10 Workwear Closet essentials you need in your wardrobe

Have you ever been stressed due to a lack of options while dressing up for work? A Capsule wardrobe with 10 Workwear closet essentials can solve the problem of hassled mornings forever. We work 260 days out of 365 that reflects the reason why we need a Workwear Wardrobe! These additions to your ever-existing capsule wardrobe are proven lifesavers that will sustain you for a longer time.

How many work outfits do you need for a workwear closet?

A capsule Wardrobe generally has 30-50 clothing items that can easily sustain a season. For an ideal workwear closet, you need to have a combination of neutrals and accent pieces that help you survive a week (5-6 days) and still look fresh without giving a sense of being repeated. Following is a list of workwear closet essentials you must have in your wardrobe.

10 Workwear Closet Essentials you need in your Wardrobe

  1. T-shirts
  2. Shirts
  3. Trousers
  4. Treggings/Jeans
  5. Blazers
  6. Dresses
  7. Pantsuits
  8. A smart bag
  9. Footwear
  10. Accessories


White T-shirt for Women

T-shirts are versatile pieces as they work great for casual and formalwear. While you can add graphic and quoted tees for casualwear, basic crew necks, and the v-necks tee of different colors can be a safe and versatile pick to layer on for work. Not only choose neutrals like Black, Navy, Beige, and white but add preppy colors like Sunshine yellow, Burgandy, wine reds, mint green, which could be a few fresh additions you can make to your workwear wardrobe update!


Workwear outfits are incomplete without nice shirts. Shirts in white, neutrals like beige, black, blue, and a few accent colors go well with trousers, culottes, in fact, any bottom wear. Make sure to keep a few of these shirts in your wardrobe for elegant work dressing. If formal shirts are not your thing, you can also try dressy blouses. These versatile pieces look great culottes, jeans, treggings, you name it, you pair it!


Straight-fit trousers and culottes make great pair with t-shirts and formal shirts when you don’t feel like layering. They add structure keeping comfort in mind. Trousers come in different fits and styles, while culottes, on the other hand, are flowy and breezy making your outfit airy and comfortable.


We need best-fitted jeans and treggings as much as we need flowy silhouettes. They make you look structured, accentuate your curves yet make it more elegant. You need a set of black, Dark Navy, brown or beige. If pantsuits are too much for you, or you have a petite frame, treggings is the ones for you. For Jeans, straight-fit jeans are a must-have, while you can also add wide-leg, mom-jeans to your closet.


Light Purple Blazer for women workwear

Blazers are a crucial part of workwear dressing. Considered as a synonym for power-dressing, Blazers work wonders as a third layer for your outfit. One in Black, Grey plaid, one in pastel could work great with any outfit. You must make sure that the pastel blazer that you pick for your workwear closet should have at least 3-5 pieces in your wardrobe. You can check Formal Blazer Brands for our best blazer recommendations.


Dresses are simple to style. Focus on the material and little details to add character to your otherwise simple, hassle-free outfit. Puffed sleeves, collars, 3/4 sleeves, satin, linen, or polyester dresses for best for 9-5 setup. Formal shift dresses and shirt dresses make great workwear outfits and investing 3-5 dresses in your workwear wardrobe keeps you sorted for last-minute dressing up!


White Pantsuit for women workwear outfit

If styling Blazers and trousers seem like a task on those Monday mornings, getting yourself pantsuits is a smart idea. A pair in black is a must while you can pick bold or pastels as you please. Pantsuits, regardless of it being formal attire, are admired by most working women these days. You can take cues from Fashion Bloggers you’ve aced the art of wearing pantsuits for references.

8.A Smart Bag

Smart, formal bags are structured, having enough space to pile up everything you need in your vanity. You can also get smart office bags from Tommy Hilfiger and Wildcraft, as they have some of the best office bags for all. Look for cleaner cuts, look for more spaces as women, we need more space for organizing our belongings, and neutral beige pieces are a must!


Ballerinas, block heels in black, wedges in beige, transparent block heels can be your go-to footwear choices. The only key point to note is that opt for comfortable shoes that can last 7-9 hours, uncomfortable footwear is quite a stress that does impact your productivity.


Accessories can make or break any outfit. You need accessories to make your outfit look put together. A classic scarf, subtle pendants, and studs, and a smartwatch can help you look put together anytime hence you must keep at least one of each piece to complete your workwear wardrobe. Again, try keeping limited pieces, neutral tones that don’t scream for attention!

What Colors do I need to add in my workwear closet?

Choosing colors for your workwear closet can confusing until you’re clear with a few things I am going to talk to you about.

  1. The Basics
  2. Undertones
  3. Accent Colors
  4. Closet Declutter
  5. Seasonal Outfits

1.The Basics

White and Black are the basics everybody should own in their workwear closet. Moving Further, different tones of Blues, greys, and Beiges are also a part of workwear closet essential.

These colors will have your back on days you want to play safe, and simple as most of the corporates have these colors as their dress codes. (in case you have one!)


Undertones play a huge role in helping you out with what to keep and what to avoid in your workwear closet. Undertones are the skin hues under the surface that affects your overall hue.

You can figure out your ideal undertone by the color of veins, if it’s more in bluish/greenish tones, you have a cool undertone hence cool colors would suit you better. Similarly, if you have peachy/goldish veins, you have a warm undertone, hence warm colors are for you!

3.Accent Colors

If you keep Neutral colors only, your wardrobe would end up looking monotonous and boring. To amp it up, you need COLORS! Using the undertone technique, find out a few best colors that look great on you and picks tops, shirts, a few bottoms accordingly to break the monotony.

4.Closet Declutter

Creating a new workwear wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean you need to shop. Examine the pieces you have in your wardrobe, keep the ones you like, and aside from the ones that don’t (don’t discard them yet). This will also give you an idea of the items you already have in your workwear closet.

5.Seasonal Outfits

Remember the outfits you kept aside since you weren’t sure of? It’s time to examine them. Look for pieces that you like but could wear many statement pieces that can bring freshness to your perfect-looking workwear closet. Now keep the ones you like, not the pieces, but outfits! You can donate the ones you won’t wear ever!


Keeping versatile workwear closet essentials can easily become a part of your existing Capsule Wardrobe that allows you to save time on shopping for it separately!

In any case, you feel like adding more, you can always add a few pieces after few months to keep it vibrant and fresh.

The only key to dressing perfectly is to dress like you’re about what you do and you want to be taken seriously, the way you dress always forms the right first impression you need.

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