Top 10 Canadian Beauty Blogger, you can follow on Instagram

Do you feel like buying tones of makeup every time you see a beauty blogger baking or contouring her face? Well, I feel you. As our love for makeup remains eternal even after we’re quarantined,

I’m here to take you guys through the most famous Beauty Bloggers from Canada to get inspired. Though Los Angeles is the hub for a lot of famous beauty bloggers I must admit that Canadian bloggers are no less. If you don’t get what I mean, check these beauties out!

Top 10 Beauty Bloggers from Canada

Here’s the list of Top 10 Beauty Bloggers from Canada.

Jasmine Fares@jasminefares
Zohra Khan@zobeauty
Priya Sidhu@priyasidhu
Jamie Paige@jamiepaigebeauty
Amy Macedo@amymacedo


Mila is a Canadian beauty blogger known for her natural and simplistic aesthetic. She is more of nude makeup, dewy skin, fashion, and lifestyle. Fashionwise you can spot neutral colors, muted tones, and a lot of bodycon dresses and bikinis which we all love!


This Canadian beauty is one of the best fashion and beauty bloggers, while she goes over the top with her outfits making statement looks she keeps her make very fresh dewy makeup everybody aspires to achieve. She’s also the co-founder of Ivyswinwear as she also boasts about being a designer, does check her out for that aesthetic feed.


Ashna Known by her Instagram name @klumsycloset, Ashna is a Toronto-based Canadian beauty blogger who’s known for viral makeup hacks and mini-tutorials. She also has a youtube channel by her name. From no-makeup look to the glam doll, from removing dark circles to extreme Halloween look she’s got it all!

4.Jasmine Fares

The ultimate Hijab lady inspiring more than 400ks people with her subdued glam makeup and everyday chic fashion. She has a beige neutral aesthetic on her feed that’s pretty much next to impossible and what might also inspire you to get into beauty is that she is the founder of Farescollections! How cool is that!

5.Zohra Khan

By the name of @Zobeauty, Zohra Khan is one of the most talented beauty bloggers from Canada. Her glam smokey eye looks are something to fall for. Do you want to creatively crazy while you do your makeup? Here’s what you need to get inspired from.


Mathusha is one of a kind beauty blogger from Canada as she represents the brown girl aesthetic. From no-makeup look to easy glow, she does it all but what you’ll the most is the Indian authentic makeup aesthetic you’ll love.

7.Priya Sidhu

Priya Sidhu is based out of Toronto. Her minimal take on Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle will make you stalk her pictures than nothing else. Her Instagram feed is all about minimal makeup, sleek hair, and simple fashion silhouettes. Which of her picture do you like the most?

8.Jamie Paige

Jamie Paige is a Canadian beauty blogger who runs a beauty and makeup channel by the same name. She does some amazing product reviews and makeup with utter creativity. These makeup tutorials are something any girl would absolutely binge watch!

9.Amy Macedo

Amy Macedo is a Mississauga bases beauty blogger who will woo you will her classic neutral glam look that she aces so perfectly. She also runs a youtube channel where she put entertaining youtube videos for us to watch all day because god knows we’re gonna get bored with this lockdown anyway!


Cheryl is a budding Canadian beauty blogger who also runs a youtube channel. She does amazing product reviews of newly launched products and inspires a lot of girl tribes by recreating some celebrity looks from time to time.

I’m sure by now you already want to recreate a lot of makeup looks these beauty bloggers from Canada are acing. Do you still want to know how to become a beauty blogger? Well, we’ve got you covered! Learn more about becoming a beauty blogger by staying tuned!

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