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10 Types of Panties Every Woman Should Know

As women, wearing the right undergarment underneath any of our favorite outfits is the number one priority. While we have different types of Panties available in the market, we tend to restrict ourselves to wearing a few.

When we choose the right bras to go with every outfit, we must also consider wearing the right underwear inside to avoid showing panty lines.

To be able to choose the right ones, one must know the different types of underwear a woman must have in her closet to get going for any occasion.

Check out the Different Types of Bras your closet must-have, as they make a crucial part of undergarments too.

In this blog, we’re breaking down the different types of Panties, styles to know, and how to wear them.

Types of Panties Every Woman Should Know

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1. Hipsters

Hipster panties are women’s undergarments that fall in between boyshorts and bikinis. As the name suggests they provide maximum coverage around the hips and the abdominal area. Very close to classic briefs, hipsters are also created for regular use hence are very comfortable.

2. Boyshorts

Very close to Boxers Briefs, are Boyshorts with maximum coverage on the front and the back. Many of them replicate men’s briefs complete with fly and contrast trim but are usually low cut. Women also wear boyshorts as a resemblance to tight if they wear skirt and flowy skirts.

3. Thongs

Things are a type of Tangas that includes G-Strings, T-front, and Thongs. They are mostly triangular pieces of fabric followed by a single strip towards the back giving the least coverage to the buttocks. Even if they look a little comfortable, experts mention that it can only get uncomfortable if the size is small.

4. Bikinis

Bikinis start low waist, sit at hip level, and have lesser coverage than hipsters, and have a higher side cut as well. They have higher side cuts yet provide coverage at the back. They also come in sets with bras which make absolute ideal pieces to wear and beaches. 

5. Brazilian

Brazilian Panties are halfway between Bikinis and Thongs. They are cheeky in the rear end, providing full coverage from all ends, and still, look sensuous as usual. You can get a perfect blend of style and comfort with added lace detailing that comes in various colors.

6. Classic Briefs

Classic Briefs are the basic types of panties every woman owns, in fact, a few of them that could be worn every day. They are made to accentuate your waistlines providing ease and comfort to your regular day. Invest in a few neutral colors for daily use.

7. G-Strings

G-Strings have the least of the fabrics from all the other types of panties we’ve spoken about so far. It consists of a triangular piece covered in front with a thong back. You can wear them under most revealing outs, skinny jeans, bodycon dress and also during roleplays.

8. Seamless Briefs

Seamless Briefs are one of the most favorites amongst all women. They help you achieve the desired “invisible” look as it shows no lines through your dresses. Get yourself the best pairs of blacks, beiges, and lacy ones for different occasions.

9. Tap Pants

Tap Pants are panties that have slits up the sides that replicate French knickers, also called Side-Cut Shorts as they have the most coverage, loose and flowy fitted. These are also ideal for sleeping purposes. The various kinds of tap pants include Silk, Sheer, Cotton, Cheeky, etc. In other words, these are the women’s version of Man boxers.

10. Butt Lifter

These are fir firmer panties than any of the above. Butt Lifters help create voluminous buttocks giving it a firm and ideal round look to rock any outfit you want. They have extra paddings and cut-out holes on the button for extra lift and emphasis. 

Now that you know various types of Panties that one must own, which one do you think was your favorite? In my opinion, Seamless Panties are something I swear by, they’re comfortable, breathable, and have invisible panty lines making it an ideal product to be worn for regular use.

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Panties Buying Guide:

1. Remember your Body Type

Make sure of your dimensions, modesty levels that will eventually decide how much coverage you want. Choose a panty that has a balancing elasticity, so that it is not too tight too loose. If you’re an hourglass, you can choose high-waisted, seamless briefs while Hipsters can work great for curvy women.

2. Choice of Fabric

Choose fabrics that are easy to clean and are sustainable on end. Cotton, Cotton blends with Raon, Polyester, Modal, Viscose are soft on the skin. Check the best underwear fabric to try on. It talks about all the sustainable underwear materials so check them out. 

3. Brand Sizes & Return Policy

Different brands measures sizes in a varied manner, one size in a brand might be a different number in another brand, so research and get yourself measured in a physical store. Also, they might allow you to try, be very clear of the exchange and return policy, though most brands don’t return undergarments.

Subscription boxes help you with getting new products according to your preferences since wearing the same underwear repeatedly requires constant switching as it ends with chemical residue on the panty which gets harmful for vaginal health. 

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