11 Ways to Wear Flared Jeans for Everyday Style

The one jeans trend that’s not going to stop in the coming months is flared jeans for Everyday Style. The runways at Victoria Beckham and Balmain showed off everything from bootcut types to conventional flares and loose, wide-leg styles, proving that the retro silhouette is very much back in trend.

This season, they felt refreshingly current and cool. Summing up 11 ways to wear flared jeans to rock everyday casuals.

Making a classic comeback which was trendy in the 2000s making its way back to mainstream fashion.

While flares aren’t as popular right now as wide-leg and straight-leg jeans, if you follow fashion, you already know they’re on the way.

We predict that in the upcoming seasons, low-rise flares will be quite popular because they were popular in the 2000s and everything from the year 2000 is back. Check out the y2k trends that are on their boom to find outfit inspirations.

1. With Tank Tops

Timeless tank tops are perfect for go-to day events, whether you choose neutrals like chocolate, apricot, almonds, blacks, and creams, you can also choose bold hues to keep the outfit subtle yet trendy.

The simplest, most obvious way to wear flared jeans is with a crop tank top. Due to its huge popularity this year, you’ll see this combination a lot in this post.

2. White T-shirts

Be the first in your buddy group to rock these adorably cute low-rise jeans since they are once again all the rage. These are great for those Y2K sentiments because they were made in the late 1990s and early 2000s. An everyday fit amped up with chain necklaces can be an easy Friday dressing outfit as well.

3. Knits and Sweats

The season of getting coy is around the corner and warm knits are all we need. Undoubtedly these flared jeans can be styled with anything, as they are the most flexible jeans every woman loves from tomboy grunge to soft feminine, these denim can pull off any aesthetic that exists!

4. Denim Jackets

One of the overused style tips yet very relevant is styling these flared jeans with denim jacket layers on top, tank tops, or sweatshirts depending on the season making a perfect day out outfit with our girlfriends where the memo is to look and feel effortless.

5. Monotone Tops

If you’re planning to style flared jeans at work, a perfect outfit idea would be to pick a v-neck blouson creating a monochromatic look that elongates your silhouette adding an effortlessly chic aesthetic to rock at work.

6. Pastel shirts

A timeless white button-down tucked into flared denim is always a good choice. Elegant and timeless. Baby pinks, peaches, and powder blues are ideal colors to pick for a perfect summer workday completing the look with neutral footwear and accessories.

7. Warm Fall fits

Put on a lovely warm chunky sweater and tuck a Western-style boot directly under your flared leg. The ensemble is timeless and appropriate for almost any situation.

Simply pull on a soft, baggy sweater and slip it halfway into your jeans. Then, for a touch of edge, add a pair of clunky combat boots, which are this year’s preferred footwear.

8. The feminine twist

No of your height, you might want to add a slight raise if you’re wearing flares to prevent them from dragging on the ground and covering up your entire leg.

We choose to do so by wearing these flatform sandals with thin straps that go back to the 1990s. The front knot top adds an interesting cottagecore detail making a classic feminine day look.

9. Classic Black

Elevate dark flares with a modern blazer and classic white ankle boots that can be a go-to boss lady outfit. This flared outfit is incredibly adaptable thanks to the addition of a black jacket and strappy heels. For a business meeting, wear it with a button-down; for an after-hours function, put over a cropped top or a classic spaghetti top.

10. Classic Blazers

Start with a basic white bodysuit and flared pants to achieve this style, then top with a striking leather blazer if not the regular polyester blend. Cocoa brown would also work here but green looks fantastic! For a cute dinner date outfit idea, add heels at the end.

11. Monochromatic Denim on Denim

The greatest gilets and waistcoats offer a simple, fashionable method to layer your outfit without adding excessive bulk. An alternative to over-the-top looks can subtle denim-on-denim look with a shirt that is just the same blend as the flared jeans, you can also opt for side split flared denim jeans with pencil heels to color block, after all, we’re all going crazy over dopamine dressing!

Corset tops are the newest addition to the fashion trends loved all around the world, so explore different corset top outfits you can create with different types of flared jeans.

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