Top 14 Casting Agencies in New York (Updated 2022)

Are you hunting for Casting Agencies in New York to get more opportunities?

The strong video production of any domain requires a talented set of artists that are recruited by the top Casting Agencies around the world.

Casting Agencies to offer casting services B2B mostly and help them cast the right artists, providing opportunities for all young artists.

We’ve also listed the New York Fashion Influencers for you to have plenty of options, so do check it out!

Getting in touch with a Casting Director benefits in so many ways:

  • Saves time of both the production houses and artists who look for oppotunities.
  • It helps to network in the industry.
  • Auditioning processes becomes easy.
  • Casting process and paperwork becomes easy.
  • Budgets, Contracts, and Schedules are taken care of.

Top 14 Casting Agencies in New York (2022 List)

We’ve listed the best Casting agencies in New York that will make your job easier either way.



Baes in Milan, 2DM is an environment-conscious production house partnered with companies who work towards making a change and provides creatives in the industry

ACW Worldwide

Based in New York, ACW is founded by casting director Andrew Weir. They’ve worked for many fashion brands like  Hugo Boss, Italian Vogue, Numero, Estée Lauder to name a few.


AP Studio is a full-service production house are known for fashion and commercial videos, images of all sizes. They also are committed to sustainability and work towards change-making projects.

Bella Hadid

Art Partner

The Brooklyn-based agency is known to be a creative agency for models and actors working for luxury, fashion, and beauty for 30 years. They’ve collaborated with brands like  Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, etc.


CLM is a London-based Creative Agency that brings in the most inspiring and creative stills and motions and has introduced many artists who are successful today.


A New York-based Fashion casting agency that has collaborated with brands like  Versace, Tom Ford, Givenchy, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, to name a few.

Establishment Casting

Establishment Casting has been in the industry for 25 years. Anita Bitton, the director of Establishment Casting has collaborated that has produced many illustrious photographers, directors, fashion designers, art directors in the industry.


FTL Moda is a Milan and New York-based creative casting agency is known for their out of the box, high-profile concepts and have worked with VOGUE, NUMERO, HARPER’S BAZAAR, ELLE, L’OFFICIEL, to name a few.


GK-ID brings the best of casts and concepts together who specially work for editorial special projects, brand campaigns, live events, branded content creation, music collaborations, etc.

Midland Casting

Midland Casting is co-founded by Walter Pearce and Rachel Chandler who work from various fashion and music campaigns.

Ms4 Production

Ms4 Production id Nyc-based full-service production agency who offer to buy, production coordination, location scouting, provides creative stills and motions of all sizes.

Production X  Casting Agencies in New York

Production X

Production X provides thoughtful, detail-oriented, creative production & casting services for various fashion and beauty brands.


Streeters is a London-based global management agency representing leading artists who have produced many Styling, Hair, Makeup, Set Design, and other creative services.


Studio Bauman is a New York-based creative casting agency, founded by Ian William Bauman in 2019 provides full services on fashion, beauty, editorial, runway, and commercials around the world.

How Much Do Casting Agencies Cost?

Hiring a Casting Director could be a tough task initially but they help you get opportunities that you’ve not landed up otherwise. These Casting Agencies mostly charge 10-20% of your income from the projects you do.

While you can say 20% can be a lot of your salary, it can be really useful keeping in mind the opportunities you’ll land up with that will help you create your personal brand.

These were the best Casting agencies in New York to get more opportunities.

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It helps you get more experience, expertise and recognize what you truly deserve.

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