14 Living Rooms With Accent Wall Ideas for 2023

New textiles, colors, and patterns will take the forefront in 2023, living rooms with accent walls have been a major trend for this year and are anticipated to continue in the coming months. Hence, we’ve compiled the best Living Rooms With Accent Wall Ideas that will amp up your space and you will love it.

Defined as an interior or exterior wall that’s perceived as an art piece that looks like an add on the wall where you create an accent wall with paint, wallpaper, or different specific materials!

Having an accent wall represents adding depth to your living room, be it adding a new dimension or creating impact, accent walls help you get creative that talk about your personality a bit more!

If you’re confused about accent wall color inspiration, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know!

14 Living Rooms With Accent Wall Ideas 2023

Create the perfect accent wall with different materials to bold colors, you can find here Living Rooms With Accent Wall Ideas.

1. Add Some Speckles

This speckled wall from about perri is a nice alternative to polka dots and a simple way to create an accent wall. This wall’s uneven and haphazardly placed dots give it a relaxed, homey feel that works well in compact areas. Here, choose contrasting hues like black and white or grey and blue.

2. Solid Vining Ivy Hues

One of our favorite colors to use in interior design is hunter green, particularly in the living room. A wonderful alternative is an accent wall, though, as this color is really striking and can seem overwhelming in huge rooms. Large spaces that require a flash of color would benefit greatly from this stunning shiplap hunter-green wall from three birds renovations.

3. Mural Accent Walls

Is there anything more cheery than notesofcharm’s sunny mural? Filling the uncomfortable space behind your couch with a straightforward geometric painting is a terrific idea. You won’t even need to consider framed art if you choose a straightforward layout or engage a specialist to create something even more intricate.

4. Create a Focal Point

Particularly in a living room with high ceilings, an accent wall is a fantastic way to divide a room. from champagne, this wooden accent wall. If you don’t have a typical fireplace or mantel in your living room, chaos is a terrific concept. Along with framing the TV, it also establishes a focal point for the space and provides a lot of visual interest.

5. Geometric Accent Walls

A distinctive method to add texture to your living area is with this design from ourperfectingmanor. For modern, distinctive homes, we adore the geometric style since it elevates the design. Although this is a do-it-yourself project, it is undoubtedly a little more complex than some of the other accent wall ideas on our list.

6. Sunroom Accent Walls

The choice of a rich black accent wall and the abundance of windows are what we adore most about this room by Chatfieldcourt. In a living room with a wall of windows, a dark accent wall is a terrific way to create some depth and help the area feel more spacious.

7. Add layers and textures

The best accent walls can bring texture or color to a room, but this suggestion from happy home does both. Consider a DIY project to add some texture to your painted accent wall if you want to elevate the look of your accent wall. Your appearance can go from “beautiful” to “wow” with a few wood strips and glue.

8. Built-In Pop-ups

Create a wall of built-ins like this one from me Humble. Homestead to make your accent wall double as storage space. Built-in bookcases are a wonderful way to add character to any room, but painting them a striking color that contrasts with the rest of the room gives the room an even bigger impact in terms of appearance and atmosphere.

9. Playful Accent Walls

It’s a lot of fun, literally, to use this accent wall idea from Beechtree Design Co. A bright blue accent wall and a lively tic-tac-toe board game are technically two terrific accent walls in this room. If an interactive game can be made into a discreet accent wall, we think it’s a great concept.

10. Blue Hues

From loveresideshere, we adore this navy accent wall. Due to its richness, boldness, and stunning compatibility with mild, neutral colors, navy is the ideal accent wall color. Make your color palette serene, and melancholy, yet still traditional by using a navy hue.

11. Wall Arts

This neatly living geometric wall art concept is a fantastic DIY for giving your area a modern feel. To instantly add art to your living room, choose complementary hues that work well with the room’s foundational tones.

12. Add an Arch

For quirky or boho-inspired living spaces, a handpainted arch like this one from Rachelscopeland is a fantastic choice. This stunning piece of wall art instantly becomes the area’s focal point and aids in dividing a multipurpose room. For this look, we adore using a somber grey or rusty orange.

13. Segmented Living spaces

We adore accent walls like this one from visualvantage since open-concept houses are becoming more and more fashionable these days. A wide, open space can be divided into distinct living areas with the aid of the proper accent wall. As a replacement for the conventional painted accent wall, we adore this natural wood effect.

14. Color Coordinated decor

Utilizing complementary colors throughout the rest of the room is one method to keep an accent wall from feeling out of place. This gorgeous living room from wineanddesignme has an accent wall with a light orange tint that blends in well with the other accents used throughout the room.

Which wall should be the accent wall in a living room?

The key to picking the right wall for the accent is to decide the key elements that exist in your room. In front of the door, the first wall you see is the feature wall.

Choose the wall that faces you as you enter the room so that it has the greatest impact; this is the wall that people’s eyes will naturally go toward first. This is frequently the case because the fireplace serves as its own focal point.

When choosing your accent wall, be deliberate. An accent wall, particularly one with texture, can be useful in rooms lacking an architectural element.

You can also use a wall of windows as your accent wall, but keep in mind that a dark accent color next to windows can provide a brilliant light effect and overpower the space.

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