16 Best Trendy Marble Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

We come across beautiful trendy Marble Bathroom ideas when we visit our friends and family during the holiday season, which gets us curious about getting something similar at our homes too.

Marble has been a crucial part of interiors for the longest time. Known to be first introduced by Greeks and Romans over 2,000 years ago, Marbles are versatile piece of metamorphic rock that has proven the best when it comes to functionality and aesthetics.

Out of various types of marbles like White Marble, Cream Marble, Red Marble, Black and Lilac marbles that are different based on their colors, Carrara, Italian marble is a popular type of marble for kitchen and bathroom counters that has been used for years.

In addition, Calacatta, a white stone marble with fine gray veins and tiny gold details, Marquina Black and Portoro are the most popular ones amongst black marbles that we know.

Are you planning to add marbles into your bathroom too? Well, all that we want to advise is don’t only pursue solids and subtle ones when your choice of detailed marbles can change the game of your Bathroom design altogether.

Best Trendy Marble Bathroom Ideas to try in 2022

Here are some Trendy Bathroom marble ideas inspired by the interior design trends of 2022.

1. Dunagan Diverio Mixed Marble

Dunagan Diverio is a Miami-based design firm that introduced white marble with a blend of other stones suited perfectly for a classic look.

2. Marble Entryway

This Marble entryway introduced by J. Hirsch Interior Design leads you to a full shower situation giving it the right dramatic moment with additional classy vibes all over.

3. Gray-Mauve Tiled Floor

KitchenLab Interiors came up with pair of wood vanities topped with marble slabs that complement the gradient mauve floor, giving it a vintage vibe for sure.

4. Marble-Clad Walls

16 Best Trendy Marble Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

Introduced by Brooklyn-based firm CWB Architects, incorporate these patterned valance and silvery floor tiles with the perfect lining of gray, to add class and sophistication.

5. White Marble Floor

Master bath designed by Tish Mills. basic white marbled floor with gray gradient is a perfectly modern and simple home aesthetic anybody can try at home.

6. Coastal-themed Wall Tiles

Give your Bathroom a touch of coastal and beachy vibes with tones of blues and greens with playful, fish-flocked wallpaper designed by Interior Designer Hannah Childs.

7. Picture Perfect Calacatta marble

Janet Patterson, who’s a Miami-based Interior Designer who used a surplus of Calacatta marble in this modernist bath to give it a natural aesthetic.

8. Mirrory Marbled Walls

Half and Half custom Marble cum Mirror wall idea is brought by New York-based designer Tara Kantor, with a striking black coppery mixed aesthetic that gives a beautiful rustic look.

9. White Luxe Luster Marbles

Introduced by the team of Harrison Design, find this glossy marble-tiled floor shimmers with a beautiful master bathtub giving it a ravishing look.

10. Gray Checkerboard Floor

A beautiful amalgamation of charcoal gray and white gradient, these checkered marbles are full of life as they add a gorgeous layer of textures in the bathroom.

11. Chic Gray-Tone Marbles

the Hoboken-based design firm J. Patryce Design brings beautiful square tiled marbles with subtle incorporation of whites. The walls and the floor, as well as the vanity, mirror, and acrylic waterfall bench, create a subtle combination for all.

12. Moroccan-inspired Wallpaper Tiles

Karen B. Wolf, an Interior Designer introduced beautiful  Moroccan-inspired wallpaper paid with pale gold accents to create this glitzy and glamorous bathroom.

13. Mirror Marble Vanity Walls

Interior designer Suzanne Kasler gave a dramatic effect with a mirror vanity classic white marble floor and marble vanity top to offset a dramatic wall of layered mirrors.

14. Earthy marble Bathtub Settings

Los Angeles-based Legaspi Courts Design, thus setting has Earthy marble fittings on the vanity and tub add warmth with brown and white combination.

15. Tropical Marble Top Wallpapers

These tropical printed inspired wallpaper, spring for an understated, marble top vanity that allows the ornate wallpaper to take center stage.

16. Avian-Flocked Wallpapers Vanity Tops

This maximalist ornate wallpaper is introduced by New York-based Interior designer Lauren A. Balkan brings an avian flocked paper with textured white and gray marble, a perfect blend of different textures.

These were some trendy Marble Bathroom ideas that will be seen all over in 2022. Which ones are your favorite?

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