Minted Art Review 2023: Unique Art & Home Decor

Minted Art has become one of my favorite places to buy prints and art pieces. With a wide variety of art, stationery, and aesthetic pieces, it also encourages greeting card artists to enter contests to sell their designs.

With costs to match, Minted’s goods have the opulent appearance and feel of luxury stationery. However, the software’s limitations prevent any room for individual inventiveness.

Therefore, I decided to spend some time reading what 2k+ consumers had to say about all of the prints offered by Minted, describe their benefits and (mainly) drawbacks, and add my own experience with Minted in this review post.

What Is Minted Art?

Minted is a distinctive, carefully chosen website that showcases the creations of independent artists from all around the world. But because it only displays the work of successful artists, Minted stands apart from other art websites.

Now and again, Minted hosts international art competitions that are free to enter. Each week, receives more than 2,000 new designs. The designs created by the artists can then be judged by anyone (including you).

The next best-seller is essentially predicted by this company using consumer voting! Consequently, you can be sure that the designs will be outstanding.

What does it sell?

These are the key list of products other than greeting cards & gifting items.

1. Art Prints

Minted is a unique, curated site that features the work of independent artists from around the world. Regular art competitions are held by Minted and are accessible to everyone worldwide. Each week, more than 2,000 designs are posted to Then anyone can serve as a judge and grade the designs created by the artists, including you.

2. Canvas Prints

The quality of the canvas prints caught my attention. It is stretched across a strong wooden frame and has such a lovely, high-quality, textured canvas. Compared to a framed image, they are considerably lighter, making them simple to mount on walls without making holes. It looks wonderful! I just put this canvas artwork on a brick wall with Command picture hanging strips from Amazon.

3. Art by Independent Artists

From this list, pick an artist who is willing to accept a commission.

  • Press the “Request Commissioned Art” button.
  • Fill out a brief form.
  • A 50% down payment of the total price will be required by Minted after you and the artist agree on a price.
  • once you accept the finished picture

4. Framed Art

There are 17 frames available, with 4 different finishes, and 13 different sizes. And the quality is pretty impressive. I purchased four images that were framed in four different kinds of frames, and each one looked fantastic.

There are 4 framing choices:

  • Float Mounted
  • Matted
  • Full Bleed (Standard)
  • White Border

Are Minted Prices Good for the Quality?

You could discover that Minted’s prints are a little more expensive than those from other e-commerce companies if you compare the costs of art prints online.

However, the prints are all limited editions and are of exceptionally high quality. The value of limited edition art prints often rises over time, making them a wise investment.

Why Choose Minted?

The variety of reasons, I am absolutely in love with their products for two reasons:

1. Utilization simplicity

Minted offers a speedy workflow because its software is so constrained in what it can achieve. The calendar program did, however, have a reported but unfixed bug at the time I was evaluating the service.

2. Artistic Grace

The design of Minted’s templates is credited to independent artists. The good selection of cards and calendars caught my attention because many of them are gorgeous and pretty fashionable. The fact that Minted prohibits customers from altering their designs makes sense, yet I still found that to be annoying. 

Explore the best collections of Minted here: 

Everything Changes

A beautiful day in the city served as inspiration for Everything Changes. I made an effort to include every shade of yellow and brown that was visible in the city’s structures. Warmth is added to the setting by the use of the peach and creamy color scheme. The light blue elements contrast with the golden orange and mustard shapes to create a distinctive modern composition.

Up Down and Back Around 

His artwork is produced by a single, uninterrupted brushstroke that guides your gaze across the painting. Every viewer will have a different perception of straightforward geometric shapes. I believe there is a certain charm in the fact that it allows each person to claim the artwork as their own. This piece is one of three with the same striking color scheme that can be shown together or separately.

Plant Cell

Another intricate world is waiting for them deep inside their cells. The artist wanted to use lines to represent this microscopic plant life. Watercolor paint’s organic makeup causes it to divide and recombine as it flows through the water, evolving much like living cells.

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