Mastering the Softcore Aesthetic trends that are viral on Tiktok

There’s a new TikTok tribe in town, we call it the soft girl. If the term seems new to you, you might relate Ariana Grande’s fashion aesthetic to the typical Softcore aesthetic look that highlights the Softcore aesthetic trends.

The soft girl is an aesthetic that can easily be mistaken for another. As a style, it is similar to E-Girl, VSCO, and preppy aesthetics, but with some features amplified or toned down. It’s also one that’s frequently misconstrued.

The soft girl has been described as infantilizing, the Gen Z version of the girl next door, subversive, and empowering as a manner of existence in the world.

So, what precisely is the soft girl aesthetic and what’s the trend all about?

The aesthetic is purposefully hyper-feminine and kittenish. It embraces all things girlie – imagine frills, bows, and pastels inspired by Bratz dolls, Y2K nostalgic fashion and beauty, manga comics, and Kawaii culture (a.k.a., the culture of ‘cuteness’ in Japan).

There will be a lot of pink, pearls, hair accessories, clouds, and floral motifs.

Mood boards for softcore aesthetic trends look also include Taylor Swift, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, Sydney Sweeney’s pink Miu Miu costume at the 2022 MTV Movie and TV Awards, and her onscreen character Cassie Howard from Euphoria, who loves pink lipgloss and cropped fluffy knitwear.

Why Softcore Outfits are so popular?

Softcore Aesthetic trends are significant because they help to establish a sense of genuineness. This design makes customers feel as if their garments truly reflect who they are, without being overly dramatic. It’s a method for individuals to express themselves without sacrificing comfort or style. 

Where did the soft girl style trend come from?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the specific origins of the soft girl look. Some fashion insiders credit the birth of soft style to Bratz Dolls, the beloved dolls that promoted feminism, friendship, and diversity. 

We couldn’t talk about hyper-feminine soft looks without mentioning the originals: Cher Horowitz from Clueless and Regina George from Mean Girls.

The great examples of light, brilliant, yet soft colors like sky blue, baby pink, and pale yellows serve as the foundation of every outfit-building process.

Finally, the soft girl aesthetic is the intersection of glamour with a pared-down easygoing style.

Recreatring SoftGirl Look in 2023

A soft girl’s fashion sense goes towards crop tops, milkmaid dresses, and tie cardigans teamed with chunky white trainers, bucket hats, and the ultimate Y2K accessory: a baguette bag. Off-duty, she prefers a soft-textured, baggy hoodie.

In this way, the soft girl is edgier than the vanilla girl with her comfortable, beige feelings and less decorative than admirers of Regency-core or the coquette aesthetic. 

The soft girl’s look is defined by a black elongated cat eye, fluffy fake lashes, laminated brows, and pouty pink lips. Consider modern boudoir.

With false freckles that run over into the nose, the cheeks are accentuated and severely rouged. 

Tiny motifs, like hearts, are sometimes stamped onto the face as well. Hair clips with vividly colored butterflies or flowers, popular among pre-teens, complete the look.

The hashtag #SoftGirlSummer – a fusion of the Black colloquialism “soft life” and Megan Thee Stallion’s trademarked “hot girl summer” – which is also trending on TikTok – reflects its progression.

At the same time, the soft girl aesthetic is about exploring your character’s traditionally feminine side in a secure, pleasant environment.

Most importantly, your gender does not preclude your intelligence or resilience.

The best soft girl outfit ideas to try (embedded picks)

A softcore aesthetic wardrobe might benefit from a variety of knitwear types. You may wear a cozy pullover, a loose cardigan, or a slouchy beanie.

Softcore style clients enjoy accessorizing, and they favor fun items like knit caps and beanies. This customer prefers exciting and distinctive accessories over classic ones.

Mustard yellow, olive green, and burgundy are all colors that can be seen in a variety of softcore aesthetic outfits. These colors are earthy and natural, which fits with the general vibe of the style.

Cotton, linen, and wool are also popular with this customer. They are frequently lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for summer or layering in the colder months. 

Best Softcore aesthetic trends Look:

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