17 Coffee Table Trends Ideas Inspiration for Living Room

The most popular landing space for tv remotes, magazines, and morning tea is a perfect-looking coffee table that talks about design and functionality.

Various types of coffee tables that include geometric coffee tables, marble top tables, rustic wooden tables, and glass tables are known to have the sleek and stylish aesthetic we look up to.

Stay tuned till the end as we break down the hottest Coffee Table Trends that you can apply picking inspiration for living room makeovers.

Its purpose as living room furniture is to bring people together, represent the way of life of those who live there, and tell tales.

A coffee table ought to be more than just a piece of furniture for storing stuff; instead, it ought to be an attractive work of art. 

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Coffee Table Trends we’re drooling on

Let’s discover the newest coffee table styles and the things we’ve picked!

1. Multi Surfaced Coffee Tables

Multi Surfaced Coffee Tables

We adore these Multi surfaces Coffee tables since they serve as both functional furniture and decorative accents. Even without any more furniture besides this table, the space would still look lovely. 

The simplicity with which this kind of table can be decorated is astounding. You can arrange flowers and literature on two of the surfaces, and keep your favorite drinks on the third one.

2. Mirror/ Glass Coffee Tables

Mirror tables can make any room appear larger by reflecting objects. Design-wise, these coffee tables are rather dangerous, but if picked well, they can become the focal point of the space.

Due to their ability to reflect other items and virtually vanish, mirror coffee tables are ideal for tiny areas. 

If your space is limited or small, glass coffee tables are an excellent choice because they stylishly enlarge the area.

3. Coffee Tables with Storage

In limited rooms or for those who dislike clutter, coffee tables with storage are just fantastic. It can hold a table game, magazines, or tiny electronics.

A traditional table top is used in the design, with an additional level built underneath it to add more storage space. 

This is excellent for tiny rooms that are desperately in need of a place to store your bits and bobs.

4. Nesting

Many designers have been leaning toward creating a nest of coffee tables by grouping many little tables since there are instances when one is simply not enough.

This is a terrific way to expand the usable surface area of the conventional coffee table design and gives you the flexibility to rearrange them whenever you feel the need for a change.

You can add an intriguing textural element that resembles conventional layering by employing a variety of materials and table sizes in the overall design.

5. Monolithic Marble Coffee Tables

This season’s design trends are all exhibiting monolithic design, and coffee tables are no exception. These sculptures frequently have block-like formations and clear, almost architectural line patterns.

This might be the solution if you’re seeking a bold and daring addition to your living area!

A concrete table is modern and fairly elegant. The material enables a variety of styles and gives your home a unique feel. 

6. Lightwood Coffee Table Designs

Light wood coffee tables are often built from oak, pine, cherry, or mahogany and come with a finish that complements the wood’s natural grain (which is occasionally left on one side). This coffee table will draw attention to the interior with its light wood transparent finish, sleek, minimalist style, tapered legs, and round glass top.

7. Multi-layered Coffee tables

Add a touch of style to your living room, family room, den, or bedroom with the Dalton Multi-level coffee table. These multi-levels add aesthetics and storage to your living area. The split top rises in two locations and travels forward to create two multipurpose workstations, allowing you and your family to use the table separately without interruption.

8. Marble Bunching Coffee Table trends

This unique coffee table’s design enables the split top to raise in two places and move forward to form two multifunctional workstations, allowing you and your family to use the table separately without interfering with one other. 

9. Swivel Coffee Table

A swivel glass coffee table is a particular style of coffee table that contains one or more sliding glass coffee tables and two legs as a foundation. We adore the sleek lines and crisp finish of this minimalist, modular coffee table’s contemporary style. It is made of neutral-colored engineered wood and has four tiers, four sharp angles, and dovetail craftsmanship throughout.

10. Graphic Stripes Coffee Table

This art deco-inspired graphic stripes coffee table with construction and a large circular shape is a cool modern design. The stripes add that extra zest to a very basic framework making it a graphic piece. This side table would be ideal for books, artifacts, planters, etc.

11. Vintage Storage Coffee Tables

For your living room, locate a stylish, useful, and lift-top Eoghan. To operate a laptop, the tabletop may be easily raised or lowered to an appropriate height. To provide secure and easy raising and lowering of the tabletop, a spring with a more elastic structure is used. For keeping daily-used goods easy and tidy, a sizable storage area is concealed beneath the surface.

12. Hollow Coffee Tables

Does the furniture set make you feel vacant? Consider a coffee table! They not only serve as a focal point for your area, but they also give you space to set up a display and serve dessert trays. For instance, this one, which is from Indonesia, has a spherical frame covered in rattan abaca with natural finishes making a perfect coffee table trend to pick.

13. Organic Walnut Coffee Tables

A special design that is designed to add a trendy touch to your everyday furniture to make you feel special. You may be confident that you will utilize the coffee tables made by our skilled artisans for a very long time. This is a low-riding, heavy-duty coffee table built to last! 

14. Action Coffee Table

The Action coffee table is a whimsical take on the modern accent table. Finished with a two-toned walnut veneer and white lacquer color scheme this one is one of the coolest coffee table ideas you can get inspired to get yourself.

15. Black Wood Coffee Table

Expertly crafted of solid oak wood, oak veneers, and MDF with a Smoked Black finish is also for you to opt for classy living room furniture ideas. Anchor the living room with a black coffee table. From classic wood coffee tables to contemporary marble and cement, find materials and silhouettes Modern coffee tables are the useful focal point of every relaxing room. 

16. Drum Storage Coffee Tables

Solid mango (Café, Burnt Wax, or Cerused White) or walnut veneer add a special touch to your living room giving Plenty of storage for anything you want to keep within reach but out of sight. These neatly tailored looks and timeless lines combine to create generous comfort for the living room and beyond.

17. Shadow Box Rectangular Coffee Tables

A see-through appearance The Shadow Box Coffee Table, which was inspired by a museum display box, mixes the light elegance of glass with a strong iron base in a dark metal finish. Additional storage is provided by a lower shelf.

What size should coffee tables be?

Approximately two-thirds of the length of the couch makes for the ideal length for a classic coffee table. If your sofa is 6 feet long, your coffee table should be a maximum of 4 feet. You might want to purchase a modest coffee table that is around 4 feet long if your sofa is 6 feet long, for instance.

The wooden table in the area below is an excellent illustration of how to pick the ideal size table for a living area with two sofas and two armchairs facing the TV and fireplace.

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