Top 23 French Fashion Influencers to Follow for French Style

French women, whether digital artists, entrepreneurs, authors, journalists, models, or businesswomen, will undoubtedly inspire you with the amazing work that they do. 

By French, we wanted to highlight stylish, intellectual, and inspirational French women of all ages, ethnicities, and sizes, who all have something to say.

These French influencers surely question and redefine the “perfect Parisian woman” stereotype. They share a different and more inclusive picture of the French lady, who is occasionally stereotyped.

Looking for French-style Instagram influencers to follow? For effortlessly stylish French lady style inspiration and outfit ideas, follow these French fashion influencers!

There are so many fashion guidelines we may learn from the French, from the tiny black dress to the striped Marinière shirt. Following these ladies on Instagram is an excellent way to begin incorporating French girl flair into your wardrobe!

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French Fashion Influencers 2023:

1. Anne-Laure Mais

Anne-Laure Mais (@annelauremais) is a French influencer and the creator and creative director of Musier Paris. She splits her time between Paris and the south of France. She began working in the fashion industry ten years ago and is currently creating collections for brands as well as her label Musier Paris.

2. Eugenie Trochu

Eugenie Trochu (@eugenietrochu) is a French fashion editor and the Head of Editorial Content at Vogue France. Trochu began working at Condé Nast as an intern in 2011 after graduating from the Sorbonne with a degree in literature and journalism. She moved on to work at Vogue Paris, where she was most recently fashion editor of and market editor of Vogue Paris.

3. Chloé Harrouche

Chloé (@louloudesaison) is a mother, a street style icon, a digital influencer, a content developer, a fashion consultant, and the founder-turned-creative director of the French fashion label Loulou Studio.

4. Lise Pierron

Lise Pierron (@lisepierron), who lives in Paris and Biarritz, was the face of a Valentino Beauty campaign. “Lise is very committed,” Vogue says, “and she fights for causes close to her heart, such as social justice, women’s rights, diversity, and inclusion.”

5. Caroline De Maigret

Caroline de Maigret (@carolinedemaigret) is a music producer and international model from France. She co-wrote the international best-seller How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits with co-authors Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, and Sophie Mas in 2014.

Caroline de Maigret and her best friend-slash-co-author Sophie Mas are back with a follow-up Older, but Better, but Older.

6. Violette Serrat

Violette (@violette_fr) is a native Parisian, influencer, and incredible makeup artist (see her YouTube channel here). She went on to study fashion design at Paris’ renowned École du Louvre after graduating from high school. She is the founder and CEO of the beauty company VIOLETTEFR, as well as the creative director of makeup at Guerlain.

7. Camille Charrière

Camille Charrière (@camillecharriere) is one of the fashion industry’s major influencers, according to BOF, recognized for her cutting and satirical take on the role of fashion bloggers today. She grew up in Paris and relocated to London in her early twenties to pursue a career in finance. She needed a creative outlet, so she launched a fashion blog called “Camille Over The Rainbow” in secret.

8. Emmanuelle Koffi

Having spent her youth and adolescence in Togo, Senegal, and Mali, Emmanuelle Koffi (@emmanuellek_) immediately acquired a connection with a varied spectrum of cultures through her foreign schools across Africa. Emmanuelle wanted to communicate her perspective and interpretation of fashion and lifestyle after graduating from business school, thus she utilized Instagram as her original platform and beginning point to build this concept.

9. Parisiens in Paris

An unidentified figure runs the Instagram account Parisiens in Paris (@parisiensinparis), which captures how Parisians genuinely dress. The idea? Daily photographs posted by spectators perfectly illustrate the cool, casual sophistication that appears to come naturally to individuals who live in Paris.

10. Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui

Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui (@kenzasmg) is a Parisian-born blogger, entrepreneur, and founder of the blog La Revue de Kenza. She always had a passion for fashion transmitted by her mother, an ex-model at Elite, that set up an advertising agency, and who was a fashion photographer, while her father was a video clips producer.

11. Léna Mahfouf

Léna Mahfouf (@lenamahfouf), also known as Léna Situations, is a French YouTuber (see her YouTube channel here), vlogger, and influencer of Algerian descent. She undoubtedly set herself apart with her plain straightforwardness, showing herself without make-up as much as in high-flying ensembles, and tapping into the codes that speak to younger generations: genuineness, inclusivity, and friendliness. 

12. Zoïa Mossour

Zoa (@zoiamossour) is a French content developer and Arts History student who is 22 years old. She grew up in a French-Ukrainian family in Paris. She is fluent in five languages: French, English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Italian, as well as Arabic, which she is actively learning. She went on to study Art History after spending two years at the Sorbonne Law College.

13. Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas (@jeannedamas) is a French fashion designer, creative director, model, and the founder of the Rouje label. Her career started with the adolescent girl’s personal Tumblr, which represented Parisian youth and effortless coolness. Her platform immediately became a global phenomenon, enthralling fashionistas from all over the world.

14. Mathilde Lacombe

Mathilde Lacombe (@mathildelacombe) is the co-founder of the French beauty company AIME. She began her work as a beauty journalist at Elle Magazine because she aspired to be editor-in-chief. She later founded the French cosmetics subscription brand JolieBox, which was later acquired by Birchbox. She was one of the first French influencers I started following on Instagram.

15. Estelle Chemouny

Estelle Chemouny (@estellechemouny) is a social media influencer and entrepreneur from Sète, France. She honed her fashion taste in London before relocating to Paris several years ago. Chemouny now thrives as the owner of Paradise Garage, a lovely and intimate shop with a one-of-a-kind collection co-designed by her husband.

16. Leia Sfez

Paris-born In real life, Leia Sfez (@leiasfez) works as a creative consultant and brand director. Before working odd jobs, this daughter of traders and artists studied photography. Diapers & Milk, a children’s clothing line, was launched by her in 2011. Then, in 2016, she decided to branch out from children’s clothing and pursue her true passion, women’s fashion. She is one of my favorite French influencers.

17. Gabrielle Caunesil Pozzoli

Gabrielle Caunesil Pozzoli (@gabriellecaunesil) is a model, creative director, founder, and board member from France. She now lives in Milan with her husband Riccardo Pozzoli and their small dog Lupo, after spending years in Paris, London, and New York. She established her apparel line, La Semaine Paris.

18. Fatou Ndiaye

Fatou N’diaye (@blackbeautybag) is living proof that French beauty is more than the typical Brigitte Bardot and Charlotte Gainsbourg clichés. Since 2007, the half-Nigerian, quarter-Malian, and quarter-Senegalese blogger behind has been giving voice to a new meaning of French beauty, one that represents the country’s rising ethnic variety.

19. Morgane Sezalory

Morgane Sezalory (@morganesezalory) is a French entrepreneur and the creator of the now-famous French clothing brand Sézane. She initially began selling old treasures on eBay. After a few years, she decided to start her platform, Les Composantes, an online “rendez vous” where she curated customized vintage pieces to go live at the same moment. These used to sell out in seconds, and this platform provided her with all the impetus she needed to finally create her own business.

20. Géraldine Boublil

Géraldine Boublil (@erinoffduty) is a Parisian fashion consultant, stylist, and the originator of the new home concept Things From. Erin Off Duty arose from her inner need to share her tales and inspirations, which was fueled by her love of fashion, travel, photography, writing, and design.

21. Jen Azoulay

Jen Azoulay (@jen_wonders) is a creative director and fashion influencer from Paris. She began her work at Elle Magazine at an early age. She then relocated to Los Angeles and worked as a stylist, designer, and creative director. In 2016, she launched her blog Jen Wonders, and her Instagram account. Jen Wonders Studio, where she adorns and redesigns vintage things, grew out of her love of vintage.

22. Sophie Fontanel

Sophie Fontanel (@sophiefontanel) is a journalist and fashion critic for the Parisian publication L’Obs. She was nicknamed “Fonelle” during her time at French Elle. According to BOF, she is “a French influencer who has defied ageist preconceptions of influence with her formidable social media presence.”

23. Sabina Socol

Sabina Socol (@sabinasocol) is a journalist, art director, model, and the founder of the French clothing label Pujka. Sabina began her work as a Social Editor at L’Officiel Paris after studying Communication and Journalism in Paris. Then she started establishing a name for herself through her web outlets.

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