Top 7 Beauty Bloggers from Vietnam in 2023

Ever wondered who Beauty Bloggers from Vietnam are and how they rose to fame? Well, that going to talk about. These young, talented, and super-motivated beauty bloggers will blow your mind away in every way possible.

Do you want to be a Beauty blogger too? Let’s figure out how they did it so that you can do it too.

Top Beauty Bloggers from Vietnam

Here is the list of the 7 beauty bloggers from Vietnam to get you inspired

Chang Makeup@changmakeup
Linh Truong@themakeaholics
Phương Ly@prettymuchchannel
Chloe Nguyen@bychloenguyen
An Phương@letsplaymakeup
Nguyên NEWIN@newynni
Quách Ánh@quachanhmakeupartist

1. Chang Makeup

Trang-Ngo-Tracy Beauty Bloggers from Vietnam in 2021

Trang Ngo is the beauty behind “Chang Makeup” and is one of the most popular beauty influencers in Vietnam. Her blog started with swatching lipsticks and viewers loved what she did.

She makes videos about Beauty and her Instagram also features Fashion portraits to love. She’s also the Co-founder and Creative Director of Ofelia Vietnam and what? She’s featured in Forbes under 30 list this time!

2. Linh Truong 

Linh-Truong-2 Beauty Bloggers from Vietnam in 2021

Linh Truong’s blog is all about fashion and makeup. Being one of the most known beauty bloggers in Vietnam, she’s endorsed a lot of cosmetic brands till now. Her videos are very well made and her aesthetics looks nothing less than perfect! On Instagram, she not only has beauty but fashion videos too. Her youtube channel is named “makeaholic”.

3. Phương Ly

Phương Ly Beauty Bloggers from Vietnam in 2022

What do you need to be an ideal beauty blogger? Good videos, honest reviews, and easy tutorials, and Phương Ly channel “Pretty Much Channel” is all about that. She’s an ideal beauty guru you would want to look up to once you visit her channel.

4. Chloe Nguyen

Chloe-Nguyen Beauty Bloggers from Vietnam in 2021

Chloe Nguyen’s blog is all about Beauty and Fashion. Her posts on Instagram are everything beauty, fashion, and travel displayed in the most creative chic and glam aesthetic. She is surely a beauty Blogger you should check out!

5. An Phương

An-Phương Beauty Bloggers from Vietnam

Phương is a blogger and a YouTuber who’s fun and quirky with her makeup and fashion looks. Her Instagram feed is a mixture of different aesthetics making it a bit laid pack and chilled out. She runs a youtube channel by the name “Let’s play makeup” where she shares a lot of makeup tips and beauty tutorials you would love.

6. Nguyên NEWIN

Nguyên-NEWIN Beauty Bloggers from Vietnam in 2021

Newin is a beauty blogger who runs a youtube channel too. While she does a variety of product reviews and makeup tips but what’s fascinating is that she’s a pro in acing all the types of winged eyeliner! Can you believe that? Do check her posts to learn more about what she excels at.

7. Quách Ánh

Quách-Ánh Beauty Bloggers from Vietnam in 2021

These were the 7 beauty bloggers from Vietnam you would love and for sure you’re going to get inspired by them in case you’re looking for motivation to start your own. Even if you’re not, you can follow these beauties for day-to-day beauty solutions and you’re good to go!

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