Vegan Leather vs Animal Leather: Which describes Sustainable Fashion better?

Animal slaughter has been the key aspect of Real leather while vegan leather includes a lot of flora. While the debate of what is better between Vegan leather vs animal leather continues to be complicated.

As fashion lovers and conscious consumers, we do tend to think which is better, Vegan Leather vs Animal Leather. I tell you, there’s a lot to consider before we come to any conclusion regarding this. Leather in form of jackets and pants is the most liked fashion clothing we all love.

But, with increasing consciousness about our buying choices, sustainable Fashion being the talk of the hour, it’s more about looking for options that are cruelty-free and work on social welfare issues.

The Dairy and meat industry is the highest global industries resulting in a lot of damage caused to the environment. Although there is quite a downfall in the meat consumption industry, zero consumption of meat would be next to impossible in any generation.

Animal slaughter has been the key aspect of Real leather while vegan leather includes a lot of flora. While the debate of what is better between Vegan leather vs animal leather continues to be complicated, we can surely list out a few pros and cons of each, for our better understanding.

There’s a study that shows which component causes how much harm to nature. Let’s have a look into it.

Animal Leather

  • Animal Leather( also called real/genuine leather) is made of cowhides (or any animal) that are processed in chemicals to get the desired color and texture. By that, I mean these processes have chemicals that contain chlorine that eventually dissolves into water, ruining the underwater lives.
  • They have comparatively unique textures as no two animal hides can be the same but the options are limited to neutral colors black, brown, beige, etc.
  • Although real leather lasts longers its durability decreased if it’s exposed to mun into UV rays. It’s breathable but washing it frequently is not a good option.
  • Exotic leather is used by luxury fashion brands where the skin of animals is derived from Ostrich, lizards, crocodiles, something that even the meat industry doesn’t use much, hence these animals are slaughtered just for use in fashion clothing.

Vegan Leather

  • Vegan leather (also called faux leather) looks very similar to how real leather looks. With its rising popularity, the vegan leather industry is expected to grow up to $89 billion by 2025. They use biodegradable materials like Pineapple leaves, apple peel, cork, fruit waste, mushrooms, cactus, corn, and recycled plastic.
  • Since the textures are synthetically made, you’ll get numerous variety of textures and designs.
  • The faux leather is durable, lightweight, easy to maintain, and comparatively cheaper than real leather.
  • Although vegan leather reduces the chances of animal slaughter, PVC and Pu (plastic polymers) are used to bind the leather together and make it even strong. These Plastic polymers lots of poisonous chemicals that can also lead to cancer.

Vegan Leather vs Animal Leather: Who wins the race of Sustainable Fashion better?

Vegan Leather vs Animal Leather
Vegan Leather vs Animal Leather

The answer is, It depends. Real leather has its benefits but nature is being compromised utmost. When they last you long, give that luxurious feel, a lot of animals are being mercilessly slaughtered for this reason. But does that mean Vegan leather wins? Vegan leather uses plastic polymers that also result in microplastic pollution, hence nature is seldom harmed, but as compared to real leather, it’s less.

The answer is in your hands. While be know both vegan leather and animal leather, both to some extend cause harm to nature, it’s in your hands to support any cause of your choice, make sure that you’re making an informed decision towards it. 

The world is hit by a pandemic which people also say that it’s a way of nature reminding us that huge damage is being caused. Hence, sustainability is the talk of the hour. While we see a lot of Sustainable brands preaching the concept, a lot of conscious fashion bloggers are inspiring us to take the route of sustainability. When talking about sustainable fashion, do you think Vegan leather is better?