35 Types of Bra Explained Every Woman should know about

Wearing the right bra is not only necessary for the outfits we wear but is also important for our skin. There are plenty of types of bras we find in showrooms but wearing the right size, well, always helps in getting the right shape enhancing the whole look altogether.

From being a teenager to creating our bridal trousseau we need bras for every damn occasion! There might be outfits that we just skip wearing either because we don’t have the right bra or because we don’t know what to wear inside. 

Types of Bra Every Woman should know about 

Discussing the best types of bras hence seems like quite an important issue as we must know the major types of bras that exist and the types of bras that we need.

1. Push-Up Bra

Commonly known as lift-up bras have a specific mission! To push your breasts upwards and bring them closer to bring proper shape, obviously that you’ll love. They come with padding or without padding based on different consumers, but padded push-up bras are a woman’s favorite! Although any top or dress looks good with the shape that Push-up bras provide, it looks the best with fitted tops or deeper ones.

2. Padded Bra

Every girl should own a Padded Bra no matter what. The main idea to wear a Padded Bra is that it hides your nipples showing through your bra and gives that perfect shape you can wear daily. The best part is these Padded bras have variations in necklines that can help you wear different tops, blouses, and dresses. The best part is any woman of any age can wear this one and they come in handy during casual outings. These are the basic types of bras that every woman must own.

3. T-shirt bra

Another bra staple is a T-shirt bra, keep this one with you ladies, you’ll thank me later I’m sure! They are seamless, meaning no visible bra lines are showing above your top and give you better support. Always prefer light or medium padding.

4. Convertible Bra

As the name says, Convertible bras are multipurpose. You can play along with straps, single straps, two steps, crossed straps, strapless, it can switch from one to another in no seconds. These are the basic types of bras that every woman must own. The key is the detachable straps that it comes with. They provide you with different hooks at different positions for you to play with according to your requirements. Hence, you can never get bored of the same bra!

5. Sports Bra

We need a sports bra if you’re a person who loves to work out, dance a bit, or do anything that involves physical activity, Sports bra comes into play. They are sometimes wired or non-wired, which you can choose accordingly. You get the best support, comfort, and full coverage which helps you stay away from those cleavage stares. There are a lot of Sports bra types such as Padded Sports Bras, compression or encapsulation Sports Bras, pull-over, or back-clasp Sports Bras.

6. Strapless Bra

Often we get upset while seeing a strapless top or a dress wondering how to wear them, this is the answer. Off shoulders and Tube tops work best with strapless bra undoubtedly. Yes, it won’t fall off so do not worry about that!

7. Bra with transparent straps

Well, sort of strapless bras is the one with transparent straps in case you feel that your bra might loosen or fall off, you can consider these bras with transparent straps. It has straps but is transparent so even if you wear an off-shoulder top or dress, you’re good to go.

8. Balcony Bra

A balcony bra is a three-fourth coverage bra with wider straps and is also called a half-cup bra. It also comes with padding and push-up in-built. You get a contoured shape and no visible straps and cleavage area.

9. Lace Bra

You might want to look hot and sexy for your partner which makes lace bras the best option to wear on occasions. It doesn’t have much of a purpose but helps you feel sexy about yourself, well that’s a need too!

10. Seamless Bra

You might feel uncomfortable when your bra lines see through your tops or dresses, you can prefer to wear seamless bras in that case. The best part is you can buy the one which looks like a cropped length and wears like a crop top. These are the basic types of bras that every woman must own.

11. Bralette

Bralettes fall somewhere between a bra and a crop top, you can wear them both ways. Some women have sensitive skin who tend to get rashes wearing bras for a longer period, in that case, you can try bralettes.

12. Beginner’s Bra

Also called Training bras, this bra is for the teenagers who have just started growing to their adulthood, teenage bras help them to start them off their journey. They are seamless, comfortable and features are designed very teen-friendly as they can carry it easily. You can just give a push-up bra to a 13-year-old kid!

13. Plunge Bra

Also called Training bras, this bra is for the teenagers who have just started growing to their adulthood, teenage bras help them to start them off their journey. They are seamless, comfortable and features are designed very teen-friendly as they can carry it easily. You can just give a push-up bra to a 13-year-old kid!

14. Underwired Bra

Underwired Bra has an inner wire framed under the breast to give enough support and maintain the shape of the breasts. It works for women who have larger breasts. Besides it also provides better lift making your look even more seamless.

15. Stick-on Bra

Stick-on bras are the adhesive sticky bras that come in handy when you have an outfit that is strapless and backless at the same time and we land up being confused about what to wear inside. Sometimes wearing the wrong also tends to cause back pain which is solved by this.

16. Wireless Bra

Wireless Bra is less structured in comparison to the above bras but falls quite comfortably on your skin as it doesn’t have the underwire which is mostly there to give enough shape and structure. If you have bigger breasts you probably don’t need to wear underwired bras as it lifts your breasts.

17. Maternity Bra

Maternity Bras are designed to keep your breasts in shape when you’re doing through pregnancy as your body goes through a lot of changes externally as well, you need a bra that comforts your breasts keeping them in shape as well. Wider straps, extra hoops are provided to bear the change in size that occurs during pregnancy. It also has a detachable flap open specially designed for breastfeeding.

18. Minimizer Bra

Minimizer Bras are designed to not only give your breasts a shape but to maintain your size. It comes in handy for a woman who has fuller breasts and they wish their breasts to look smaller, hence the name “Minimizer”

19. Cage Bra

Cage Bras have additional laces and straps that not only make you look sexier but add much design quotient to it. If you want to wear a top that you wish your bra straps visible beautifully, you can wear cage bras. They help you show a sexy cleavage by giving you support as well.

20. Cami Bra

Cami Bras are camisole-inspired bras that give you full support, great coverage with higher necklines. They seldom look like crop tops and sports bras too. It provides the utmost comfort too. These are the basic types of bras that every woman must own. They come with different necklines and lengths specially designed to wear under tops that are too sheer to wear alone with a bra.

21. Longline Bra

Long Line Bra looks somewhat like a sports bra with a broader band and waist-enhancing features. Mostly used for Yoga and Zumba sessions, they have covered necklines providing extra support to the women.

22. Halter Neck Bra

Halter Neck Bras mostly look like bikini bras that have a tie-up detail behind the neck rather than having normal straps. Women also wear a halter neck when they need to wear a backless bra but don’t prefer wearing backless or stick-on bras. You can wear them as crop tops as a few of them also come up with pretty lace details.

23. Bandeau Bra

Bandeau Bras are easy to wear, strapless, and easy to slip on into it. They have a bow tie detail as their necklines and look pretty fancy when worn. They also have pockets to insert or remove pads and are also used as a replacement for strapless bras.

24. Racerback Bra

Racerback Bras are a specific type of sports bra with a cross-back strap to give extra support for women with heavier busts. It also prevents slipping of bra straps, and for the ones wearing tank tops, Racerback bras give extra coverage in addition to support.

25. Front Open Bra

Front Open Bras have locking hooks in the front. How many of us struggle to get our hooks clasped perfectly? I’m sure not much, hence the front open bra comes a lot handy reducing all our struggles of clasping hooks.

26. Demi Bra

Demi Bras are great to uplift your everyday look as it helps elevate your bust shape. Besides, quite comparable to balcony bras, it naturally creates an additional cleavage-enhancing your shape as well. Demi bras prove to be best for small-busted women.

27. Blouse Bra

Blouse bras are ones you wear under a blouse. It gives your busts full support providing full coverage. It functions comfortably for women above 40+ years keeping in note of the coverage and supports it provides.

28. Non-Padded Bra

Non-Padded Bras are comfortable if you just want to lounge at your home but they won’t give you as much shape and crispiness as padded bras give. Sometimes without padding, your busts might tend to look a bit saggy and there might be instances of visibility of nipples. Hence it is most preferable to wear loungewear or at home. Again it’s good for teenage girls who’ve just started wearing bras as it gives enough shape and support.

29. Non-Wired Bra

Non-wired bras can be optional to wear. Underwires are set rigid under your bust zone to give you a crisp curve and support to fuller breasts but wearing them too often might not be the best choice. Non-wired bras are soft, made of fabric with no rigid support, and can also lead to sagging for a heavy chest. It’s hence preferable for the smaller chest as they need less wired support as compared to heavy busts.

30. Full-Coverage Bra

Full Coverage bras as the name suggest have a high neckline that covers the maximum part of your breast tissues. Although full coverage bras are specifically meat for heavier busted women, even small-busted women can wear them and feel equally comfortable and sexy, it’s your personal preference!

31. Backless Bra

Backless Bras come with a transparent strap at the back so that it’s comfortable to wear backless tops and dresses. It’s meant for women who are not comfortable wearing stick ones. It’s much safer as there are very few chances of backless bras slipping off as compared to a stick-on bra.

32. Built-in Bra

Built-in bras are Camisoles or crop tops that have attached bra inserted underneath to cancel out the hassle of wearing another bra. They’re lightweight and very comfortable and you can wear them anytime anywhere! We also can get these not only in camisoles but sports bras tops and t-shirts. You must wear one such bra for sure!

33. Post Surgery Bra

Post Surgery bras come into the scene when the wearer has gone through any surgery for breast cancer etc. The regular bra straps and cups feel uncomfortable to the wearer as they are designed to enhance the look and feel of the breast shape. Hence the post-surgery bras are ultra-soft on the skin, not much tight on the skin that helps to heal the skin that has gone through any such treatment.

34. Bridal Bra

Bridal bras are also called collection bras which consist of bras and lingeries specially designed for honeymoon purposes. They look extra pretty and sexy which is meant for the instant lift-in look and feel of the person who wears them. You would mostly get tones of red, pink, magentas, peaches for these collection bras.

35. Bullet Bra

Bullet Bras are the ones that although are flexible to be worn under any dresses or tops but have a cone-like structure in the front. Coming from the 19th century, Bullet bras are less preferred due to the shape that it offers.

Which Bra is the Best for Daily Use?

Always keep a T-shirt bra, strapless, and a multipurpose bra for your daily/regular use. They are comfortable and add a decent shape to your busts making your posture even better and helping to build your confidence.

Well, these were the top 35 types of bras that we, as women must know and there are a huge lot of brands selling the best bras in the market, consider buying one from those as well!

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