Best AI Influencers and Bloggers to follow in 2023

The fashion industry has fully embraced AI influencers. It can be hard to believe that codes nowadays can be something other than computer programs. We’re referring to artificial intelligence-generated virtual people, or “humanoids,” who have enormous online fan bases. 

Because these virtual characters are so lifelike, they can captivate netizens’ hearts and minds in the same way that actual people can.

According to a US survey, 58 percent of respondents were following a virtual influencer at the time, proving the influencers to be a powerful force to be taken seriously.

Christopher Travers, the creator of, asserts that virtual influencers can accomplish whatever that human influencer can, but with greater control and involvement.

Compared to genuine influencers, virtual influencers can provide engagement rates that are almost three times higher.

Influencers on the internet are essentially what they sound like. On your screen, they mimic humans in appearance and behavior, yet they only exist in your imagination. 

You can explore various Instagram influencers across the world in the domain of fashion and beauty. In this blog, we cover the most popular virtual influencers in social media you need to follow!

Best AI Influencers to follow in 2023:

1. Lu do Magalu

The most popular virtual influencer in 2022 was Lu do Magalu. She currently holds the record for being the virtual person with the most visibility worldwide, therefore it is understandable why she would be in the first place. 

More than 14.6 million people follow her on Facebook, 6 million people follow her on Instagram, more than 2.6 million people subscribe to her YouTube channel, and she has more than 1.3 million followers on Twitter and TikTok, respectively. However, her popularity and audience are primarily restricted to Brazil, where she was born. 

2. Guggimon 

This naughty bunny Guggimon is owned by Superplastic, the top producer of animated synthetic celebrities, clothing, and designer toys in the world. Anything relating to horror is one of his hobbies. He has self-identified as a “fashion horror artist & mixtape producer with obsessions: handbags, axes, designer toys, Billie Eilish, & The Shining.” 

Guggimon, who hails from Montreal, Canada, debuted in June 2019. He was one of Steve Aooki’s hype stars, therefore you may know him. On his Color of Noise tour, he traveled with this well-known DJ and producer. 

3. Barbie

Barbie doesn’t require an introduction. It was only a matter of time before this late 1950s blonde beauty used social media to captivate additional devotees. Her biggest audience is on Facebook, but she also has sizable audiences on other social media sites, especially on YouTube, where she plays the character of a vlogger.

She has over 440,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, over 2.2 million Instagram followers, 11.1 million YouTube subscribers, and around 320,000 Twitter followers. One of her Instagram posts promoting the Black Lives Matter campaign, for instance, earned over 40,000 likes.

4. Lil Miquela

Virtual robot model Miquela Sousa, also known as Lil Miquela, has collaborated with renowned fashion houses like Prada, Dior, and Calvin Klein. She also had one track, “Not Mine,” come out in 2017 and earlier this year launched her first music video, “Hard Feelings,” at the Lollapalooza online event. 

This freckled Brazilian-American beauty was made by the Los Angeles-based firm Brud. She has more than 31,000 Twitter followers in addition to her 3 million “Miquelites” Instagram followers and 3.6 million TikTok subscribers.

5. Any Malu

Any Malu, a virtual influencer that is completely animated and has international recognition, is a native of Brazil. She originally appeared in 2015, and in that time she has gone from being a concept to a YouTube star to a transmedia experience. 

On Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, the Brazilian virtual influencer has more than a million fans. More than 280 million people have seen her videos on YouTube.

She belongs to a very small group of online influencers who have their TV show. Her TV show’s sponsorship by Cartoon Network further distinguishes her. 

6. Bee_nfluencer

The first influencer bee, Bee, is French and hails from Paris. In April 2019, he or she made his or her debut on social media. This endearing online influencer was designed by the Foundation de France to assist businesses all over the world in raising funds for bee conservation. His/her Instagram account is buzzing with activity, with over 254,000 followers, whereas his/her Twitter account is very quiet. 

Bees are essential for maintaining the balance of our ecosystems and agriculture, so the work done by this tiny active bee is quite important. The European Union claims that pollination is necessary for more than 80% of all flowering plants, both wild and domesticated.

7. Imma

Imma, who is originally from Tokyo, debuted in July 2018 and holds the honor of becoming Japan’s first virtual model. Since then, numerous headlines have mentioned this virtual girl with the recognizable pink bob. In actuality, she has been chosen as one of the “New 100 Talent to Watch” by Japan Economics Entertainment. 

She is interested in Japanese film, art, and culture. She boasts brand mentions for IKEA Japan, Adidas Tokyo, TikTok, and Burberry. She has more than 407,000 Instagram followers and two million TikTok likes after more than two years in the industry. 

8. Anna Cattish

Russian animator and illustrator Anna Cattish. She works with the honk visual label, which produces unique animation and character-based art. It started as an artist commune more than ten years ago, but it has now developed into a boutique studio and label. Anna Cattish debuted on the label three years after it began. Ten years later, she now has nearly 472,000 Instagram followers. Her artwork has a hint of attitude and is charming yet edgy.

9. Janky

Superplastic, the same designer as Guggimon, presents Janky to you. This freelance cartoon stuntman, who hails from Los Angeles, debuted in June 2019. Brands like Tinder, Prada, and Red Bull are among the well-known and upscale ones he highlights. He has only been active for a little over a year, yet on Instagram, he already has more than 1M followers.

10. Ion Göttlich

Introducing Ion, a virtual influencer that enjoys professional cycling! His self-assured charm and infectious enthusiasm for all things riding make him impossible to resist. Ion’s Instagram is a cyclist’s heaven, with everything from the newest biking gear to encounters with some of the biggest personalities in the business. He is pictured posing beside Sean Sako, Jean Biermans, and Andre Greipel; he appears to be a member of the professional cycling community.

11. Noonoouri

Joerg Zuber, the founder of the Munich, Germany-based advertising firm Opium Effect, is the person responsible for Noonoouri. The 19-year-old digital figure has revolutionized the fashion world and collaborated with most of the leading luxury fashion houses, such as Bulgari, Versace, and Lacoste. 

While entertaining her audience is her primary objective, she also wants to educate them about various social issues. She is a vegan who openly advocates eco-friendly clothing. So, one item that you won’t ever see her endorse or wear is a fur coat. She rarely uses Twitter and primarily utilizes Instagram to connect with her 402,000+ followers.

12. Bermuda

Although her appearance would never lead you to believe it, Bermuda is one of the more experienced virtual influencers. She began appearing in December 2016, and she is originally from Los Angeles. Identifying as a robot woman, this girl wants to inspire aspiring company owners to pursue their ambitions. More women in particular should be inspired to pursue professions in robotics, according to her. 

Her musical career is something else she wants to advance. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ song Under the Bridge has already been covered by her and made available on Spotify.

13. Ailynn

If Ailynn is unknown to you, you’re severely missing out. She is the first human to exist in the metaverse, and she was developed in Thailand. This AI personality, who is only 22 years old, enjoys documenting her daily activities, travels, and OOTDs on Instagram. Not only her fans are thrilled; but Ailynn has also collaborated with well-known multinational companies including Cartier, Shiseido, Lancome, and Oppo.

14. soymar.ia

Meet Maria, the country of Mexico’s first virtual human. Her personality is a blend of artificial intelligence, her grandmother’s recipes, and Mexican munchies, which makes her a very sympathetic character. Maria is dedicated to promoting gender equality, environmental awareness, mental health, and inclusivity to improve México. Her Instagram page is a beautiful mashup of exquisite food, plant-based recipe ideas, and poignant tales of true love. Join her in her quest for a better world by following her today!

15. Shudu

Shudu is a virtual supermodel from South Africa, and given her alluring appearance, it’s no wonder that high-end companies like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Balmain are interested in working with her. You will be mesmerized by the flawless angles and unearthly beauty on her Instagram feed, which is nothing short of amazing. Many aspiring models look forward to Shudu as a great trailblazer.

How do virtual influencers work?

They are artificially intelligent humanoids who employ their actions to influence people. The creation of a digital figure with human-like traits and personality using CGI (computer-generated imagery) ushers in the era of virtual influencers. 

Through their social media material, virtual influencers can accurately and consistently represent the brand’s identity and values. Additionally, they eliminate the possibility of celebrity partners acting out in real life because virtual influencers merely exist on social media.

How much money do virtual influencers make?

According to OnBuy, she makes about $1600 for each Instagram post. Imma, a well-known CGI influencer, makes $1200 per post, and Bermuda makes $1310 for every Instagram post. Nevertheless, even if they aren’t living beings, the money does go to real people—basically, to the people who created them.

Who was the first virtual influencer?

Lil Miquela, a 19-year-old American influencer, “appeared” on all screens and caused the Instagram counters to burst, and the phenomenon got started.


To put it briefly, using virtual influencers is still an uncommon method of influencer marketing. Since actual people are already utilizing platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the appropriate digital persona may make your company stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it makes sense why digital material will continue to succeed given how quickly it can now be produced.

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