Wild Wonder Dulux Color of the Year 2023

Dulux announced Wild Wonder as the color of the year 2023. Wild Wonder is a warm, natural hue of yellow that unites your house with the outside world and improves your mood.

The Dulux 2023 Color of the Year’s narrative is centered on nature. The word “Wild Wonder” relates to both the sense of freedom we experience in nature and the enchantment that exists all around us (Wonder).

Speaking of Wild Wonder, Dulux, the well-known paint brand describes the color as described as “a soft gold with hints of green”. 

Wild Wonder was chosen because of its strong connection to the natural world. This, according to the company, is consistent with a global trend toward sustainability, a desire to rediscover nature, and a need to feel more grounded, especially in light of the recent time of unpredictability.

Introduction to Wild Wonder Dulux Color of the Year 2023

As the 20th year of the Dulux Color of the Year forecast approaches, trend analysts (a group of architects, authors, cultural analysts, editors, designers, and technology innovators) forecast that in 2023, our behaviors will center on balancing life and prioritizing mental and physical wellbeing, as we connect to nature in an effort to help us thrive.

The 2023 Color of the Year, which is entirely inspired by Mother Nature, is the culmination of a tremendous change in Dulux Color Forecast 2023 toward natural, neutral colors over the past 20 years.

The other colors include Lush (forest hues), Buzz (meadow brights), Raw (harvest shades), and Flow (seashore tones) – to inspire and facilitate decorating projects for every room in the home.

Introduction to Wild Wonder Dulux Color of the Year 2023

Wild Wonder also aims to represent the common pursuit of better mental health, which has taken on more significance in light of recent international occurrences like the climate catastrophe and coronavirus lockdowns.

The brand mentions “People today are looking to the wonders of the natural world to find support, connection, inspiration, and balance, according to the brand.

It went on to say that “Wild Wonder is a cheerful, natural tone that, by bringing us closer to the natural world, can make us feel better in our homes.”

“As well as understanding the value of nature more keenly, with climate change becoming a reality for all of us, we also feel the urgency of reconnecting with nature and the necessity of working with rather than against it.”

Different Color Palettes with Wild Wonder

Dulux has also made four color palettes with complementary hues available to help you select the colors that go best with Wild Wonder. These color schemes feature simple-to-apply hues that capture a variety of fashion trends.

1. Lush Color Palettes

Lush Color Palettes

Shades from gardens and woodlands are included in the Lush Color Palette. It is common knowledge that having access to nature is good for both our physical and mental well-being. And for a tranquil and happy atmosphere in your home, this lush color scheme pulls the outdoors in with lovely green shades, warm brown tones, and delicate lavender tones.

2. Raw Color Palette

Raw Color Palette

Rich natural tones can be found in the Raw Color Palette. The diversity and artistic potential of the natural world are reflected in the hues. The shades of straw, mushroom, ochre and woody brown give your house depth, warmth, and personality.

3. Buzz Color Palette

Buzz Color Palette

The natural energy and richness seen in meadows, prairies, and grasslands served as the inspiration for the hues used in the Buzz Color Palette. The color scheme includes lively hues like pink and orange that can enliven any space. The colors can be combined to create a vivid design or added as a vibrant accent in your space.

4. Flow Color Palette

Flow Color Palette

The tides, waves, and regular rhythms of the planet provide inspiration for The Flow Palette. Warm neutrals like the tones of shell, gravel, and sand will balance and calm your home. These modern and classic hues give your home a serene, natural feel.

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