Famous Dutch Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2023

In the world of digitalization, social media works as a great platform that has allowed many social media influencers and has become a full-fledged job for many.

Looking for Famous Dutch fashion Influencers who’ve aced their name in the Influencing industry, we’ve listed the best ones to get inspired from.

Whether from the Netherlands or across the globe, people look at these influencers for inspiration and are famous worldwide.

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1. Ivania Carpio

Known by the name of Love Aesthetics, calling her to feed a creative space to accumulate her ideas and turn them into reality, her philosophy of style is minimal and chic. She has collaborated with many brands like Maison Margiela, Alaïa, Comme des, Calvin Klein and Nike. Her work was also showcased Galeri Philippe Jousse in Paris and Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

2. Vera Camilla

Vera Camilla is a synonym for body positivity and self-love. Working full-time blogger and YouTuber, Vera Camilla is very active on her social media where she has collaborated with many brands that promote body positivity.

3. Isadee Jansen

With more than 135K followers on Instagram, Isadee started her journey by winning the contest ‘Curvy Supermodel The Netherlands’ in 2018. A curvy supermodel who spreads self-love and body positivity influences many models who want to be like her.

4. Andy Torres

Andy Torres is an Amsterdam based fashion blogger who created a visual feed with styling tips posted regular content there. She posted a style guide, DIYs, and tips to make customized clothing out of existing pieces and established a Style Scrapbook of her own. Andy Torres has also worked creative director and stylist and was the first fashion blogger to give a TED talk.

5. Jellina Detmar

Jellina is all about her love for aesthetics for fashion and Interiors, she’s turning it into their dream house one room at a time, Her content will inspire you to redo your home interior again and again and you’ll certainly be so much more inspired to do on a lazy day as well. She has more than 300k followers on her Instagram inspiring lives.

6. Rebecca Laurey

Rebecca Laurey is a popular fashion blogger who is known for her fashion blog ‘Raspberry & Rouge’, currently runs a stylebook of her name. collaborated with brands from Topshop to Hermes and Armani on social media, she’s also a digital marketer, designer, and ambassador. Currently, she is based in Amsterdam and New York and writes style stories for her audiences.

7. Jip Janssen Heldoorn

Jip is a Mommy fashion influencer who posts ootds, and lifestyle pictures. She posts regular vlogs on her youtube channel, sharing her fashion ad life experiences. With more than 180k followers on Instagram, as a follower, you can find regular updates on her dog, her two cats, two horses, and her pony with three children!

8. Jiami Jongejan

Jiami Jongejan started her career in blogging when she was 12, creating fashion, travel, and lifestyle tips and inspiring people by posting content about her personal interests. A self-taught programmer, Jiami’s blog was named Lifesplash in 2012, through which she rose to book by the name of fame. She has also published “Not What You Think” and worked with brands like Nike and KLM.

9. Joyce Croonen

Joyce Croonen is a Nijmegen-based fashion blogger and influencer who runs a minimalist fashion and interior blog named MyDubio, an online platform where she posts regularly and is active on her social media. In addition, Joyce is also a social psychologist and owner of Duwtje advising organizations that focused on scientific research. Her cool and minimal aesthetic is something to get inspired by.

10. Rianne Meijer

Rianne Meijer is one of the famous Dutch-based influencers that tops the list as they curate Instagram vs. Reality posts, her style is grounded and very relatable as influences her followers to dream big. She works with brands that are aligned with her identity. With more than 1.5 million followers, she says “the more natural the better, her humourous approach definitely adds to her reliability.

11. Juultje Tieleman

Juultje Tieleman posts beautiful pictures and is very down to earth, grounded and she is very consistent in posting fashion and lifestyle vlogs. She has more than 1 million followers, she does fashion vlogs, traveling, and lifestyle content, and also has an interest in singing and wants to pursue this in the future.

12. Polabur

Polabur is known for her online content about Fashion, Traveling, and lifestyle, she loves to recommend outfits, places to visit, and the best accommodations to choose from. Based in Russia and later she shifted to Amsterdam, hence most of her followers are based in Russia.

13. Lian Galliard

Lian is a Dutch-based influencer who is known for her basic and accessible street style, she started a blog and started writing content which started to grow more users as time went by. Her content is all about Fashion and traveling. With more than 250k followers on Instagram, she keeps posting with her boyfriend Rick as well.

14. Kim Ter Stege

One of the most famous Dutch Influencers who’s known for their Fashion and Fitness Journey. Currently, she has a community of more than 200k followers to whom she guides to follow a healthy lifestyle. Currently, she’s also running a podcast named “own your mind” where she talks about her life experiences, bettering herself, and spirituality.

15. Benthe Liem

Benthe is a Dutch-based fashion influencer who’s known for her unusual sense of style, with minimal aesthetic and style of point that many followers can relate to. Gen Z calls her the IT girl so are her fellow blogger friends. Currently, Benthe is dedicated to curating her Clothing line and expanding it, she’s already launched a bikini line in spring 2022.

16. Amaka Hamelijnck

With more than 215k followers on her Instagram, Amaka is half Nigerian and half Dutch and has our hearts due to her gorgeous curly hair. We love her Instagram and Pinterest Feed. Apart from posting content with fun outfits, she’s traveling the world and sharing her experiences with her followers on social media.

17. Lizzy van der Ligt 

Lizzy van der Ligt is called to be a Netherlands-dwelling “fashion junkie” and is one of the most famous Dutch Influencers at the present. Currently, she runs a Dutch brand Le Cafe Noir Studio and has visited many fashion capitals and cities regarding her work.

18. Dominique Candido

Dominique is a multi-faceted fashion influencer who also makes content on Travel, beauty, and lifestyle and is one of the rising fashion influencers. She used to have a fashion blog named DEAU but currently, she treats her Instagram as an online style diary that covers outfits, mood boards, and travel stories.

19. Sabrina Meijer

Sabrina Meijer is a famous Dutch fashion blogger who started her fashion blog eight years ago. Her platform was named AfterDRK, which was created while pursuing graphic design and later continued with fashion blogging as she rose to fame. Later she also found a fashion-based magazine intoIT when she was totally into fashion.

20. Rosey Jones

A Fashion and Art-based influencer Rosey has a following of 151K on her Instagram. Her feed is all about coffee, cake, and photography. Her love for everything in the traditional American style, old-school tattoos with a modern touch that she adds on to, is what her followers love and we heart it as well.

21. Serena Verbon

Serena Verbon is the founder of BeautyLab, based in the Netherlands attracts more than 70k visitors every day. Serena has worked as a pharmaceutical analyst for 5 years before the Beautylab blew off. Later she continued being a full-time fashion and beauty blogger and her reader love her analytical style analyst expertise.

22. The nice stuff collector

Last on our list of best Dutch-based influencers is Theo-Bert Pot, who has an eye for colorful and artistic pieces, which is what his followers love. heo-Bert is seen as an interior stylist who furnishes and styles rooms in people’s homes, describing his style as a blend of different colors and materials put together.

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