Dunn-Edwards Color of the Year 2023

Terra Rosa becomes the Dunn-Edwards color of the year 2023. While brands like Dulux, Sherwin Williams, and Dutch Boy, release their color palettes and leading color of the year hues. Unquestionably, tranquil greens become more popular in 2022.

Currently, it appears that brands are realigning their predictions for upcoming color trends. Warm browns and dusty pinks are among the choices for 2023, and Dunn-Edwards, a paint company, is the most recent to reveal its choice for the Color of the Year.

Introducing Terra Roza Dunn-Edwards Color of the Year 2023

Sara McLean, a color specialist, and stylist, “took on an extensive anthropological study of color” before choosing this hue, which is influenced by contemporary fashion, lifestyle, and society.

Terra Roza is described as the scorched-earth, approachable hue to rosy pink tones and a touch of terracotta can work as a neutral background or as an accent color.

Introducing Terra Roza Dunn Edward Color of the Year 2023

We switched from examining our own habits to taking initiative, becoming independent, and relying on ourselves “says McLean.

“We’re prioritizing our health and wellbeing, scheduling time for escape, and accepting nostalgia. This manifests in daily life as an appreciation of modest pleasures.

Styling Terra Roza for Interiors

There are different ways of incorporating Terra Rozza and other color trends into your spaces. Check out our latest posts of trending paint color trends of different brands as they prepare for 2023, to explore color combinations for your spaces.

Adding Terra Rosa to bedrooms creates a sensation of coziness and warmth with its deep, rosy glow, combined with soft white linen bedding and touches of pearl embellishments. 

Terra Rosa could lend some excitement to dining areas because of how closely it resembles red, and its terracotta undertones in outdoor areas could produce a comfortable atmosphere.

It’s all about adding a little romance to life, while still recognizing the lessons we’ve learned in the past and moving on. 

While it makes a gorgeous wallpaper color for most living spaces, you can also check out different sofa design trends that will go well but the trending colors.

Add charcoal greys, brighter metals, and velvet for a nod to the 1990s and “vampire core” vibe, while going with a glossier shine for Terra Rosa, she advises. The “deeper element for a gloomy, seductive lounge vibe” of the color will be enhanced.

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