Lingerie Capsule Wardrobe Complete Guide 2023

Build with Lingerie Capsule Wardrobe with these lingerie essentials that every girl needs. Be a lingerie enthusiast or not, here’s everything you need to know about getting your perfect lingerie.

There is always a set of lingerie that you can’t do without, hence it’s always ideal to have a mini Lingerie Capsule Wardrobe that consists of all crucial lingerie essentials that can last you the longest.

You might have heard fashion influencers talking about how important is to wear the right innerwear.

Since there is a variety of lingerie available in the market, it’s easy to get confused in choosing which ones are the most appropriate.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the benefits of having a lingerie wardrobe and how you can have one without spending much!

What is a Lingerie Capsule wardrobe?

A Lingerie Capsule Wardrobe is a collection of basic lingerie essentials that can be used on a regular basis and they’re versatile enough to be worn under most of your current outfits.

It is a crucial addition to your capsule wardrobe, hence everybody should consider having one.

Check out how to create a budget-friendly Capsule Wardrobe and how a good set of lingerie can save so much of your time.

Why Should you Have a Lingerie Capsule Wardrobe?

There are many benefits of having a Lingerie Capsule Wardrobe, here’s to point a few of those reasons:

  • You have the right innerwear for every outfit you wear.
  • You don’t have to hoard many pieces, pocket-friendly and sustainable.
  • You don’t need to spend excessive hours shopping for different occasions, saves time.
  • You always invest in sustainable long-lasting pieces.
  • Since you’ll wear the right innerwear, it will help you build the right posture and get you more confident.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing and Buying Lingerie

If your lingerie is uncomfortable, fuzzy, and doesn’t make you feel your best, it’s time for you to know the steps of wearing the right bra. 

Wearing and buying the right lingerie is the most essential step you need to consider. Here are basic guides of do’s and don’t to keep in mind before shopping for lingerie:


  • Wearing the right size. This can be done by getting yourself measured or measuring yourself.
  • Quality over quantity as the motive is to pick good quality sustainable pieces that last long.
  • You should be in love with your lingerie. Wearing them should make you feel your best.
  • Express your individuality, and pick pieces that feel more aligned with your personality as choosing lingerie is very personal and can differ.
  • Always try the lingerie before buying it. The look and feel of the fabric are something to be noted.
  • Hand washes them if possible.


  • Wearing the wrong size.
  • Get confused about quality with cost, always check the composition of the fabric.
  • Never stress about your size if it’s big or small, own it and wear the best of the options available.
  • Wearing your bra incorrectly. 
  • Stick your lingerie in the dryer of the washing machine.

How to Measure the Right Bra Size?

It is always preferred to get yourself measured if you haven’t done it yourself yet. Most lingerie retail stores have the privilege to get yourself measured properly as they have experts who assist you with all your requirements.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while measuring your size perfectly:

  • Soft measuring tape 
  • Mirror 
  • Your best-fitting non-padded bra with underwire
  • Basic Calculator

These are the steps to measure yourself in the right way:

STEP 1: Determine your Band measurement

STEP 1: Determine your Band measurement

Calculate the circumference under your bust area. This is mostly the area around your rib cage. Make sure that your measuring tape is parallel to ground level for maximum accuracy.

STEP 2: Measure your Bust Size

STEP 2: Measure your Bust Size

Measure the fullest part of your bust. It is ideal to take the help of your friend or use a mirror for the best measurements. Even if the count comes to an odd, keep it round to the nearest even number and the same follows if there’s any fraction added.

STEP 3: Calculate your Cup Size

Using Band and bust size, you can calculate your Cup size by subtracting your band measurement from your bust measurement, when you get the substracted number, calculate the alphabet by using the size chart mentioned below.

6 Lingerie Essentials You Need in Your Closet 

  • Neutral Bras
  • Plunge Bras
  • Strapless Bras
  • Multifunctional Bras
  • Briefs & Panties
  • Shapewear

1. Neutral Bras

Neutral bras refer to basic bras in black, beige, and white. Since these colors are basic colors you can always keep these as your go-to bras as they look great with t-shirts and various tops. Also, T-shirt bras are the most comfortable and best for regular use.

Different types of bras go with every outfit for more styling references.

2. Plunge Bras

If you wear outfits that have a deep neckline, it is ideal to keep a Beige and a black plunge bra, you can also add one of your favorite colors as a backup. They look sexy and glamorous, perfect for parties and occasions.

3. Strapless Bras

Strapless bras are another go-to bra if you’re into tube tops and strapless tops and find these comfortable. Beige is the most preferred color out of all as it can be the most versatile piece you’ll ever have!

4. Multifunctional Bras

Multifunctional bras have detachable straps that can be worn in multiple ways. They are versatile, comfortable, and can again be used for regular use. A Black, Beige, and one in color always work. If you’re into workouts or the gym, a sports bra can replace this.

5. Briefs & Panties

Opt for seamless panties and briefs as they are undetectable under tight-fitted pants. Neutral colors like black and beige again goes long way, but add a few dark colors for seamless panties as they’ll be handy too.

6. Shapewear

Comfortable shapewear can help you look gorgeous in any tight-fitted dress you wear as it reduces all the extra bulges making you look flattering. These are mostly preferred in Beige color. Make sure the fabric is of good quality and is a seamless option.

If picking up these lingerie basics confuse you, there are a variety of clothing subscription boxes that help you with the right lingerie.

How many pairs of lingerie should I own?

It is mentioned by experts that one must own at least 8-10 bras in total to cater to all occasions. For panties and briefs, the numbers can increase to 15-20, while keeping a few handy for days when you are menstruating and you don’t want to ruin your best panties.

How should you wash bras & bralettes?

Machine washing of lingeries is not considered appropriate, it is always a good idea to hand wash your lingeries gently in cold water so that the colors look as vibrant as when they were bought. That way, they’ll be more long-lasting.


Lingerie plays a vital role in creating a Capsule wardrobe. One must always pay attention to the fabric and composition, making more sustainable choices.

Whether you are a lingerie enthusiast or choose to be basic in choosing your lingerie, this is all you need to remember before creating your Lingerie Capsule Wardrobe.

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