Valspar Color of the Year 2023

Valspar color of the year 2023 will introduce a refreshing hue to your existing decor. According to a press statement from the firm, the paint manufacturer has unveiled a 12-shade collection that symbolizes “comfort, acceptance, and joy.”

A “particular feature or feeling of life” that is related to the home was taken into consideration by Valspar color specialists while creating the color palette, which includes everything from muted hues, like creamy white and soft brown, and Earth tones, like blue and green. 

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The great outdoors also played a significant role: “By turning to nature-inspired design, this year’s collection is all about finding new comfort, embracing a flexible lifestyle, rediscovering joy, and leaning into the booming DIY movement,” the company’s statement stated.

Valspar Color of the Year 2023

Valspar paint color palette for 2023 is listed below:

  1. Everglade Deck 5011-3
  2. Green Trellis 5006-3C
  3. Ivory Brown 6006-1C
  4. Desert Carnation 2005-7C
  5. Holmes Cream 3004-10B
  6. Cozy White 3008-10C
  7. Gentle Violet 4002-3A
  8. Villa Grey 6005-1B
  9. Flora 5004-2C
  10. Southern Road 1006-9C
  11. Blue Arrow 5001-3C
  12. Rising Tide 6005-1B

1. Everglade Deck

You have a chance to recover and relax in peace with the help of deep, dark colors like Everglade Deck. Put this hue to use in your bathroom, media area, or home office.

2. Green Trellis 

This color, which the Valspar team associates with the word “calm,” is more upbeat than sage and olive while still being serene. Consider installing it in a playroom or in a shed.

3. Ivory Brown 

This color gives any space an earthy feel by drawing influence from nature. Use it on the walls or cabinets in the living room.

4. Desert Carnation

This rusty tone, which is inviting and warm, was inspired by the inspiration itself. It’s a wonderful option for creative spaces, offices, or cozy nooks.

5. Holmes Cream 

Holmes Cream is a warm tone that promotes happiness and warmth. It is more inviting than a beige while yet being trustworthy. It excels in a den or front entryway.

6. Cozy White

Cozy White is not icy, but it is bright and refreshing, and it was chosen with the term “comfort” in mind. Try it in your living room or bedroom.

7. Gentle Violet 

Connection” served as the inspiration for choosing Gentle Violet, a delicate, barely-there lavender. It would look beautiful in a playroom or dining room.

8. Villa Grey 

Due to its undertones, this grey is cold yet still has a subtle yellow tint. It was chosen by Valspar because it promotes mindfulness. It’s ideal for a bedroom or guest bathroom.

9. Flora

Embodying “thoughtfulness” with muted green, is a perfect elevated yet toned-down color, ideal for intimate spaces.

10. Southern Road 

This clay color is saturated but not overly aggressive; it is not quite neutral but still serves as a solid anchor. This color would look great in living and dining areas.

11. Blue Arrow 

Blue has a very balanced quality, which is why this specific shade was selected. It’s a breath of fresh air for both principal bedrooms and baths as well as exteriors.

12. Rising Tide 

This color represents health and is a relaxing light blue. Like a pastel, the hue is serene and fun. It would look wonderful in bathrooms or living spaces.


The “restorative” colors dominate the whole collection, according to the Valspar team. Consider the above-shown Valspar Holmes Cream 3004-10B as an illustration. 

“The influence of the Japandi style contrasts clean lines and rustic materials at home—woven elements add interest to the natural palette, and natural materials soften this simple aesthetic, mentions Kim on styling Valspar color-inspired interiors.

The golden undertone, “dependable” nature, and “uplifting aspects” of this color are intended to symbolize joy. However, Flora 5004-2C, shown in the image below, has more depth and a lot of “charm and sophistication.”

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