Melt Water Sico Color of the Year 2023

Sico announced Melt Water (6156-63) as the color of the year 2023, a paint brand that represents customers’ demand for stability in an unsteady world represented by the bright, calming blue-green color.

As the outside world struggles with escalating unpredictability, Canadians crave more tranquility and stability inside their homes. 

The SICOTM paint brand by PPG Paints Color Forecast decided to make Melt Water Sico Color of the Year 2023 as a result of this trend. 

Melt Water is a grounded, energizing teal that combines the calming effects of water and nature with harmony and peace.

About Melt Water Sico Color of the Year 2023

Melt Water is a powerful and refined bluish-greenish tone that combines a strong blue and a soothing green to produce a compelling color that is a representation of deep water. 

Its versatile blue-jeweled tint creates a calm, quiet atmosphere in places, and its emerald undertones arouse emotions of harmony. 

Together, these two undertones produce an ultra-rich, ultra-trendy color that works well with modern designs or gives a chic pop of color to traditional decor.

Melt Water Sico color of the year 2023

According to Martin Fuchs, senior marketing manager for PPG’s Sico paint brand, “on the other side of the epidemic, people are looking for a mental reset and want to infuse their homes with energizing colors that help give them a lift as well as a refuge in today’s unpredictable world.

“Melt Water does exactly that with its invigorating.

Deep greenish-gray, forest green, subdued terracotta, and coppery brown tones are a few of the other well-liked 2023 paint colors the Sico paint brand has introduced.

They are all equally striking and calming. Melt Water pairs wonderfully with the following brand colors: Faux Leather (6068-83), Boreal Forest (6167-83), Brown Tobacco (6189-52), and Ancient Lava (6208-73).

Sico Color of the Year 2023

In the recently released SICO PRESTIGETM paint, which Fuchs referred to as one of the brand’s best paints ever, all of Sico Paint’s 2023 colors are one-coat paint colors. 

The innovative, very resilient interior paint-plus-primer is made to maximize color and quality while requiring the least amount of work to apply and maintain the paint. 

The Sico Super Premium Exterior paint in one-coat protection is also offered for the palette.

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