18 Australian Beauty Influencers You Need to Follow Right Now

We have a sea of influencers who create top-notch content every day thanks to TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube!

Watching a beauty expert at work can be incredibly fulfilling, whether you can beat your face into submission with your boots or you struggle, as I do, to make your winged eyeliner symmetrical.

It’s a terrific method to learn new things as well as to encourage those who are creative in their endeavors.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favorite best Australian beauty influencers, Korean beauty bloggers, YouTubers, and TikTokers you should be following right now.

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18 Australian Beauty Influencers you should follow

Listed below are the best Australian beauty influencers that top our favorite list and you should check them out for beauty and makeup inspiration too.

1. Chloe Morello     

When it comes to the facial halo that everyone uses to remove their makeup, Chloe Morello was perhaps one of the first Instagram influencers. She did make it, that’s for sure. It is evidence of her proficiency in all areas related to beauty and lifestyle.

2. Rowi Singh

Beauty influencer and content producer Rowi Singh resides in Sydney. She is an incredible pro with graphic liner and technicolor shadows, but all of her looks are just stunning. She also has a talent for matching her cosmetic looks to her nail art and fire fits, which is guaranteed to make you smile as you read through your account.

3. Kaycee Hayden

Indigenous Australian, proud mother, and makeup artist from Perth, Kaycee Hayden (@officialmsauzzi on Instagram). She can create anything from casual daytime looks to dazzling nighttime glam because of her extreme versatility. You should certainly check out her Instagram if you need some ideas for your upcoming costume or Halloween party because she also does incredible costume makeup.

4. Kasey Rayton

The queen of soft glam is Kasey Rayton. She’s the one to go to whether you want to master bronzey eyeshadow, a dewy everyday look, or classic winged eyeliner. Her fashion hauls, puppy diaries, and beauty tutorials are all excellent reasons to follow this little gal in addition to her glam looks and beauty tips.

5. Maddie Edwards

Australian skincare, cosmetics, and lifestyle influencer Madeleine Edwards are from Melbourne. Maddie is an excellent person to follow if you want advice and recommendations on skincare products to aid with congested or dry skin because she occasionally struggles with eczema and acne.

The 26-year-old is an expert at lash lifts and brow lamination. If you’re into that, she also frequently vlogs about lifestyle updates, beauty tips, and fashion hauls.

6. Flex Mami

Flex Mami, also known as Lillian Ahenkan, is an entrepreneur, podcaster, DJ, Insta-fashion sensation, and all-around modern Renaissance woman. She is an expert in all things beauty and skincare and is a strong believer in wearing a good SPF, double washing, and rocking a bold eyeshadow. Flex also has incredibly extensive and frank evaluations, making her someone to follow if you want a no-BS analysis of a product.

7. Dominic Porras

With each of his cosmetic looks, Albany-based Dominic Porras turns his face into a work of art. Follow him on Instagram for skincare advice, stunning drag looks, and 3D face painting.

8. Rachel Tee Tyler

The eyeliner lesson videos by Rachel Tee Tyler are so entertaining that we could watch them nonstop all day. She is an absolute weapon when it comes to a glossy lips, rosy blush, and ferocious liner. She is a role model for anyone who wants to achieve a natural day look or a brilliant flash of color. Additionally, her tutorials on hair, skin and makeup are valuable to see.

9. Zoë Foster Blake

You should follow the creator of Go-To Skincare for all of your skincare requirements. Having to trouble double cleansing? not a drama. Not sure what should be included in your morning skincare routine? Don’t worry. Do you want to learn how to perform a simple facial at home? She will take care of you.

10. Brittney Saunders

Brittney Saunders has a history with beauty on YouTube. Run, don’t walk, to her playlist on her channel where she tests out inexpensive beauty products if you’re always looking for a deal (join the club). She also posts a few quick ‘n easy makeup instructional reels on Instagram, which are excellent for quick makeup ideas while you’re on the move.

11. Zahrah Aliyah

The triple threat Sydney-based makeup artist, photographer, and content creator Zahrah Aliyah. She has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, and her YouTube channel is filled with cosmetic tips and tricks like how to contour and emphasize brown skin tones and how to cover dark circles.

12. AJ Clementine

The diverse portfolio of Melbourne-based artist AJ Clementine includes cosplay as well as adorable daytime attire. You can trust that this beauty queen is knowledgeable because she even collaborated with Australis to develop an eyeshadow palette in 2020. She also works hard to educate her fans while advocating for the transgender community.

13. Shani Grimmond

The founder of Sylk Swim and a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty influencer living in Brisbane is Shani Grimmond. For short beauty how-tos, follow her on Instagram, or watch her YouTube channel for in-depth instructions. We adore her celebrity-inspired makeup looks and everyday glam.

14. Rifenstine

Makeup that’s both dramatic and hilarious? Um, OK, go ahead. Rifenstine is generally not for you if you want to look barely there during the day. However, if you’re looking for completely transforming color bursts through cosmetics, then success!

Aside from the tutorials, she also does fantastic comedy sketches and drag videos featuring her brother. Still not convinced? Inquire with any of her 2.4 million TikTok users.

15. Kaydee Kyle-Taylor

One of the top First Nation makeup artists in Australia, Kaydee Kyle-Taylor, is incredibly gifted. She specializes in serving BIPOC clients and can pull off a variety of looks, including the traditional smokey winged liner and extremely journalistic styles that might have been lifted right out of an episode of Euphoria.

16. Esther Joseph

Australian-Nigerian makeup artist Esther Joseph is known for her ultra-elegant glam looks, but she’s also not afraid to experiment with color. Get inspired by following her on Instagram at @mstopacjay.

17. Jayme Jo Massoud

Jayme Jo, a dancer, and performer maintain a flawlessly dewy and gorgeously bronzed appearance at all times. You can follow her on Instagram for incredibly simple beauty instructions, her series of in-depth product reviews, and advice on how to style her long, lush hair.

18. Cassidy McGill   

Cassidy’s personality and aesthetic both will light up your feed with a perfect blend of colors and neutral colors that are ideal for everyday outfit inspiration. She has something for every fashion type girl and serves cool fashion looks.

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