Best Influencer Marketing Software Services in 2023

Influencer marketing Software is one of the crucial aspects of digital marketing. Never before has it been so simple for businesses to engage with their target audience, build brand awareness, and increase conversion rates.

Brands have a fantastic opportunity to traverse the customer journey and tell the story in their own unique style as consumers’ purchasing decisions are now more heavily influenced by the opinions of influencers.

In order to promote your business and boost your revenue, you can use influencer marketing to work with well-known and relevant influencers in your industry.

Various types of Influencers have a closer relationship with their fan bases than typical celebrities do, which sets the former apart.

By using social media, they are able to interact with their followers on a personal level and win their trust.

Over time, influencer marketing platforms expanded their range of services for businesses, including relationship and campaign management, third-party analytics, influencer content amplification, and occasionally influencer marketplaces.

Best Influencer Marketing Software 2023:

1. Influsoft

One of the Leading influencer marketing firm Viral Nation created isInflusoft. The agency served as a marketing agency, a talent agency, and a creative & media agency in addition to offering a comprehensive range of digital marketing services since 2014.

Viral Nation is one of the clients that Influsoft serves now as a separate business. Additional clients include Elite Model World, Activision Blizzard, Tencent Gaming, Canon, and Facebook Oculus. 

With the help of Influsoft’s Discovery module, you can browse through millions of influencers, narrow down and filter your results based on more specific criteria, get a lot of information about each individual, and then generate and share custom reports.

2. BrandConnect (formerly Famebit)

It’s obvious they’re targeting a younger demographic the instant you visit the BrandConnect(formerly Famebit) website. or, at the very least, attempting to draw in brands that target a younger demographic.

BrandConnect (formerly Famebit) stands out from the other solutions described here with its vibrant colors, contemporary typeface, and images of attractive 20-somethings having a blast. That is ideal because they are approaching things a little differently than everyone else.

3. Upfluence

Upfluence transforms how businesses can organize, produce, and execute their content marketing plans by placing a special emphasis on bloggers. Reacher, and Publishr, two separate products that can be used separately or together, make up the real program.

The platform from Upfluence has been used by Victorinox (manufacturer of Swiss Army goods), PayPal, Nestlé, Citroen, and AirFrance to power their content marketing and native advertising initiatives.

4. Traackr

One of the few businesses that understand the selling point of influencer marketing, and trust, Traackr’s platform focuses on what they call Influencer Relationship Management. Finding influencers to represent a brand using other software is a strictly commercial endeavor.

An algorithm or a one-on-one negotiation may be used to determine the price for sponsored articles after a company and subject matter experts are matched.

And there’s nothing wrong with it for short-term campaigns intended to spread awareness of a specific initiative or drive sales.

5. Aspire (formerly AspireIQ)

Compared to earlier platforms on our list, the AspireIQ platform is more hands-off. According to the company, it is a self-service platform that provides access to more than 150,000 influencers on all of the major social media platforms.

This makes it a suitable fit for businesses that produce their marketing campaigns in-house or for agencies. 

Customers of AspireIQ often fall between the SMB and big company spectrum. Refluence is assisting in the advancement of brands like Quest Nutrition, Birchbox, Dermalogica, and Scopely, which may not yet be well-known.

6. Klear

Klear was initially created as a tool to locate Twitter influencers (called Twtrland). Its data quality, which provided insights into hundreds of millions of accounts on users’ posting patterns, popularity, and demographics of followers, was a source of strength.

The platform, however, has evolved to now include over 900 million influencers across a variety of well-known social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Also, they provide free influencer analysis tools for Twitter and Facebook pages.

With the help of Klear’s AI, influencers are categorized into more than 60,000 different topics, and extensive insights are provided on their followers.

Although data analysis is their forte, Klear has grown to encompass campaign management, tracking, and some crucial listening capabilities to keep an eye on rivals.

7. NEXT Business Manager

NEXT Business Manager, an influencer platform developed by Post for Rent, provides comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of your company’s influencer marketing. With the development of their eponymous influencer platform, it was Post for Rent’s “next” endeavor.

NEXT is currently in its early stages. Companies can still apply for their chance to launch a product while testing NEXT Business Manager for 60 days to manage all of their contracts, payments, team productivity, content, report, and document in one location with no risk or cost. As you read this message, it is worth checking to see if this offer is still valid.

8. Peg

YouTube is Peg’s only interest. It acknowledges the effectiveness of analytics in terms of content optimization (and growing the channels that create this content).

Over quantity, Peg prioritizes quality. Because of this focus on quality, which never happens quickly, subscriptions are offered for either six or twelve months. Based on a company’s needs and size, pricing is unique.

But, access to Peg can be purchased for a one-project trial with a specialized price based on the project in question.

9. NeoReach

On this kind of management, NeoReach focuses. Across the key social media platforms, it keeps a database of over 3 million influencers. Unlike its rivals, NeoReach does not restrict access to the talent pool to those influencers who have agreed to work through its platforms.

Instead, its potent search engine enables firms to restrict searches across a variety of factors, including any known brand affinities, social performance, and the demographics of their followers. 

Businesses may then use NeoReach to handle every aspect of their relationships with influencers, including rate negotiations, campaign brief creation, post-approval, and payment management.

10. Mavrck

Mavrck, though, adopts a completely different strategy. They hold the opinion that a firm should make its best current consumers into influencers who would espouse the virtues of the brand rather than hunting for suitable influencers to attract customers.

The biggest advantage of doing this is that you avoid having to introduce yourself to an influencer and convince them that your product is worth their time and effort to promote.

The success of Mavrck’s strategy is evident in its remarkable customer list, which includes household names like Gillette, Dunkin’ Donuts, Universal Studios, New Balance, Procter & Gamble, Sears, and JetBlue.

11. Refersion

Refersion was developed in 2015 to aid businesses that build and oversee sizable affiliate marketing networks in tracking transactions, facilitating payouts, and offering streamlined reporting. In other words, companies didn’t have to spend a lot of time buried in spreadsheets.

As more influencers participate in efforts that increase sales, the distinction between affiliates and influencers is becoming less and less distinct. Refersion’s adaptation of its product line to include influencer marketing software services did not take long.

They incorporate Upfluence, #paid, and Cohley integrations, among others. Refersion is also investigating other influencer-specific functionality, such as discovery and campaign management, for the next upgrades.

12. #paid

The second benefit of #paid is a Handraise. Influencers can “raise” their hands in this area to show interest and wait for brands to contact them.

Creators that utilize Handraise post a message explaining why they think their campaign will be a good fit for the platform and why. Each Handraise is reviewed by a staff at #paid.

The fundamentals of what a marketplace is have been taken by #paid and expanded upon. Large companies with substantial marketing budgets are their target clients.

13. SocialBook

A wealth of information regarding Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch is available through SocialBook. As you get to the level of individual profiles, it becomes highly data-focused. You’ll find some useful results to examine in further detail if you order your results by relevance.

Both at the account level and for specific postings, there is a sizable quantity of information in the influencers’ profiles. Given how difficult it can be to discover specific metrics for YouTube, this is particularly welcome news for accounts on that network. 

To get more extensive data, SocialBook combines enticing influencers to sign up for their platform with AI and predictive analysis, which allows it to make educated assumptions about those influencers who haven’t registered.

14. Humanz

Humanz was only created in 2019, so it is still a young company, but it has already generated a lot of buzz. The program they’ve produced is genuinely deserving of them. They have even raised the bar. It not only has a tonne of functionality but also a simple-to-use interface.

You probably won’t have a hard time persuading influencers to register given the effort Humanz has gone into making sure the platform appeals to them. It provides influencers with a mobile app, for instance, that allows them to examine all of their data (the same info that marketers see).

15. Tagger Media

Tagger Media began life as a music recommendation engine. Soon, though, it shifted to influencer marketing, making use of the most effective components of the program already in place.

Around 3.5 million influencer profiles are tracked by Tagger, which generates an unfathomably large quantity of data from over 9 billion social discussions. Tagger could be used as a complete research tool for digital marketing.

It includes a lot more in addition to all the characteristics of an influencer marketplace. Its unique selling point is its emphasis on psychographics.

16. Mavrck

Mavrck approaches the situation quite differently. They believe that a firm should use its best current consumers as influencers who would espouse the benefits of the brand, as opposed to hunting for suitable influencers to recruit customers.

You don’t have to persuade an influencer who has never heard of you that your product deserves their promotional efforts, which is the main advantage of doing this.

Mavrck’s strategy appears to be working as they have accumulated a distinguished clientele that includes household names like Gillette, Dunkin’ Donuts, Universal Studios, New Balance, Procter & Gamble, Sears, and JetBlue.


Since its creation in 2008,, the top worldwide partnership management platform, has transformed the way businesses find and manage all kinds of relationships, including affiliates, influencers, providers of commerce content, B2B, and more.

Their robust platform, created with specific goals in mind, assists companies, including brands, publishers, and agencies, in creating genuine, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationships with publishers and customers. 

They can easily and transparently aggregate, orchestrate, and optimize the whole value of the full mix of partnerships by offering visibility across the entire consumer journey, which promotes growth and generates new value for customers.

18. Captiv8

The biggest AI-Powered Branded Content Platform, Captiv8, links companies with online creators and influencers to generate impactful stories. The platform is used by marketers to find influencers, produce content that will go viral, manage their campaigns, and track results.

Using real-time audience data from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, Insights, a social listening tool, serves as the platform’s central component. Visit for further details.

19. Bazaarvoice

The top brands and merchants in the world rely on Bazaarvoice technology, services, and expertise to increase sales, broaden their audience, gather useful data, and cultivate devoted fans.

Businesses that work with Bazaarvoice may anticipate a 400% return on their investment, according to a recently commissioned study carried out by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Bazaarvoice. 

The initial investment is repaid in only three months or less, according to the study, which spoke with decision-makers at nine different organizations who have previous experience using Bazaarvoice. 

20. SKEEPERS Influencer Marketing

Brands may find appropriate influencers and brand ambassadors using the 360-degree solution provided by SKEEPERS Influencer Marketing. Brands can also manage their collaborations and produce and gather high-quality customer evaluations.

Around 450K micro- and nano-influencers as well as consumers in 140 countries make up SKEEPERS Influencer Marketing. L’Oréal, Sephora, TF1, Promod, and KitKat are just a few of the more than 1,000 brands that it supports.

21. LTK (formerly rewardStyle)

The LTK service was created to give creators a sizable technological advantage so they could become power partners to brands. With the ability to impact billions of brand sales, the technology company is acclaimed as one of the most reliable and effective influencer networks in the world.

This is made possible by LTK’s sizable, globally dispersed, curated creator community, which spans more than 100 nations. Without a doubt, LTK has achieved its main objective of being the best in the business at helping businesses uncover the talent they need to run effective campaigns.

LTK has accomplished this by developing a comprehensive platform that is intended to handle all the operations required to run campaigns, from identifying and enlisting influencers to doing post-campaign analysis.


Content creation and distribution are equally important to Its influencer marketing software is available in two editions. One is “full access,” which is similar to most of the other influencer marketing platforms discussed in this essay.

Here, you can create and publish your campaign, find, filter, and invite creators, examine and track active producers, and then watch as their content pours in. Alternatives include more automated influencer marketing software providers. 

Creator. co will handle the hiring, negotiating, and implementation after you have been onboarded by a campaign professional. After that, your specialist will find influencers for you, and it will be up to you to research and engage the ones that interest you. 


Influence. co, a platform for influencer marketing that has been in operation since 2016, is easily compared to LinkedIn. By acting as a distinct type of social media platform, it acts differently from practically every other influencer network.

As a result, brands are better able to develop and maintain the kind of genuine, long-lasting relationships that are the foundation of influencer marketing.

Influence. co is currently a social network and marketplace with over 250,000 users, 150,000 of whom are influencers, and 70,000 businesses, including well-known names like Amazon, Jack Daniels, Bumble, and Dyson.

24. Influencity

Whole influencer relationship management is possible on a single platform with Influencity, an AI-powered influencer marketing solution. More than 60 capabilities in our technology stack enable businesses of all sizes to adapt their workflows and run end-to-end influencer campaigns.

With influence city, you can Quickly identify the ideal influencers. With over 20 filters, we help you find the appropriate influencers from a database of +170M influencer profiles. 

You can search based on a variety of criteria, including audience demographics, gender, age, location, and influencer engagement.

Get insightful profile information to see statistics that aren’t displayed on social media, and group influencers into lists to see how many of their followers overlap.

25. inBeat

You may work with influencers and micro-influencers at scale using InBeat, a user-generated content software.

Working with the top 1% of social media content producers will help you receive hundreds of pieces of high-quality content for your website, and social media channels, and paid to advertise.

Without needing to coordinate any collaboration, our UGC platform enables you to produce on-demand content with the top micro-influencers.

26. MagicLinks

MagicLinks is a recognized B Company and award-winning platform for influencer marketing that powers social commerce between top consumer brands and creators.

For brands aiming to increase social media exposure, engagement, and sales, MagicLinks’ exclusive Match IntelligenceTM technology offers targeted Creator matching.

The platform offers Creators a trustworthy means of earning money and expanding their business, as well as scalable, data-backed eCommerce solutions with predictable ROI and full-funnel reporting.

27. Brandbassador

With the correct tools, you can use word-of-mouth marketing to expand the reach of your brand and convert prospective clients into devoted consumers. Using this tried-and-true marketing tactic, Brandbassador, an ambassador marketing platform, can help your business develop a community.

Build enduring relationships with customers who already promote your products, and use gamified missions to generate real user-generated content, boost social engagement, and boost sales. With the aid of Brandbassador.

Increase your audience by giving ardent ambassadors objectives to complete; Establish credibility through sincere posts from fans who sincerely support your business; and With an infinite number of ambassadors, you can scale your community.

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