10 Finland Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2022

Fashion bloggers are literally everywhere, and when I say this, there’s no exception to Finland. Finland fashion bloggers are fashion enthusiasts as fashion influencers of others parts of the globe. Below are the Finland fashion influencers you can trust for Finnish-inspired fashion and beauty pieces of advice. 

Top 10 Finland Fashion Influencers

These are the top 10 Finnish Fashion influencers you can get inspired from for daily fits and looks.

  1. Iida Helgren
  2. Linda Juhola
  3. Susanna Maria
  4. Jenni Rotonen
  5. Sylvie Mus
  6. Anna Sofia
  7. Mikko Puttonen
  8. Alexa Dagmar
  9. Martina Martiala
  10. Linda Vanska and Oleg Okasen

1.Iida Helgren

A growing fashion blogger in Finland, Iida Helgen also runs a blog about a Finnish girl residing in London. You can see a lot of dresses and classic silhouettes, perfect for finding fashion inspiration.

2.Linda Juhola

Linda Juhola runs a fashion blog named “PS I love fashion” since her school days until she gained enough popularity. Her Instagram is full of fashion, beauty, and travel posts for you to get inspired from!

3.Susanna Maria

Susanna Maria is a 29-year-old Tampere fashion designer who turned into a full-time fashion blogger whose aesthetic is inspired by the Goth culture. She is one of the leading dark fashion bloggers who photograph fashion, makeup, scenery, and everything Gothic.

4.Jenni Rotonen

Jenni Rotonen is a fun and creative Finland fashion blogger who runs a blog named Pupulandia, also won the best fashion blog in 2016. She’s one of the perfect fashion bloggers to get inspired from for daily fits.

5.Sylvie Mus

Sylvie Mus

Sylvie is a Helsinki-based fashion blogger who is also an Instagram model, runs a fashion blog. She’s been featured in fashion publications like ElleGrazia, and Glamour magazines.

6.Anna Sofia

Anna Sofia

Anna Sofia is a Finnish fashion blogger who runs a blog named Style Plaza. She also won the best fashion blogger award by Fashion Hyper in Finland. Her Instagram feed is a beautiful combination of Scandinavian roots and Parisian inspiration perfect for artistic inspiration.

7.Mikko Puttonen

Mikko Puttonen is a Finland Fashion influencer and a photographer who has huge popularity in Helsinki plays a prominent role in the Finland fashion scene. His Instagram is full of aesthetic portraits and fashion fits to you to get inspired from.

8.Alexa Dagmar

Alexa Dagmar is a professional fashion blogger whose feed is all about Europe-inspired fashion. She’s a prominent fashion blogger who’s worked with multiple fashion brands and work commissions from national Finnish chains.

9.Martina Martiala

Martina is a fashion designer and a stylist who lives in Stockholm posts regularly about fashion and posts fashion photography on her Instagram. She has collaborated with multiple fashion brands in the popular fashion industry.

10.Linda Vanska

Linda Vanska and Oleg Okasen are fashion designers who are full-time fashion bloggers, a fashion blog named Two Drops of Water, and its Instagram holds many articles about travel, lifestyle, which is an aesthetic for daily inspiration.

These fashion bloggers have a unique sense of style and photography aesthetic that you will love. If this blog inspires you enough, you can also visit New York Fashion bloggers and Indian Fashion Bloggers to get you inspired for daily fashion fits.

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