13 Best Margaret Zhang Street Style Looks to Get Inspired

The 29-year-old, who serves as the editor-in-chief of Vogue China, stands out from the crowd because of her vivid blue hair, which contrasted with the rest of her simple clothing. Known for her unexceptional street aesthetic, we’re listing the Best Margaret Zhang Street Style Looks of all time.

Being the multifaceted personality that she is, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, Marie Claire, Buro24/7, and Elle are just a few publications for which Zhang has produced photography, styling, and creative direction.

She is a regular on the catwalk’s front row and street style, and her popularity as a model and influencer has developed over the years.

Turquoise Hair & Metallics

Margaret Zhang (1)

Who could have imagined turquoise hair with gold metallics to look so chic together, while the colors are a bold choice, you can always subtle down the details of it, this look with animal print glasses and a tangerine top is a statement to remember.

Neutrals Animal Prints

Margaret Zhang (2)

This look is considered as one of the Best Magharet Zhang street styles looks so far, keeping in mind that neutrals are a human favorite, pairing it with an animal print coat is statement-making while keeping it subtle, truly, and inspirational.

Plaids but make it Grunge

Margaret Zhang (4)

Street style is incomplete if not infused with subcultures, the deep sundial plaids with black is a classic grunge look for the 90s that we’re looking up for, yet again.

Dynamics of Denim

Margaret Zhang (5)

Denim has been explored by most fashion influencers and Margaret has done that too with a denim overcoat and jeans with a choker-style top, its an outfit each one of us can curate.

Chic and Basic

Margaret Zhang (6)

Chic, basic and edgy, this is how you can put a minimal sticking look with the least effort and look, top-tier fashion blogger.

Lounging in Satins

Margaret Zhang (7)

A minimalist lounging in satins can be a loungewear set that you like stuffed with multiple chokers and a high bun and a classic airport ready-to-go look that we’re seeing now!

Latex All Over

Margaret Zhang (8)

How could such contrasting aesthetics look in tune with each other, the answer is too monochrome. The double layering with an Electric blue latex skirt under a deep sea green latex coat, a tie, and a die buttoned-down shirt is a head-turner look for sure.

The French Girl

Margaret Zhang (9)

Zhang, who will take over as Editor in Chief of Vogue China in 2021 at the age of 27, will be the magazine’s youngest EIC. One of the reasons Zhang was hired and why she excelled was because of her knowledge of digital and new trends for a new generation of Chinese people and no doubt her style has only evolved.

Bubblegum Hair Pop

Margaret Zhang (10)

Margaret has kept Bubblegum hair for the longest time, with her experimental hair choices, any outfit instantly becomes a statement and how.

Extra Layers

Margaret Zhang (11)

A typical cozy winter street style look we’re all drooling over, a minimal, subtle, chic, and nothing over the top create a vibe we all can pull off.

Winter Date

Margaret Zhang (12)

A perfect winter brunch date looks, with added layers keeping the tones warm and subtle, Margaret is an inspiration to try layering at its best, no doubt that it’s the best what she does and inspires us too.

The Style Boss woman

Margaret Zhang (13)

A casual street style aesthetic where we see a plaid blazer layered with an oversized men’s blazer is a perfect example of how setting trends is just a synonym to her name.

Game of proportions

Margaret Zhang (14)

Proportions have never stressed Margaret, even with her petite frame she styles herself with oversized fits standing out more than most of the influencers, the unusual pairing of greys with deep green boots and turquoise hair is definitely a risque combination to pull off.

A Tee Day

Margaret Zhang (15)

The only time when a style guru like Margaret kept it extra minimal yet the colors pop out. A Beige oversized ee shirt tucked into a cyber lime ( which is now a future color trend we’re rooting for) looks subtle but enough to catch your attention and go wow about it.

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