20 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in New York

There are several digital marketing agencies in New York City today. Businesses won’t have trouble hiring a digital marketing agency nowadays because there are so many options available. However, in such a competitive industry, it might be challenging to select the firm that will deliver results.  

Digital marketing currently includes a variety of tactics and platforms, including SEO, SEM, content marketing, and social media, to mention a few, and it shows no signs of slowing down. By 2025, “digital ad spend is anticipated to climb over $300 billion,” according to eMarketer.

We bring to you 2023 of the best digital marketing companies in this article, all of which either have their main offices in New York City or have offices there.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in New York 2023

To assist you in narrowing down your list of potential marketing partners, we examined online evaluations and checked listicles posted by well-known review platforms.

1. SmartSites

SmartSites has worked with enterprises of various sizes, including Fortune 500 firms, in a variety of sectors. Their award-winning team provides a variety of top-notch digital marketing services to help their businesses increase website traffic and gain more clients. They’re a terrific option if you want to focus primarily on these two channels because they’re a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner.

2. Flightpath

Flightpath, a digital marketing company with its main office in the famous Flatiron, assists its clients from a variety of industries in navigating the complexity of the modern digital environment to gain attention and see results. The agency creates awareness, produces leads, and gains new clients for the B2B and consumer audiences of their partners, realizing that competition is as severe in marketing as it is in every business sector.

3. HireInfluence

The world’s most recognizable businesses now turn to HireInfluence as their go-to influencer agency. The agency’s commitment to crafting experiences rather than only producing advertisements is one of the things that makes it such a dominant force in the sector. HireInfluence collaborates with customers to develop and carry out state-of-the-art, fully managed human-to-human influencer marketing programs.

4. Velocity Partners

Velocity Partners can help brands that only deal with businesses on a business-to-business basis. One of the leading B2B branding firms, they have offices in both London and New York City and have worked with household companies like Xerox, Hitachi, and Kimberly-Clark. In addition to branding, they provide a range of tech marketing services, such as content marketing, design, and user experience.

5. PBJ Marketing

PBJ Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm with locations in New York and Washington, D.C. They are not only regarded as one of the best SEO and PPC businesses, but they also rank among the most highly rated digital marketing firms on Clutch. They create digital solutions by fusing their interactive expertise with their client’s knowledge of their businesses. 

6. Magneto IT Solutions

DesignRush lists Magneto IT Solutions as one of the best digital marketing firms. Since its establishment in 2010, they have finished more than 1,000 projects for hundreds of clients, including household companies like KTM, Daikin, and Hewlett-Packard. Their qualified staff provides a range of digital marketing services, such as email marketing, CRO, and social media marketing. 

7. Digital Silk

With offices all throughout the US, including NYC, Digital Silk is a full-service, creative digital agency that has won awards. They have experience working with prestigious brands like Xerox and IBM and are happy to collaborate with businesses of all sizes, including startups.

Their offerings include consulting as a crucial component. Each of their clients receives a personalized digital strategist and an expertly chosen team. For transparency’s sake, this group will communicate frequently.

8. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

The Thrive Internet Marketing Agency has more than 20 locations across the country, one of which is in New York City. They are regarded as one of the top digital marketing agencies and one of the firms with the most Clutch evaluations. They provide numerous marketing services. Their digital marketing professionals can assist with pretty much everything related to digital, from strategy to reputation management and all in between.

9. Moburst

As a top full-service digital agency, Moburst is unmatched. Along with having a location in New York City, they also have two offices overseas in San Francisco. They are adept in creating digital strategies that will promote sustainable growth, whether you are a startup or a large international brand. If you take a short look at their clientele, which includes household names like Uber, Google, and eBay, you’ll realize you’re in good company.

10. Bird Marketing

Bird Marketing is not just one of the top-rated agencies on Clutch, but also has some of the most reviews. Their work has earned them several prizes and recognition from top media businesses, in addition to numerous five-star internet reviews. They have offices in Dubai and the UK in addition to New York City. Web-related technical services, digital marketing, and creative are their three main service offerings.

11. Tronvig

Brooklyn, New York City’s Tronvig is a marketing firm. Utilizing a team with expertise in brand planning across many sectors, including healthcare, non-profits, and finance. More than 20 years ago, Tronvig has implemented successful marketing and branding strategies for businesses all over the world.

12. Massive Media

Massive takes pleasure in conceptualizing and planning cutting-edge events that have a cultural impact as a branding and experience design agency for businesses with ambition. The firm works with companies that are solution-focused to achieve clarity and resonance through messaging among the competitors by identifying categories and assisting enterprises to move at the speed of trends and culture. 

13. Burst Digital

Burst Digital, like Velocity Partners, has two offices, one in New York City and the other in London. They concentrate on branding as well, and their expertise is in creating brands that steal the show.

After they’ve contributed to the development of a strong brand, they can focus on expanding that brand as well. They provide a wide range of marketing services, including anything from social media to SEO.

14. Jives Media

Burst Digital, like Velocity Partners, has two offices, one in New York City and the other in London. They concentrate on branding as well, and their expertise is in creating brands that steal the show.

After they’ve contributed to the development of a strong brand, they can focus on expanding that brand as well. They provide a wide range of marketing services, including anything from social media to SEO.

15. Sure Oak

Although Sure Oak refers to itself as an SEO agency, they also provide many other digital marketing services to aid in content and lead generation. They only deal with a small number of industries but are trusted by names like American Red Cross, GAP, and Ann Taylor. Although they may not have as many reviews as some of the other marketing businesses, the ones they do have are very complimentary of their work.

16. Lounge Lizard

There are five additional Lounge Lizard offices in the US in addition to the one in New York City. One of the top web design and development firms in NYC, they are well-known. In addition to anything web-related, they also concentrate on brand strategy and digital marketing, and they refer to themselves as “a multi-channel digital marketing agency with exceptional creative skill in all things marketing-related.”

17. NoGood

There’s a fair possibility that you’ve heard of NoGood if you frequently read our listicles of the best agencies. They are a well-known, growth-oriented marketing firm that began in New York but has now expanded to include Miami and Los Angeles. Along with companies in the SaaS, retail, fintech, cryptocurrency, and healthcare sectors, they have also collaborated with some of the most recognizable international brands, such as Nike, American Express, and J&J.

18. Propeller

Propeller chooses to concentrate on lifestyle-related sectors including food and drink, fashion, and luxury travel, as opposed to some of the other digital marketing agencies that work with a variety of industries. They may aid eCommerce firms in launching with Shopify or Shopify Plus in addition to these other sectors. They can assist you in building an intuitive eCommerce site that will help you expand your company.

19. P3 Media

P3 Media is a full-service company that focuses on eCommerce marketing. They assist their clients in generating predictable growth by utilizing their unique, data-centric strategy. During their more than ten years in the company, they have effectively launched thousands of media and email campaigns. Additionally, in 2021, their efforts earned them a spot in DesignRush’s Top 10 list of NYC eCommerce agencies.

20. Straight North

Awarded digital marketing company Straight North has locations in eight US cities, including NYC. Even though they may be widely known, they also work with smaller companies, particularly when providing email marketing services. Nevertheless, they collaborate with a wide range of sectors, including more technical ones like finance and the auto industry.

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