17 Best Makeup Artists in Delhi for your wedding makeover 2023

Every bride and her bridesmaid requires makeup and a makeup artist, whether it’s for the wedding or another wedding celebration, to get dolled up and look beautiful on the big day!

We’ve compiled a list of the Best Makeup Artists in Delhi because it can be challenging to locate one if you live there and have certain preferences. We have it all planned out for you, including where to discover the best wedding venues in Delhi and a cosmetic artist.

Check out the best makeup artists in Delhi for your wedding makeover!

1. Chandni Singh

In addition to being a top makeup artist in Delhi, Chandni Singh is also a really friendly person. She takes the time to address any skin issues you may have as well as your preferences, which is extremely welcome. If that’s what you want, her makeup is tasteful and understated without being garish. She performs pre-wedding trials for a fee so you can see exactly how you’ll look, and she only utilizes the best brands for cosmetics and hairstyling.

2. Shweta Gaur

Shweta Gaur and her crew can provide you with whatever you need, whether it is for pre-wedding events or the big day. To produce the most spellbinding outcomes, the crew works assiduously and effectively. She employs only the most upscale cosmetic lines, and her services include bridal makeup, airbrush makeup, party makeup, hair styling, and draping. She also uses all the most upscale cosmetic lines to guarantee that your skin is in good hands.

3. Shalini Singh

The ease with which she turns a plain girl into a stunning bride who is beaming is a testament to her exceptional expertise and abilities. After extensive discussion with the bride over haircuts, drapes, cosmetics, and skincare, the bridal party always decides on the bride’s ultimate appearance. You can decide to do a cosmetics trial before the big event as well (Rs 5,000 per session). Doesn’t that sound just right?

4. Anu Kaushik

One of the most well-known makeup artists in the Bollywood and fashion worlds is Anu Kaushik. While her attention to detail and originality set her apart from the competition, her knowledge and experience guarantee that you will look stunning on your D-Day. She delivers the full package because she has expertise in both hair and makeup! We couldn’t agree more with her catchphrase, “makeup that’s you…only a bit better.” She typically avoids trials. Call her, you newlyweds!

5. Meenakshi Dutt

Meenakshi Dutt is well-known in the makeup industry and is credited with dressing up several well-known celebrities, including Amrita Rao, Bipasha Basu, Tanushree Dutta, Sayali, Laxmi Pandit, Yukta Mookhey, and Neha Dhupia. She is among the first people brides think of when searching for the ideal makeup, both in India and abroad. Make sure to browse her colorful feed if you still need some convincing.

6. Pooja Khurrana

Although headquartered in Delhi, this outstanding makeup artist serves clients all around the world. She was born and raised in the UK, graduated from the London College of Fashion, and has also trained with several cosmetics companies, including Illamasqua, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, and Laura Mercier. Her all-encompassing approach guarantees that your makeup is faultless on an ideal day. Therefore, be sure to call her!

7. Vidya Tikari

Over the years, Vidya Tikari has performed miracles for a great number of brides. She has worked with several brides and Bollywood stars (Madhuri Dixit, Bipasha Basu, and Malaika Arora Khan, to mention a few), all of whom attest to her professionalism, experience, inventiveness, and adaptability. Many competent and skilled makeup artists with extensive training work in her workshop.

8. Jasmeet Kapany

Many people in Delhi rely on makeup artist Jasmeet Kapany for a flawless, natural look because of his reputation. Every bride she’s made up has her attention focused on the eyes, and she certainly knows how to bring out the best in you! You can see what we mean if you go through the images of joyful brides on her Facebook page.

9. Sakshi Malik

Her focus may be more modern, yet her style is elegant and timeless. Sakshi Malik is one of Delhi’s leading new-age makeup artists, having worked in the fields of fashion, beauty, bridal, and celebrity makeup for several years. She has participated in fashion and editorial photo shoots for magazines like Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Man, Femina, Maxim, and Atelier. Visit her website to see for yourself!

10. Leena Bhushan

Every wedding has a tale to tell, and through her wedding makeovers, Leena Bhushan shares the lovely tale of the bride. Her team of gifted artists uses only worldwide makeup to provide gorgeous and secure effects, ranging from subtle to very glitzy. On your big day, she will give your wishes her undivided attention, and the stunning outcomes will wow you.

11. Guneet Virdi

In addition to having a professional certification in skincare from Dermalogica, this celebrity makeup artist studied cosmetics at the London College of Makeup. Numerous women are murdering their bridal looks like a queen as you scroll through their Instagram feed. She is therefore your go-to person for sure if you’re an upcoming bride or know someone who is!

12. Shruti Sharma

Shruti has carved out a special place for herself in the community of makeup artists. She is a gifted and driven artist. She is well known for her attractive lipstick colors and upbeat demeanor, and she holds that the bride’s individuality may be brought out through cosmetics application. If asked, she will do paid trials. You might be one of the happy, attractive people you see if you scroll through her Facebook page. Book them quickly on their social media if you want to look your finest on your wedding day.

13. Michelle Montes

Michelle Montes, a Delhi-based supermodel, has wowed audiences at fashion presentations for CTC Brides of Asia, Le Visage, and numerous other high-profile events with her work on supermodels like Jesse Randhawa (omg! ), Joey Matthews, and Udita Goswami. She is well-liked by all the young brides-to-be because of her talent for using delicate makeup techniques while still highlighting a bride’s prominent features.

14. Ambika Pillai

Ambika Pillai is a name that connotes excellence! She is truly a phenomenal makeup artist. She has an outstanding resume and multiple accolades. This indicates that she will easily and quickly turn you into a lovely bride. Ambika Pillai and her team of experts will make sure that your fantasy comes true, no matter if you want to be the bride who sparkles brightly or if you want a more understated style.

15. Aradhana Khanna

A kind and outgoing individual, Aradhana has worked with celebrities like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and David Guetta in addition to Katrina Kaif, one of the nation’s top fashion icons. The most fulfilling part of her employment, despite her extreme professionalism, has been helping the several ladies she has worked with gain confidence on their most significant days! Before they are all reserved for your particular day, contact them on their social media. 

16. Paveena Rathour

Because of how much her clients value her work, Paveena has established a reputation for reliability when it comes to bridal and special occasion makeup. When looking for a bridal makeup artist in Delhi, she provides immaculate services and has incomparable talent. She provides the ladies with her best and transforms them into gorgeous brides for their weddings using gentle colors and elegant tones.

17. Isha Khanna

This makeup artist appears to be one of the few that is up to date on current trends in addition to having a wealth of industry expertise. She offers the bride’s special day the most gorgeous makeover she has ever received, followed by her professional staff. You wouldn’t regret hiring her because she can make you appear ten times more stunning!

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