28 Feminist Fashion Bloggers to follow on Instagram

Fashion is not only an expression but also acts as one of the powerful mediums to talk about gender rules and social issues. While fashion bloggers around the world provide amazing fashion inspirations for people to follow, they also raise their voices about thoughts they truly believe in. Below are some of the Feminist Fashion Bloggers in the world who’ve raised their voices for good.

Top 28 Feminist Fashion Bloggers that would revolutionize your feed for good

  1. Jonnaray Ramirez
  2. Nicolette Mason
  3. Alyssa Coscarelli
  4. Karen Blanchard
  5. Paloma Elsesser
  6. Aimee Song
  7. Aleali May
  8. Gaby Gregg
  9. Nicole Warne
  10. Margaret Zhang
  11. Catherin
  12. Charlotte Roberts and Bertie Brandes
  13. Lulu Bonfils
  14. Dalal AlDoub
  15. Gal-dem 
  16. Gurls Talk
  17. Wipp Toronto 
  18. Haneefah Adam 
  19. Alyson Walsh 
  20. Lawrence 
  21. Rita Dahdah
  22. A Nasty Boy
  23. Ladygunn
  24. Vagina Dentata Zine
  25. Lonely Lingerie
  26. TeTe Bang 
  27. Slick Woods 
  28. Stacey

Jonnaray Ramirez

Jonnaray Ramirez is a fashion blogger who posts various content based on Retro and positivity. She’s all about Self expression and her platform allows women to be open about societal issues against women.

Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason is a fashion influencer whose feed is full of fashion hacks, tips, and tricks and has worked with many mainstream fashion brands for collaboration. She’s also been featured in various publication houses as a fashion influencer.

Alyssa Coscarelli

Alyssa Coscarelli Feminist Fashion Bloggers

Alyssa Coscarelli is the fashion market editor of Refinery 29 as she does that she keeps her feminist cap on. She not only posts about her personal style but also is an inspiration on how to make the personal political.

Karen Blanchard

Karen Blanchard is a fashion influencer, blogger, model who promotes owning your personal style. Her Instagram feed is filled with ideas on how to look a certain way, hacks, tips, tricks, and she’s collaborated with many brands.

Paloma Elsesser

Paloma Elsesser is a fashion blogger who was picked by beauty guru Pat McGrath, and she gained huge popularity after that. She’s been the face of campaigns with H&M and Supreme.

Aimee Song

Aimee Song runs a blog named Song of Style where she writes about fashion and interior design-related topics. She truly believes that you should embrace yourself of what you are and it’s not necessary to be perfect at everything you do.

Aleali May

Aleali May’s blog helped her become an international influencer who also consults and models. She promotes street style fashion with sneakers and boots as her classic pieces.

Gaby Gregg

Gaby Gregg started her fashion blogging journey past 10 years. She talks about breaking the fashion norms about dress your type and rather supports freedom of wearing anything you want.

Nicole Warne

An Australian fashion blogger Nicole Warne runs a blog named Gary Pepper Girl. She loves being stylish and her love for couture dressing attracts her audience.

Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang is a Chinese-Australian photographer, director, stylist, and writer based in New York. She started her career with her blog Shine by three and currently is the Editor in Chief for Vogue China.


Catherine runs a blog named Feminist Corna, a blog and Instagram account that celebrates radical womanism, body positivity, and woman-based issues that we face on daily basis.

Charlotte Roberts and Bertie Brandes

Charlotte Roberts and Bertie Brandes run a blog named Mushpit magazine, that talks about feminism, activism, and providing stories around the world. You can also find retro aesthetics, lofi memes, and a slogan t-shirt.

Lulu Bonfils

Lulu Bonfils is a fashion blogger which has earned her a host of millions of adoring fans. Her milky complexion and killer style get people to adore her to the core. She’s worked with campaigns with Nike and MAC as a fashion blogger.

Dalal AlDoub

Dalal Aldoub is a Kuwait-based beauty blogger who provides her audiences professional fashion and makeup courses. With over 2 million fanbase Instagram, AlDoub shares great fashion and styling tips and inspired many women out there.


Gal-Dem is founded by Liv-Little, is a collective of 70 women and non-binaries who’ve come up with an intention to promote voices around the world. This is one of the must-know feminist fashion magazines to follow.

Gurls Talk

Gurls Talk is founded by a model Adwoa Aboah, is a platform created for young women where they can talk about their issues concerning mental health. Gurls Talk has now become a central voice changing the conversation around gender and identity where more women are getting the opportunity to speak their concerns.

Wipp Toronto

Wipp Toronto is a Toronto-based collective that brings a positive and enlightened message of self-love and enablement as they conduct events that motivate young women about freedom, entrepreneurship, etc.

Haneefah Adam 

Haneefah Adam is also the creator of ‘Hijarbie’ that refers to the Hijab-wearing barbie) is a Nigerian fashion blogger who runs a blog named Muslimahanie that talks about the culture of Nigeria.

Alyson Walsh 

Alyson Walsh, a fashion editor who runs a blog named “That’s not my age” tells us stories through a mature eye and runs through the basic dynamics of fashion and empowerment.


Zoe Lawrence is a South Florida-based photographer who uses her art and imagination to bring change and engage with conversations around gender and race, and her images are inspiring and captivating.

Rita Dahdah

Rita Dahdah is a Nigerian-Lebanese fashion blogger who’s currently giving us major pregnancy fashion goals. She promotes entrepreneurship and female independence. She runs her business and clearly nails it every day!

A Nasty Boy

A nasty boy is a Nigerian publication that writes about the upcoming fashion wave in the country. The publication brings new perspectives around gender identity for men and women. It’s a must-follow feminist blogging site for both genders.


Ladygunn is a global magazine based out of LA, brings a collective point of view around fashion, gender fluidity, breaking down binary boundaries, and creating art you’ll love.

Vagina Dentata Zine

Vagina Dentata Zine means “the future is female” is founded by Smin Smith that takes us through a different take on feminist issues. In their words, they say it’s an “A visual exploration of Science Fiction and Fashion’s relationship.

Lonely Lingerie

Lonely Lingerie is a New Zealand-based lingerie company, came into headlines when they posted an unairbrushed picture starring Jemima Kirke and Lena Dunham. They are redefining the dynamics of women fashion inspiring millions.

TeTe Bang 

Te Te Bang is a London-based DJ drag queen who’s known for her amazing fashion aesthetic inspiring people to be experimental, fun, and creative that asks people to be just the way they are.

Slick Woods

Slick Woods is a 20-year-old model and a fashion blogger who worked for Kanye West’s Yeezy collection as a model. He’s also featured in Calvin Klein campaigns and fronted LOVE magazine, his styling aesthetic is something you’ll love.



Stacey is a feminist fashion blogger with a multicolor afro aesthetic, uses fun and bold colors. She doesn’t care about people’s opinions who backlash her for being who she is and promotes freedom of expression through her outfits.

Above are a few listed feminist fashion bloggers that have got us inspired. Do let us know if there are other bloggers that inspired you!

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