5 Types of Fashion Writers to know in 2023

The role of a fashion writer has been one of the prominent aspects that drives the fashion industry forward. There are various types of fashion writers, popularly known as fashion editors, journalists, etc, fashion writing will become of the most pursued fashion professionals in the coming years.

Fashion writers not only write various fashion stories about the industry but they are also framing the perspective of the young generation of fashion lovers.

Can you name some of the top fashion Journalists who’ve changed the way fashion is perceived?

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5 Types of Fashion Writers

These are the different types of fashion writers you can aspire to become:

  1. Fashion writer
  2. Fashion Blogger
  3. Fashion reporter
  4. Fashion critic 
  5. Editor 

1. Fashion writer

A Fashion Writer researches and writes fashion articles about style, trends, and runway updates. They attend fashion shows, interview popular artists to bring their stories, and influence younger writers to become the same.

2. Fashion blogger

Fashion icon who has different taste in fashion writes about their personal style on their blog to their audience. They are mostly social media personalities who have a website and are popular on a platform like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

If this domain of fashion writing interests you, read about the top fashion bloggers around the world and get yourself inspired!

3. Fashion Reporter

A Fashion reporter writes a report about fashion shows, and major events in the fashion industry and talks about new fashion trends around the world. They are one of the top types of fashion journalists you will know.

4. Fashion Critic 

Fashion Critics are the writers who talk about the best and worst about it in an analytical manner and make reports on different platforms. Some of the influential fashion critics involve Suzy Menkes, Lynn Yaegar, Carine Roitfeld, etc.

5. Editor 

Fashion Editors are writers who either write blogs for websites or copyedit final drafts. Fashion editors fall in one of the promoted profiles of fashion writers. Websites like Fashionista, GQ, and InStyle have fashion editors.

Fashion Writer Job Description

The core task of a fashion writer is to bring meaningful stories about the industry. They have a stronghold on journalism, media, and writing, keeping themselves updated on everything buzzing around fashion.

These are some of the job responsibilities of a Fashion Writer:

  • Work in publications and editorials bringing new takes and raising awareness about issues that matter.
  • Work with stylists and designers to bring their stories to the table.
  • Interview well-known fashion voices, fashion designers, stylists, photographers, and models and bring stories that matter.
  • Edit and create a final draft of posts and write-ups that goes live. This comes as a part of getting promoted and leading the Fashion content writers.
  • Make sure that with rising pressure, the quality of writing doesn’t compromise.

Different Methods of Fashion Writing

A fashion Writer can work for publications, editorials, newspapers, social media platforms, web platforms, books, etc. These are the different methods of fashion writing you will find in the industry:

  • Books & Catalogues
  • Editorials
  • Social Media

1. Books & Catalogues

Meant to guide people on fashion trends and personal style, there are fashion experts who educate people for the same. Hence, fashion writers help bring stories to create lookbooks, catalogs for designers and stylists that communicate to the customers.

In addition, there are fashion authors who write books about their experiences and about the industry which also in this.

2. Editorials

Fashion Magazines and newspapers also have fashion writers/ journalists who write about various fashion updates. Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, and Bazaar are some of the top fashion magazines you can refer to.

If you want to be an editor in one of these pioneer fashion magazines you must be well-versed in writing skills and the history of fashion as art and culture.

We have listed some of the best fashion books you can read to get yourself educated if you don’t have a fashion background.

3. Social Media

Blogging has come a long way and serves as an online platform for many writers. Facebook, Instagram, and other sites hire Fashion writers to Copywrite their posts collaborating with influencers to bring their stories, which is a budding fashion profession that will go a long way.

What is the Future of Fashion Writing as a Career?

The rise of social media and digitalization has increased the scope of new fashion startups be it websites, blogs, or e-commerce. Hence there are more people pursuing this domain as it gives exposure and recognition to both.

While it is predicted that profiles like creative directors, reporters, and critics might all merge as one. We’ll see a major rise in remote fashion professions.

With the increase of work from jobs in the past few years and freelancing being a thing after print and digital have integrated themselves, fashion writing is a growing profession but do you know what’s better?

A Fashion Writer who has a decent set of followers as an audience to influence as fashion influencing is the next big thing!

These were the different types of fashion writers you must know.

What to get yourself skilled in Fashion writing?

Here are 8 Practical tips to make yourself a better Fashion Writer and become a better Fashion writer.

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