17 Popular Bedroom Paint Color Trends for 2023

Who doesn’t want to enter a bedroom space that has warm, happy, and inviting colors in its living space? I bet everybody.

Paint colors play a vital role in making or breaking the mood of any interior space. hence, choosing what colors to pick can be a tricking job at some point.

Keeping in mind the fact bedroom is a space where you start your mornings and end your days, it is advised to choose popular bedroom paint color trends that keep you calm and happy!

Whether you want something bold and bright, neutral, or dark and moody, we’ve laid out tons of designer-approved bedroom paint color trends that will lift your mood instantly.

Popular Bedroom Paint Color Trends for 2023

These stunning bedroom paint color trends will avoid you from feeling claustrophobic and will instantly refresh your mind!

1. Amethyst Purple

A deep hue of royal purple on an accent wall, like Krsnaa Mehta did here, will help absorb light while still giving a strong personality to a space that is overly bright. Window curtains will make a bedroom comfier for leisurely morning sleep-ins.

2. Barbie Pink

Outrageous? Not at all. A bold option is the color bubblegum pink. It emphasizes youthful energy to counterbalance the conventional elements, such as the dresser, and the small floral patterns, in this bedroom by Anna Spiro.

3. Deep Blue

For a well-balanced bedroom, paint the walls a rich, deep hue of navy, punctuating the depth with touches of clean white and vivid bedding. Mally Skok’s colorful designs in this area add a lighthearted touch by striking a pleasing contrast with the deep blue walls.

4. Peach Pink

In this instance, the studded border provides a hint of mystique while blending seamlessly with the beige-peach tone behind it for a classic appearance with a radiant red accent to add a feminine touch bringing out a warm essence.

5. Vanilla Cream

Choose warm-out creams or layers of soft, smoky greys if you think that clean, all-white spaces are too stark but still appreciate the look and feel of light neutrals. The effects are modest, subdued, and edgy at the same time.

6. Light Gray

An ultra-pale shade of subtle gray flatters the green and indigo tones in this bedroom designed by Jean Liu. Opt for a similar shade if you’re looking for a subtle neutral that’ll be a little less jarring on the eyes than a bright white.

7. Cobalt Blue

Making a powerful statement is easy with high gloss paints. The rich, liquid sheen of the finish bounces light throughout a dark area in this bedroom created by decorator Alisa Bloom. She painted the entire bedroom Hollandlac Brilliant, Delft Blue 4003 by Fine Paints of Europe.

8. Coral

Coral is the only substance that truly exudes delight (as far as paint colors are concerned, at least). While the darker grey trim in this bedroom by Nicky Kehoe echoes the cooler neutrals in the bedding and furnishings, it picks up the brilliant tones in the gallery wall. In direct light, it seems brighter, whereas in dim or indirect light, it mimics the more subdued color of terra cotta.

9. Illuminating Yellow

At each stage of the decorating process, it is a good idea to refer to the color wheel. Knowing which colors go well together will make everything simpler, from coming up with ideas to shopping and, of course, adjusting to the finished product.

10. Verdant Green

This J. P. Horton-designed bedroom is perfect for the summer getaway house of our dreams thanks to its matching retro-style crocheted coverlet and somewhat more pistachio-hued upholstery headboard. The traditional landscape painting and the warm wood side chair anchor the room and complement the mint green color well.

11. Terracotta

A big, bold work of art serves to contrast the room’s gloomy hue. Even though brown isn’t the most obvious paint color to use when designing a bedroom, this cozy nook makes a compelling argument in favor of it. Its unexpectedness makes it ideal for anyone who enjoys playing with color but doesn’t adore vivid neons and whimsical pastels.

12. Matte Marine

It’s also a fantastic choice and lends a gentler feel to using that brooding sea color matte. The room’s ceiling was also covered in color by Studio Shamshiri.

13. Soft Black

While brilliant whites and fresh, light colors come to mind when trying to enlarge a tiny room, there is also a compelling argument for going darker. In fact, it is recognized that murkier tones enhance smaller spaces. Not to mention, it creates a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. This bedroom’s velvety black paint tone creates a particular, cozy atmosphere that would be impossible to replicate with a lighter color.

14. Apricot

The striking black and white wall art in this Scandinavian studio contrast with the peachy apricot walls. The jute rug and oat-colored linen bedding, however, mirror that gentleness once again. Additionally, for an unexpected contrast, blush pink works well with shades of steel blue and even brilliant red.

15. Red Lacquer

This is a stunning bedroom by Brian J. McCarthy and has realistic goals. It is vibrant yet serene, daring yet classic. Stick to a limited two-color scheme, painting your walls a show-stopping extremely high gloss and your ceiling a flat white for a similar impact. The unexpected flash of color is both warm and stylish, and the finish feels modern for a guest room, according to him.

16. Sage Green

Instead of painting your bedroom walls, do like the design team at 2LG Studio did and add a striking ceiling. The eye is drawn up, which keeps things intriguing. It’s also a beautiful hue of sage green that’s at once peaceful, grounded, and fun.

17. Violet Grey

Although purple and black don’t seem like the most apparent pairing for a sophisticated, restful bedroom, they actually complement each other beautifully here. Kingston Lafferty Design used a dusty, grey-purple tone to highlight the purple elements in the shelf and bedding and then played up the cooler undertones with sharper, blacker metal accents.

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