

10.Image Consultants Stylist

Types of Fashion Stylist : Image Consultants

Image consultants are more like personal stylists but they also provide service regarding soft skills and personality development keeping a note on your overall personality growth.

An Image consultant works on your image building and personality and styling come as an add-on.

Personal stylists solely work on outfit solutions whereas Image consultants specialize in personal grooming, etiquettes, personality development. The first impression needs to be the right impression, as customers, people face difficulties in expressing themselves through the way they look, hence they hire an Image consultant who helps them look their best versions.

What Does a Fashion Stylist Do?

The key role of any Fashion Stylist is to style. As Fashion Stylists, we style for individuals, celebrities, e-commerce shoots, catalogs, events, and a lot more. Different stylists excel in different genres of styling. Putting outfits together might sound easy.

It involves mixing and matching outfits but trust me there’s a lot that goes behind the scenes, which looks glamorous from outside but takes a lot!

Although Fashion Styling is an emerging profession and a huge set of people aspire to be in this industry, Let’s first begin with the types of Fashion stylists in the Industry.

Here is a list of a few responsibilities different types of fashion stylists perform:

  1. Research about various fashion eras for fashion photoshoots for magazines, editorials, catalog shoots.
  2. Source outfits for clients for different events and shows.
  3. Attend runway shows and fashion events to keep themselves updated with trends and styles.
  4. Work behind the scenes with models, photographers, designers, directors, magazine editors to create visuals.
  5. Assisting clothing buyers for major retail chains.

Where Does a Fashion Stylist work?

As a Fashion Stylist, you can take many key roles in the fashion industry, these are a few spaces where you’ll find opportunities to work:

  • Magazines and publication houses
  • Manufacturers and retailers
  • Catalog shoots for Designers
  • With celebrities and High-profile clients
  • TV Newsroom
  • Onset (films, music videos, commercials)
  • Consulting sports teams with uniforms

What Courses to take to become a Fashion Stylist?

A fashion Stylist’s job might seem glamorous but it takes hours and hours of work, from sourcing to getting creatives done, brainstorming, and creating fresh visuals, and curating new looks for clients right.

While it starts with just an interest in fashion, without a professional course, every fashion profession might seem similar. The path of Fashion styling starts with taking a few fashion and business courses, especially two of them are mentioned below:

1. Fashion Styling/ Image Design

Pick Fashion Institutes where not only you can pick Fashion Design as your course but also Fashion Styling courses. These courses sometimes not only are available in Bachelor’s programs but diploma courses too.

A typical fashion styling course will consist of fashion basics, garment design, fabric types and techniques, fashion styling, color basics, body figure analysis, makeup, hairstyles, and accessories, etc.

Although there is no compulsion in whether you choose a Bachelor’s or a diploma course, you can pick different short courses that can help you with a better freelancing career!

2. Business Studies

Fashion stylists work as freelancers most of the time, hence the need to have a business and analytical mind is crucial to be in this territory. Having a basic knowledge of Marketing, finance, accounting, management, and operations will benefit you in building a business, attracting clients, and keeping the business running smoothly will help Fashion stylists grow and flourish their businesses.

What Are the Work Conditions in a Styling Job? 

A Fashion Stylist undergoes different work conditions while he/she is at the job that majorly includes Different locations, longer hours, and considerably more traveling is involved.

1. Locations: A Fashion Stylist’s job consists of visiting various locations. This can be for multiple reasons that include sourcing of fashion outfits, shoot locations due to client’s requirements, much more. You might get projects that require you to be out of the town as well.

2. Time: A Fashion stylist’s job can take longer hours than expected. Since most of the types of fashion stylists work freelance or as a self-brand, there’s no typical 9-5 set-up. Instead, their work might ask for longer hours depending on the type of shoots (commercial or Tv shows) or editorials as they tend to stretch on their working hours.

3. Travel: As mentioned above, a fashion stylist’s job consists of traveling to different locations at different periods of time, and sometimes work calls can take them to different cities as well. Attending runway shows and meeting celebrities also comes as a perk of such travels.

What Are the Job Prospects and Salary of a Fashion Stylist?

The earning of a fashion stylist depends on two things, one is the location and the next is what genre he/she is having expertise in. Varied countries have varied salaries. According to the ambition box, a Fashion Stylist in the U.S. earns as much as $52k per year, the U.K. might serve $26k per year. A fashion stylist in Dubai earns as much as $32k and in India 3 lakh-4 lakh per annum.

Difference Between a Fashion Editor and a Fashion Stylist?

Creative professionals in the fashion industry might get confused about different professions active in the fashion industry. One of these confusions lies between a Fashion Editor and a Fashion Stylist which I’ll discuss with you now.

1. Fashion Editor: A Fashion Editor works in a fashion magazine or a publication house where his/her main key role involves writing creative stories for different magazine issues.

Sometimes, assisting the stylist to get specific creatives involved in their day-to-day responsibilities but styling outfits is not a Fashion Editor’s major domain, it mostly involves creating write-ups and articles.

2. Fashion Stylist: Photoshoots for brands, tv commercials, movies and sets, runways, celebrities, and personal ones, there are a lot of work responsibilities depending on what types of Fashion Stylist they may belong to. Their major goal is to curate outfits to get the desired look according to the clients’ requirements.

If you think you have a flair for styling, here’s how you can become a fashion stylist!

Fashion Stylist Education and Certifications

There are various fashion styling courses and certifications you can choose from. There are schools that offer certificates, associate and bachelor’s degree programs in fashion design & related fields that will help jump-start one’s career as a fashion stylist.

In addition, they also provide you with fashion internships and exposure that help you kick start your business as a fashion stylist. While you’re doing the studies you also get to explore different fashion styling jobs and other fashion careers that go hand-in-hand with styling in the industry. 

One of such schools in the School of style helps you get hands-on experience with every aspect related to Fashion Styling.

If you’re looking for the List of 20 Best Fashion Colleges in the World 2022 you can tap into the link to get more details.

5 Essential Tips to Succeed As a Fashion Stylist?

As a budding Fashion Stylist, the destination might not be the same for all, it could be an easy one but can also turn out to be a rocky journey.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t even try, of course, we give our best and strive to do better and bigger to get what we aspire to become, that is, a Fashion stylist.

Professional Fashion styling is a process that takes time and hard work. It only grows with more experience that you grow at your work and get your name established in the specific field. Here are a few essential tips you can succeed as a fashion stylist:

1. Get Inspired

Start with yourself. People say charity starts at home, do that. Watch different fashion shows, tv series, documentaries, Fashion movies, and magazines to get an overall knowledge of what is happening in the world and then practice it on yourself.

No, don’t go over the board creating bizarre outfits but try incorporating a few that you think you would suggest to others hence helping you find your style statement.

And also, it helps you with something I’m going to talk about next.

2. Education

Education is important. No matter how much you read magazines, books, watch documentaries, proper education will always help you know the fashion industry better and will prepare you for your future prospects.

In addition, you’ll also learn the basics of everything you need to know in the course! Try to get yourself educated in Best Fashion Colleges possible to get a better idea of your field and be an expert!

3. Networking

Keep your networking skills on point. Networking is quite an essential aspect when it comes to being a Fashion Stylist.

The more you network, the more people will actually know about you and your services, and hence will get you more clients!

4. Portfolio Building

A portfolio helps your clients get a better idea of your aesthetic and also helps you explain the services you provide, it only helps you for good.

So when you’re just starting with Fashion Styling, try creating a portfolio so that when you apply for positions and talk to the client, you know what to offer.

5. Marketing

Marketing skills are as important as having a certification. It totally matters how you project your skills and how you sell them.

At the end of the day, more awareness of you being in the business will get you more clients. 

6. Updated with trends

Staying updated with trends in the major must have you should be having expertise on.

Any education is just not enough, so keep yourself updated following different blogs and magazines to know what’s happening in the fashion industry.

What Are the Job Opportunities as a Fashion Stylist?

These are a few job opportunities as a Fashion Stylist:

  • Magazines and publication houses
  • Manufacturers and retailers
  • Catalog shoots for Designers
  • With celebrities and High-profile clients
  • TV Newsroom
  • Onset (films, music videos, commercials)
  • Consulting sports teams with uniforms
  • Retail/Merchandise styling
  • Prop & Set styling
  • Live performance – Involves styling musicians and other performers
  • Show styling
  • Video/Commercial Styling


Can You Be a Fashion Stylist Without a Degree?

Anybody can become a fashion stylist if there’s a will. While there are short courses and diploma courses available to help you with understanding the industry and skills better, you can always perfect your skills by practicing and making the right contacts. Networking, staying updated with trends, working on skills will take you a long way.

Is a Fashion Stylist a Good Career?

Fashion Stylist is a great career. While you might feel that it’s all glitz and glamour as an outsider, it takes hard work and long hours of consistent effort to get what you see. Celebrity stylists earn a lot since their accustomed to high-profile celebrities and clients, while personal stylists work with more mass-oriented people which is as great as working for editorials.

Do Stylists Buy the Clothes?

Sourcing plays a major role in being a Fashion Stylist in any of the job opportunities listed above. It’s only when you are a Personal stylist you assist people with shopping for the right clothes, else if you work for editorials and celebrities, most of the time, the fashion stylists source outfits from designers and well-known brands.

How Do Stylists Get Paid?

As a fashion Stylist, you can be hired by publication houses where you can be salaried. As a freelance stylist, mostly you charge by sessions or hourly. The price you charge per session is up to you, and stylists can charge anywhere from $20 an hour to $2,000 based on their skill and demand. A strong stylist can make anywhere from $2,400 a year to $300,000 a year. Personal stylists and Image consultants also charge per session.

If you think you’ve got an aesthetic for fashion, curating outfits is your thing, then Fashion styling is the course for you to opt for.

Being Fashion Stylist involves a lot of youth who aspire to become one, surely, styling has a lot of scope as the world now moves towards self-building and personality development.

Given above are different types of fashion stylists you’d find in the fashion industry with additional details that will help you prosper the domain.

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