Top 10 Home Design Influencers on Instagram in 2023

We look for home and design inspiration every day while setting home, don’t we? All thanks to social media we have numerous Home design Influencers on different digital media platforms who help us curate amazing home decor for daily inspiration.

In this blog, we have listed Interior Designers who are ruling in the context of an amazing home decor feed for daily room design inspirations.

These influencers have different style aesthetics from wooden, and vintage to minimal contemporary design choices.

Who Are Home Design Influencers?

Home Design Influencers are Interior design influencers who inspire their audience with interior styling and visual display aesthetics, Not the regular style influencers on Instagram.

They provide enough styling and decor tips on affordable décor look far more expensive. If you are looking for inspiration to change your decor of the home, these are the best Interior styling influencers for you to check.

Farah Merhi@farahjmerhi
Areeba Adnan@mintcandydesigns
Mindy Lovi@designermindy
Andrea Dabene@thenooq
Shavonda Gardner@sgardnerstyle
Josh Young@jyoungdesignhouse
Caitlin Flemming@caitlinflemming
Alina Allen@dressyourdecor
Jodi Bond@houseonasugarhill
Jessica Nickerson@househomemade

1. Farah Merhi

Founder of Inspire me Home Decor, Farah Merhi is a home design influencer, who also owns a furniture and home accessories store that specializes in bold collections designed around a theme of either silver or gold. She promotes a more compact and minimal style. With more than 1M followers on Instagram, and of minimal and sleek design aesthetic, you should definitely check her out.

2. Areeba Adnan

Areeba Adnan is a Pakistani Interior designer based in Canada. Her Instagram feed is all about design aesthetics and DIY tips. She also posts topics related to motherhood and pregnancy. More than 100k followers on Instagram, if you’re a person who loves minimal and DIY aesthetics, she’s the one to follow.

3. Mindy Lovi

Mindy Lovi is a master of styling Brooklyn townhouses aesthetics. Instagram named as “Designer Mindy”, you’ll find a lot of whites and grays with pastel blues as accents. In addition, she also runs a successful interior design business in New York which inspires a lot of young interior design enthusiasts.

4. Andrea Dabene

Andrea Dabene is a gifted home design influencer who creates beautiful classy, modern moods into mountainside cabin aesthetics with striking snow-covered mountain views from the window side. Her themes are mostly winter aesthetics and lend the impression of a high-class, pricey ski chalet which is one of the most gorgeous locations in the world.

5. Shavonda Gardner

Shavonda Gardner’s bold color and design aesthetic will drool your mind if you are a lover of striking and accent decor. Her design tips and interior styling ideas suit all budgets and classes. she’s not traveling or creating designs in her renovated bungalow, she focuses on sharing interior styling tips with her audience.

6. Josh Young

Josh Young is a Home and Interior design influencer based in Italy. After graduating from Italy’s renowned Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. His style is a blend of blending Old World charm with bolder, statement-making features in Washington DC and is featured in magazines like Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Vogue Italia, GQ Italia, etc.

7. Caitlin Flemming

World Traveller Caitlin Flemming is an interior design influencer, also the author of Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirit, who brings global design aesthetics around the world for you to get inspired. With more than 55.5k followers on Instagram, she’s the one you should definitely check out.

8. Alina Allen

A New Jersey-based Interior Designer who has a special eye for wooden accents and detailing. Everything that is wooden-based, she has the best collection of Wooden tables, spoons, and cutting boards, as well as wicker baskets and placemats that will be found in her feed. With more than 460k followers on Instagram, her profile is named “Dress your Decor”.

9. Jodi Bond

Jodi Bond is one of the designs and home influencers who is a sucker for pastel pinks and corals with a pinch of Yellow. It’s feminine and classic! Called “House on a sugar hill” on Instagram and has more than 85k followers, her design aesthetic is truly unique and something to vibe on. 

10. Jessica Nickerson

Jessica Nickerson brings a breath of fresh air as she’s a blend of old vintage design aesthetics with a farmhouse charm incorporated into it. Her love for vintage pieces is visibly seen on her Instagram feed. She’s also the author of “House Homemade.” With more than 55k followers, her feed is a beautiful DIV decor styling aesthetic, ideal for everybody.

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