10 Unique Wall Arts Ideas for Your Living Room in 2022

Since Wall art is the closest form of Natural Art, you'll see more and more people buying Wall art.

Are you looking for Trendy Unique Wall Arts Ideas for your Living Room? Styling Interiors is a one a kind experience that stays for a longer time so you must be sure of what art pieces to pick for the same. 

Setting up your living room when you’ve just shifted might feel like a huge task. Not only that, sometimes you’re just looking for a makeover since you’re bored of the same interiors.

Picking Trendy Unique Wall Arts not only elevates the vibe of your room but also adds a character to your room.

Since Art is a beautiful medium of expression, people like to incorporate a few of these aesthetic pieces as they can make any boring space full of character.

Why Do You Need Wall Arts for Your Living Room?

Wall Arts in your living room can not only but adding Wall Art in your Living room will have multiple benefits:

  • They make great conversation starters while you’re hosting a party and there are many people invited.
  • It gives a peek a boo to your character without you saying much. It shows your personality.
  • It adds room to curate beautiful decor complimenting your furniture, cushion drapes to create a vibe you’ll cherish for the longest.

Recently I came across Minted, a brand that does amazing Unique art pieces of all kinds of Home and Decors sourced directly from the Creators/ artists.

These products are one-of-a-kind items made in artist studios. If you’re a design lover or not, I am very sure to tell you you’ll fall in love with what you see.

Trendy Unique Wall Arts Ideas for your Living Room 

Here are our top 10 Trendy Unique Wall Arts Ideas for your Living Room that you should definitely check out.

Style your blank walls with either one large piece, an intricate gallery wall, or searching for coordinated wall art sets, we’ve got you covered.

Although they have a collection of 300 pieces of colored and monochromatic Wall Art pieces and here are our best picks.

1. Abstract and Contemporary

If you like strong lines, clean shapes, modern and contemporary aesthetics, you can always choose urban-inspired designs, very apt if you have neutral colors and other home decor items that have a simplistic approach. These pieces are be decorated at different corners of your living room.

2. Hints of Tints

If you’re looking for a composition of three, to build a Wall Art Wall which sounds like a great idea, This By the Window series is a Perfect Blend of colors and accent elements. The perfect blend of pink with yellows and greens is quite Camellia-inspired. So if you’re looking to add a little feminine touch to your living room, this is what suits you the best.

3. Grounded

If you’re looking for Earthy-inspired tones with a more simplistic approach, explore the themes of fluidity, energy, and movement, here’s the Boundary series giving you exactly that. It has touches of Yellow Ocre, Browns, and Beiges that will blend perfectly to a plain white or a tinted earthy beige undertone wall.

4. Abstraction at its Best

This set of Abstraction art is beautifully modern and contemporary art created with the use of powdered graphite to achieve a painterly effect in combination with bold minimal lines in charcoal. The set gives a beautiful monochromatic look on a bright wall.

5. Very Peri Wall Arts

These Ceramic arts are a perfect pop of color with very trendy hues of blue ideal to incorporate in a simplistic setup. This series of minimal ceramic vase illustrations and can be paired wonderfully with similar other designs created by the same artist.

6. Soaked in the Sun 

This set of bright color pops is curated by using construction paper and using it for a purposeful design to add in the corner of your room. Cut it, shape it, photograph it, process it, print it, frame it, hang it, get these in a set of two to create a beautiful aesthetic in your room.

7. Doodles all over

Abstraction comes from deep, it represents how we think, move, or write, or are abstractions of a natural pattern. With a calligraphic touch, it celebrates art like nothing else. Try these doodled wall arts as a source of inspiration for your daily mood.

8. Urban Garden Series

Inspired by nature, the creator depicted my love of botanicals in bold monochrome shapes with the hope of creating drama in the urban lifestyle. The modern botanicals in their abstract minimalism add contemporary chic in any home or workspace, is a perfect addition to the more simple and sophisticated look.

9. Where Water meets Air

An inspiring blend of white and blue, the Surface Tension series Where the water meets the air there is a tension. It is multiplied by the movement of tides and transcended by light. It is unpredictable and uncontainable. Add it in your simplistic decor corner to give your room calming vibes.

10. Colors in Nature

Add a beautiful blend of color pop observe textures, colors, shapes and feel the life around. The combination of yellows, oranges, and magenta pinks adds a whole lot of character to your room.

These were my recommendations for Trendy Unique Wall Arts Ideas for your Living Room which I absolutely love.

These Trendy Wall Art Pieces are visually engaging, themed sets from various artists and designers around the world that are eye-pleasing and inspiring.

Check out their other trendy decor Chick Wall Art Sets exclusively curated for you!

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